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Annual Report 2014

Source: AGM December 2014, edited


President's Report

It is with no small satisfaction that I report that 2014 has been arguably our most successful year at Old Collegians, both on and off the field. As you know, the success of any given season is not built in that season alone - it is the product of the good and hard work of a number of years, and thanks go to all of our people - coaches, managers, administrators and volunteers, and players - for their enormous contribution to that long work and its fine fruit. My strongest belief is that it is our positive, embracing, contributing culture which has translated directly to our on-field success, our financial success, and, far more importantly, to our healthy and happy community. My greatest wish is that we continue to value that culture as the greatest trophy we could ever boast.


Our registrations in 2014 held steady with those from 2012 and 2013, after the approximately 30% increase from 2011.

We saw excellent on-field results in 2014. I defer to the reports of the Directors of Rugby to tell you more about that success, but in a snapshot:

• We won the Coopers Cup for Championship Club
• All senior and junior teams made the finals
• 1st XV, 2nd XV Under 14s won their Premierships
• Under 16s were Grand Finalists
• 3rd XV and Under 12s were Preliminary Finalists
• 4th XV and Women's XV were Elimination Finalists
• Peet Arnold, Gary Mann, George Bretag-Norris, Paddy Macklin & Nadia Di Girolamo won SA Rugby awards

I am also pleased to report that discipline has been excellent; none of our players of any age, gender or grade has had a red card upheld in the last four years. There are very few clubs who pass even one year in such fashion; that we have done successively for four years is a mark of some distinction.

It has been another healthy year financially for the club, with a gross turnover of $242k, an operating profit of $6.7k, and nearly $70k cash on hand. Our major expenses and sources of income all remained relatively steady. I defer to the Treasurer's Report for further details, but add on my own behalf that we continue to see healthy profits from bar and canteen sales, donations, sponsorships, sublicence fees and prize money. My enormous thanks to Amanda Porteous for her work as Club Treasurer and part-time Registrar in a year which in which she properly had other priorities (welcome to the Club, young Nicholas Porteous!).


We continue the everyday, solid work of maintaining a positive, healthy culture which we believe to be the greatest force of attraction for players, sponsors and volunteers. Our expectations of members and players remains that they will work hard, pay their way, conduct themselves well, and contribute around the club. We remain a wholly amateur club but our people still require compensation for their time, money and efforts - and we pay them with our pride in them, affection for them, and the happy club community which embraces them.

Under the mantra of "one club" we continue towards the integration of the once entirely separate juniors and seniors. The two halves of the club are now thoroughly cross-pollinated, with seniors coaching juniors, juniors running water/balls/ touchline for seniors, and our sidelines filled with both all day. We wear the same jersey, sing the same song, and have events which bring us all together. We have almost entirely ceased to think of ourselves as "juniors" and 'seniors" except in a logistical sense.

This is the work of the whole club but my particular thanks go to a few of its most passionate exponents - the Arnold Family, Stew Frew, Lenny Eilers, Sue Thewlis and Danny McCartan.

I attended a SA Rugby Competition Advisory Group Meeting recently, and a representative from another club reflected that they look after their juniors because their juniors are the future of their club. Old Collegians might have said the same thing recently, but I think our perspective has shifted slightly - our juniors are not important merely because they are the seniors of the future, they are important to us in their own right. They are not just our future, they are also our 'here and now', shoulder to shoulder with our seniors, women and social members - as "one club".


As in 2012, we conducted a survey of our members to gauge their levels of satisfaction with their experience of the Club this year. The survey had an excellent response rate, with 98 respondents and roughly even representation from players from all junior and senior squads, as well as parents, social members and volunteers. The responses affirmed that we are getting it right on most fronts, and the finer details will be shared with relevant club personnel so that we can focus on some of the areas which need improving.

The responses from the survey can be summarised as follows:
• The training program, coaches, managers, the Club Captain, and administrators each had a 90% satisfaction rate (give or take a point or two).
• Team selection, always a controversial issue, had a 67% satisfaction rate (although only 9% were actively dissatisfied; the remaining 24% were 'on the fence').
• As regards SA Rugby issues, there was general satisfaction with the length of the season, the finals program, and the timing and location of matches. However, 62% of respondents were less that satisfied with refereeing.
• Club facilities and services mostly received very positive responses, particularly the bar, the clubrooms, the newsletter and personal communications. There were only two areas which recorded more than 10% dissatisfaction, and that was the website and the playing field. We are pleased to report that the rebuild of the website which has been in the wings for some years was launched last week, and that there are current moves to improve the field surface and lighting. Additional comments highlighted the following priorities going forward, and the 2015 committee will action them as appropriate:
• oval lighting
• home game rosters


At the end of 2012 we identified communications as an issue which required some improvement, and there has been steady work on that front since with a conscious effort to ensure that we have clear and open dialogue with the playing rank and file. My thanks go to the coaches, managers and selectors who made concerted efforts to deliver a good level of communication with players. While we are all only human and do not get it right every time, we generally did it well this year.

In addition, of course, are the weekly newsletters, the Facebook page, the Twitter account, the website and the Year Book (currently being finalised). My thanks go to those who have provided photos, match reports and other items for inclusion in these forums - the coaches and team managers, and our bevy of photographers, notably Alex Walwyn and Doug Mein.



Maintenance of the Clubhouse and its facilities remains a constant chore and expense, and I thank everyone who has been involved, but particularly:
• Lenny Eilers and Sue Thewlis for taking general responsibility for House and Grounds
• Tim Wall for line-marking
• Stewart Douglas, Alyce Brewis, Phil Whittaker, Sue Thewlis, and everyone else who helped with maintenance issues
• Everyone who helped with clean up over the summer

Improvements and Major Repairs

In addition to usual wear and tear, this year brought some major expenses and efforts. The summer storms took out our roof and a number of trees, the new pitch required a lot of tender care during in the hot weather, we replaced the clubroom carpet, we acquired a new scrum machine, and the cold-room spent most of the year malingering. Those couple of sentences are inadequate to describe the enormous effort of time that a number of our volunteers devoted to those issues this year. Obviously, there is much that remains to be done, most conspicuously the oval lights.

Tenure and the Cricketers

In the last two years we have reported the gradual change in tenure over Tregenza. While we lease the clubrooms for successive 5 year terms, until recently our rights over the field were limited to a permit each year which allowed us to use it from March to September in that year, and no rights outside that period. In 2012 we moved to a 12 month permit, with any other users of Tregenza (such as cricket and Oztag) paying us a fee for their use. After further discussions with Council, that permit has now been extended to the same term as the lease of the clubrooms (to expire Dec 2016) and will thereafter run for five years in parallel with that lease.


My thanks go to Tom Moon this year for his hard work as Sponsorship Coordinator, and to our generous sponsors:
• Babcock
• Feathers Hotel
• Physio Direct
• Pyper Leaker Surveyors
• Thrifty
• Cardiff Capital
• Acorn
• Direct Interiors
• Knight Frank
• MGA Insurance
• Argo on the Parade
• Vicki Chapman
• Powerhouse Sports
• Aconex
• My Fair Tradie
• Toolpak
• Coopers, for free beer!

As every year, we also have a number of benefactors who generally prefer to remain anonymous. Accordingly, I won't name them - but they know who they are and I thank them.


We were, as usual, dependant on a core group of dedicated volunteers, supported by the rest of the members and players who assist on a more occasional basis. I thank all of them. My particular thanks to:

• The Senior Committee:
• Lenny Eilers, Vice President
• Sue Thewlis, Secretary
• Danny McCartan, Director of Rugby
• Amanda Porteous, Treasurer
• Tom Moon, Sponsorship Co-ordinator

Committee Members: Simon Allport, Stewart Douglas, Jack Campion
• The Junior Committee. I defer to the Report of the Junior Director for further detail; and
• The Selectors, Coaches, Managers, and First Aiders. I defer to the Report of the Director of Rugby for further detail.
• Sarah Monfries, Social Director, and her social committee and helpers

...and my particular thanks to the hardworking volunteers who do all the "boring stuff":

• always and forever, Sue Thewlis
• the hard working Arnold Clan
• Ted Apted for steaks every Thursday night
• All those who from time to time were responsible for ground set up and take down
• Paul Horne for his management of the website
• Everyone who worked in the canteen or on the BBQ this year
• The club's paid "volunteers", Alyce Brewis and her bar-staff, and Anne Bradley for cleaning


I have reflected before on the passage of the last few years. 2009 was our annus horribilis. Most grades did not make finals, numbers were down and we struggled to keep 4 teams on the paddock, only the 3rd XV played on Grand Final Day, and financially we were barely keeping our heads above water. Five years later we are the Champion Club in SA, with healthy numbers, 1st XV, 2nd XV and U14 Premierships, and $70k in the bank. This has not been by chance, but by good planning and hard work from a large, loyal, committed team, and indeed from the whole club community.

While this year has been a resounding success, we must keep in mind the old adage that "better never stops". Each year arrives like a clean slate, fresh with new challenges and much to prove. There is a great deal on our "to do" list - more coaching development, new field lights, clubhouse renovations, the Under 18s, a new national registration system, committee restructures, the website relaunch and so forth. It is with equal parts regret and relief that I step down from the Presidency after 10 years at the helm, and leave that exciting work for the rest of you to complete. You have my unwavering trust and support.

I thank you all for your part in our great Club; I remain humbled by mine.

Keep the fires burning bright, my friends.

Kim Evans President

Report - Director of Rugby
Season 2014

The 2014 season has been another successful year on the field for the Old Collegians Rugby Club. There have been many highlights in a year that saw all senior and junior teams reach the finals with the First Grade, Second Grade (3 in a row) and the Under 14's going on to win the Premiership.

The quality of the rugby being played throughout the club has gone to another level this year and much of the credit for this must go to the team coaches, managers and support staff from the Under 7's right through to the First Grade.

We often start the season slowly and build as the year wears on but this year the intensity and purpose was there from the first game in nearly every grade. Our ability as a group to start where we left off from the previous year, and to identify where we needed to improve, was the key to our success.

In the pre-season Peet Arnold and Stewart Douglas travelled to New Zealand to attend a coaching course run by the NZ Rugby Academy. What Peet and Stew brought back from this course reinforced what we already had in place but also added to our detailed pre-season plans which Dave Nolan, Peet and Stew had already planned for the season.

The opportunity to send Peet and Stew on this course was made possible by the OC Trust which was established in 2012 to enable the club to provide education and assistance to our coaches and support staff and also to aid player retention.

The value of sending our coaches on courses like this has a knock on effect throughout the club with many of the skills and techniques learnt being passed onto other Senior and Junior coaches and ultimately to the playing group.

We also purchased a new scrum machine this year, replacing the one which we've had for 25 years. The old one was very hard to manoeuvre which didn't encourage its use particularly in the wet months. The new scrum machine is far lighter and can be easily moved which means it can be used by the whole club. Also the technical advantages the new machine has, that helps the coach pick strengths and weaknesses, has seen a big improvement in our overall scrummaging, particularly in the juniors.

This year has clearly been a successful year on the field and I believe we are in a position to go from strength to strength in future years. I also believe much of our success has truly come from the great community spirit within the club

This spirit has always been at Old Collegians but over the last few years it has gone to another level. It starts from the incredible drive provided from the junior club and the enthusiasm they bring to everything they do. This enthusiasm together with a greater volunteer contribution from the senior playing group has had a really positive effect on the club and has helped in no small way in creating what is no longer a Junior and Senior club but one whole club... Old Collegians.

My sincere thanks go to the all Coaches and Managers for their hard work and commitment throughout the 2014 season.

Premier Grade

    Coach: Peet Arnold Assistant Coach: David Nolan Manager: Tom Secker

Reserve Grade

    Coach: Stewart Douglas Assistant Coach: James Irving Manager: Doug Mein

Third Grade

    Coaches: Graham Raymond Manager: Ian Walker

Fourth Grade

    Coach: Nick Porter & Lenny Eilers Manager: Alex Walwyn

Women's Grade

    Coach: David Linder Patten Manager: Kate Bereny & Rebecca Derbyshire Lloyd

A special thankyou to Peet Arnold for his extra commitment this year in coaching the Prince Alfred College 1st XV. With the history we have with PAC it has been terrific to reignite the relationship with the school. Andrew Macgregor, an OC player and PE teacher at the school, was instrumental in helping to put this together. PAC has provided a trophy which goes to the winner of the annual game to be played between OC and PAC. We currently hold the trophy having won the inaugural game this year.

Special thanks to Ian Walker and Doug Mein who were the club selectors again this year and who spent many extra hours ensuring the players were contacted and all the paperwork done.

Also a huge thank you to Jane Richards, Sabrina Morrison, Derek Pratt, Tim Wall and Alex Walwyn for providing the players with excellent First Aid treatment and strapping on game day. Also to Kate Denley for always making sure the medical kits were fully stocked and for stepping back in when required during the year.

The club is proud again to have had the following high flyers:

National Representation Australian Schoolgirls 7s (Gold Medal, Nanjing Youth Olympics): Mackenzie Sadler

State Representation

    Adelaide Black Falcons: George Bretag-Norris, Gary Mann, Jack Campion, Robert Smedley, Tim Dawes and Chris Bartlett. Junior Falcons: Paddy Macklin and Tim Dawes SA Women's Sevens: Anja Halstead and Nadia Blake (Coach Kath Cherry, Manager Kim Evans) SA Schoolgirl 7's: Jadeen Chisholm, Sabrina Morrison and Mackenzie Sadler.

SARU - Awards and Trophies

    Coopers Trophy for Championship Club Tamaki Cup for Premier Grade Minor Premiership Bob Hogarth Top Team Tries Award: OC 1st XV Spirit of Rugby Award: Corne Arnold and Lenny Eilers SA Hall of Fame Inductee: Michael Lowe Edna Reilly Trophy for Best & Fairest Woman: Nadia Di Girolamo Ray Rosser Memorial Award for Coach of the Year: Peet Arnold Don Smith Medal for Best & Fairest Male: Gary Mann President's Trophy for Best Male Forward: Gary Mann Physio Direct Black Falcons Best Player: George Bretag-Norris Ray Herde Shield for Best Under 21: Paddy Macklin

Danny Mc Cartan
Director of Rugby

Report - Senior Registrations and Subscriptions
12 Months Ending October 31st 2014

  2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Players - Men 80 79 118 121 114
Players - Women 18 30 33 25 29
Players - Total 110 121 161 146 143
Members (Non Playing) 59 75 33 52 39

In 2014, subs were increased by $20 but all financial players were entitled to a free polo.

We have collected $29,673 of membership fees in 2014, with $2,795 outstanding and deemed uncollectable. Unfinancial players who played three games or fewer will not be pursued for fees. In the above, these players have been included in the totals for Registrations but excluded from Collections. All amounts are expressed inclusive of GST.

In 2015 the Australian Rugby Union will be implementing a new national registration fee which will change the face of club registrations across the country for both juniors and seniors, both in terms of how players are registered, the amount of the fees and how those are paid. In the case of Old Collegians, our subscriptions have always been calculated to mirror as closely as possible the State and National affiliation fees and insurance, and as a result we do not anticipate a significant change in fees in 2015. However, there will be significant changes to the manner of registration and the terms of payment. The position is not yet clear, but players should be aware that there is a reasonable likelihood that in 2015 they will need to register on-line with the ARU and pay their fees up-front on-line to the ARU at that time.

Director of Junior Rugby - Report
Season 2014

After the success of the 2013 Junior Rugby Season the NEW 2014 Committee got stuck into planning for the season ahead with a focus on producing a better rugby program with a serious focus on skill sets and style of play. All elected Coaches completed the Rugby Foundation Course and followed this up with robust discussions about our rugby direction. Plans were then laid out and the process began.

Our First Grade and Second Grade Coaches attended an International Coaches Clinic in New Zealand and upon return were happy to share their experiences and knowledge gained with all the Junior Coaches. A fitness emphasis was adopted and the preseason began with many players surprised by the workloads expected from them.

Our "happy players make happy parents' theme appeared evident when the preseason started for our Under 7, 8 and 10 squads with big numbers rolling up into each team. At this time we as a committee and the coaches and managers were excited and looking forward to what the season would bring. Behind the scenes preparations for social events and the meals we wished to provide on training nights were underway.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Junior Committee Members, coaches, managers and volunteers for all their hard work. I would also like to thank the Senior Committee Members for their efforts this year by providing support, advice and leadership to the Junior Committee. The attendance of Senior Committee Members to some of our Junior Committee meetings was fantastic.

Junior Committee Office Bearers

  • Junior Director of Rugby - Stewart Frew
  • Deputy Junior Director of Rugby - Graham Copson
  • Registrars - Trudy Armstrong, Corné Arnold
  • Secretary - Jane Richards
Junior Committee Members
  • Ian Horne, Mike Westerik, Simon Pickford, Chris Barry, Ted Apted, Jamie Punshon, Russel Gordon
Social Committee:
  • Sarah Monfries
  • Jo Rogers

Outstanding Volunteers

  • Peet Arnold - Specialist Coach and Coach Mentor
  • Steve Pepper - Specialist Coach
  • Tim Wall - First Aid and Pitch Marking
  • Tiff Andrewartha - Embroidery for Players' Hoodies
  • Jesse Andrewartha and Emma Richards - canteen
  • Phil Whittaker - House and grounds tasks
  • Rob Costanzo - Best BBQ Breakfast In SA Rugby
  • Ben Suttell, Sandy Taylor, Graham Raymond, James Daley, Jack Campion, Henry Nutt etc. for all assisting with coaching the Junior Squads with guest sessions.

First Aiders:

  • Tim Wall,
  • Derek Pratt,
  • Kate Denley
  • Jane Richards
  • Chris Barry


  • U16 - Michael Westerik/Simon Pickford/Ian Horne
  • U14 - Graham Copson/Richie Pardoe/Steve Hewitt/Stewart Frew
  • U12 - Craig Williamson/Charles List
  • U10 - Craig Barlow/Russell Gordon
  • U8 - Jarrod Deakin/Juan Aguiar
  • U7 - James Denley / James Punshon
  • U5 - David Humble

Team Managers

  • Phil Whittaker
  • Chris Barry
  • Fraser Bell / Mark Edwards
  • David Linton / Craig Branson
  • Corné Arnold
  • James Punshon


Player Numbers 2014 by Team

  • Joey's - 6
  • U/7 - 21
  • U/8 - 19
  • U/10 - 22
  • U/12 - 22
  • U/14 - 26
  • U/16 - 23
  • U/18 - 1
  • Total- 140

Our registration day was a resounding success and the club looked more like a department store than a rugby club with merchandise being tried on for size everywhere you looked. The atmosphere was fantastic and felt like a family reunion.

Our finish to last season with one of the most attended Junior Presentation Nights in club history had obviously been well received and was still being discussed by many on what a fantastic night it had been.

Recruiting appears to be very much a parent based result with many parents bringing new families to the club because they were enjoying our culture and environment and the coaching of their children met their expectations.

We collected a total of $18, 772 (exclusive of GST) in Junior's subscriptions. This was a 20% increase on 2013. This year's player fees included tracksuit pants and we now will see what the next item will be for 2015 (stay tuned).

Projected Player Numbers 2015 by Team (based on players registered in 2014)

  • Joey's - 1
  • U/7 - 23
  • U/8 - 15
  • U/10 - 20
  • U/12 - 18
  • U/14 - 18
  • U/16 - 26
  • U/18 - 26
  • Total- 147

The player numbers in some age groups will require some active recruiting to ensure teams have full squads in 2015, with particular focus on the Under 12's and Under 14's.

Overall, our numbers for next year are looking positive however it is at this time I ask all of you to assist the Club's efforts to recruit. We need to leave no stone unturned to make sure we have good numbers in all teams. Our success in our senior teams has been in some ways attributed to our junior players continuing with rugby after their junior rugby experience has come to an end. Our First Grade and Second Grade Premiership Teams had 19 players in the teams who had come through the Junior Program at Old Collegians.

So I ask everyone associated to become a recruiting officer for the club. Please, please assist us.


Under 7s: We focused our training efforts on basic skills development, including passing, straight running lines and following the instructions of the on-field coach both in attack and defensive play. A very large squad well coached and always keen to play even if it was against their own team mates on numerous occasions.

Under 8s: The team performed exceptionally well all season and had plenty of opportunities to become acquainted with the club song, which they sung with gusto! We have been most impressed with the players' ability to pick up the technical side of the game. Tackling, rucks and mauls was just a normal day on the pitch for this team. A pleasure to watch and well coached.

Under 10s: The team performances from the Under 10's was irresistible to watch. The structure, use of the ball and a defensive blanket stopped all in front of them this season. The bonus for the Under 10's of 2014 was that they played some games on near full pitch (Under 10 rules) instead of the Under 9 modified half pitch. This change, a great team spirit and emphasis on doing your part for the team was the recipe for expansive rugby and a season without a loss. Congratulations.

Under 12s: The Under 12's this year were a great bunch of players that got on extremely well and appeared keen to become better players and ultimately a good team. At times a little bit more defensive focus may have got some rewards in close games but overall we are very proud of their achievements in making the finals and bowing out in 3rd place for the year after a convincing win over a very talented Onkaparinga side in the first final. Definitely a lot to look forward to in the years ahead for players from this team. The coaches gelled well and the team spirit was always in place.

Under 14s: The Under 14's squad came together in the preseason with some new members coming from different clubs and some players new to rugby. Their determination to improve their skills and encourage each other to be better players was there from the get go. The lads bonded very well and through discussions with the coaches a plan was laid to be the fittest team in the Under 14 competition, The boys achieved elite levels of fitness through hard work and they really showed what a team working for each other can do if the hard work gets done and team structure and play is adhered to by all members. Undefeated throughout the season and now premiership holders. A great year had by all players.

Under 16s: The Under 16's looked likely to have a great season ahead and showed during the preseason much promise. Some injuries disrupted the early parts of the season however they were always in the top 4 and spent most of the season in second place. An outstanding end to the season saw them take down the top team for their only loss. An amazing finals series, with an unforgettable 19 to nil come back in the elimination final to see them through to the Grand Final. Injuries and probably fatigue took its toll in the big game and the class of the opposition was too much on the day. A very respectful second position finish by the lads and a season their coaches are proud to have been part of. Well done boys.

The Joyce Spry Scholarship and the Howard Clay Scholarship

The two recipients this year to travel to Canberra to attend the Brumbies camp in January 2015 are George Campbell and Charlie Pickford. Congratulations and Good Luck to them both. I am confident they will do themselves and our club proud and will be willing to share their experiences with their team mates.


Our social committee members have organised the canteen on training nights to a new level and provided new healthy food options instead of the trusted sausage sizzle

Parents have commented what a difference it has made to getting the children home without having to worry about feeding them before a shower and bed time.

The support and willingness of parents, players and siblings of players to staff the "Home Game" canteen, BBQ and assist with 7.00am set up has been wonderful and I personally thank those that were there to assist even on the most ordinary cold mornings. Thank you! Special thanks to Sue Thewlis and Sarah Monfries for the purchasing and setting up of the canteen on home games. Two young ladies who are siblings of players & need special mention are Emma Richards and Jess Andrewartha for their enthusiasm and hours spent serving in the canteen.

Our Junior Presentation Day was extraordinary. I have never seen so many people in attendance (approximately 450). Thank you to everyone who attended and those people who contributed to the smooth running of this event. The Under 8's and 10's mini movies made the day memorable and exciting. The special guest and new award video presentation from Liam Gill was amazing and I am sure there is one player that will never forget being presented his award of a signed Wallabies Jersey by a Wallaby player on YouTube. Congratulations to all award recipients and a special thanks to all the attendees that were either in attendance to present awards in their honour or representing a family member of an award. It really does make the evening all that more special with some of our past players and administrators attending.

A Club Yearbook is in process and we aim for it to be in your letter box before Christmas.

This was a very special year for the junior section of the club. We have great players, enthusiastic parents, dedicated coaches & team management and a hard working committee. 2015 is looking bright and we must ensure that we build on what we have achieved and make 2015 even better.

Thank you all

Stewart Frew Director of Junior Rugby

Report - Treasurer
12 Months ended 31 October 2014

Old Collegians returned an operating profit for the year ended 31 October 2014 of $6,737.95.

Most revenue lines remained relatively similar to 2013 with some obvious exceptions:
• Donations and sponsorship were up significantly.
• We did not have a major fundraising event this year (such as the major raffle or fun run).
• We had fewer major sub-licensees and major hiring-out of the clubrooms.

Bar sales increased slightly from 2013 (by approx. $3k) and we worked hard to lower bar expenses (by approx. $6k). By contrast the Canteen's expenses increased significantly (by $7.6k) and it took less ($4k). To some extent these differences can be accounted for by the fact that in 2013 some of the Canteen's expenses were run through the Bar, and some of the Bar's sales were run through the Canteen. Regardless of how it is split, between the Bar and the Canteen we made $2.5k less than 2013, and that can be attributed to the simple fact that we had fewer home games in 2014 than in 2012. The Bar and the Canteen continue to be one of the club's most successful (and reliable) sources of income.

Most costs remained relatively steady. Significant increases were associated with the fees for the large group of coaches we put through SA Rugby's coaching accreditation courses ($3.6k) and the costs of the new format Junior Presentation Day (which were ultimately mostly offset by the ticket price).

The accounts as presented have not yet been audited; there is not sufficient time between the end of our financial year and the AGM to complete all payments, data-entry and reconciliations and to have the auditors complete a report for the AGM. An audit report, once completed, will be made available to members on request. Last year's audit report is attached.

Please note that all amounts are listed exclusive of GST.

I recommend that these attached financial statements be accepted.

Amanda Porteous Treasurer

Old Collegians Rugby Football Club Inc




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