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Best Players are listed in alphabetical order

Congratulations to our Elizabeth 7s Cup Winners!

This is the first time we have won the Cup since 1979.

We saw a great team effort in each game, and a solid performance from each and every player. It was particularly pleasing to note that the team is made up almost entirely of players who've come up through our juniors, and are from all four senior men's grades.

We discovered with disappointment that the "Cup" is just a name and does not actually include a big shiny trophy. Well, accessories aren't everything, and at least our team wore special 7s jerseys which they had designed themselves for the occasion, in club-coloured hibiscuses. Hmmm....

Enormous thanks to coaching/management crew: Stewart Douglas, David Linder-Patton and John Steel, and to Kate Denley for med support. Congrats also to the OC lads who played in other teams and did very well; Alex Murphy (Development Squad), Jacob Basson and Mitch Oak (Flight Training Team).

And a tip o' the hat to Jack Campion who assisted SA Rugby with the organisation of the event.

OC 52 v Mildura 0

We came at our first game guns blazing. The match was very physical, with Mildura proving a hard and heavy opposition, but they wanted to play XVs and it was their undoing. This was a good game for us to clear out the cobwebs.

OC 17 v Onkaparinga 36

We came out to a flying start and scored three early tries. We then fell asleep, and silly errors lost us too much possession. (Regular readers of our XVs match reports may be experiencing déjà vu about now...). Onkas took advantage and piled on the tries in a skillful display of 7s which made the most of their playmakers and speedsters. This loss was disappointing, and meant that we would be relegated to the Plate unless Onkaparinga lost to Mildura, which seemed unlikely. However, Mildura had learned from their game against us. They didn't rest in the shade like other teams, they trained hard on 7s tactics until their game against Onkas, by which time they looked a different team. Much to our gratitude and delight they won convincingly: 22-14. Mildura, OC and Onkaparinga had one win and one loss each. The rights to compete for the Cup would go to the team with the best 'for and against'. OC had to beat Eizabeth Indigenous by 20 or more to do it...

OC 50 v Elizabeth Indigenous 0

We looked good from the moment we ran out, and reached our required 20 points half way through the first half.

Cup Semi-Final: OC 19 v Bula Boys 14
In the Semi Final we came up against last year's winners, who were also this year's favourites. They had not yet conceded a try, and were clearly very capable and very confident. The first three minutes saw a scoreless battle, but the Bula Boys then made a strong impression by scoring two quick converted tries. We regathered after those lapses, controlled possession, and started to bring it home. We scored twice and converted one to take the score to 14 - 12 with very little time to go. It was a physical and desperate match throughout, but especially so at the last. Finally, a strong run from Peter Cross fed Chris Steel on the very edge of the touchline for a sprint to the winning try after the buzzer.

It was the game of the day!

Cup Final: OC 24 v Souths 22

We had a lighthearted warm up and a slow start which saw Souths get a strong early 17 - 5 lead, but we gained momentum and staged our comeback in time to match tries and win on conversions.



Old Collegians 24 v Brighton 3

Tries: Ryan Nielsen, Ben Suttell, Austin Wakeham
Convs: James Hopkinson (3) Pen: James Hopkinson

We should start by thanking Brighton for their good work last week in knocking Uni out of the Grand Final! However, while Uni can give us a run for our money, Brighton are an older and heavier squad who struggled against our youth and fitness, particularly in the warmth of Saturday's midday sun.
They looked dangerous and scores were fairly close for the first 20 minutes, but from that point we ran away with the game, with plenty of try scoring opportunities (of which we mostly made good use), and Brighton never looked likely, despite a brave contest till the end. Kudos to the whole OC team, and particularly to the 4th XV boys who stepped up to the plate and proved themselves more than good enough. Another premiership for our Thirsty Thirds, and a great testament to their management and coaching team, given how many players revolve through this squad each week and how few of these finalists played in the GF last year.


Old Collegians 24 v Brighton 18
Tries: James Bradley, Tom Nutt, Fraser Murison
Convs: Mitch Sallis, Nat Linder-Patton

At full strength despite recent hiccups we opened the game superbly. Brighton could not stop our relentless physical aggression and our polished skills. We quickly found ourselves two tries ahead, and like a good ol' Collegians team... we relaxed. This allowed Brighton to reassert themeslves on the game, claw back possession and score two tries. Despite being dominant for most of that half, we went into the half-time break only one point ahead.

The second half opened much the same way as the first half and we quickly scored two more outstanding tries. A spate of injuries threw our plans into chaos and Brighton fought back hard and were within a single try from victory with only 10 minutes to go.

Self-belief, hard work and discipline saw us home through an intense final few minutes, much to the relief of the OC crowd.

A deserved premiership to our outstanding 2nds, who gave away only one match this year (in the first week).

Like the Thirds, this is a team with a constantly revolving membership, which poses enormous coaching challenges. Again, a testament to Stew, James and Dougy to see another year of style, success and commitment from a squad that has only two of the same starting players as the 2012 premiers.

KENNETH MILNE CUP - PREMIER GRADE, 1st XV GRAND FINAL Old Collegians 19 v Brighton 22

Tries: James Daley, Chris Bartlett, Mitch Oak
Convs: Will Sadler

We started strong and confident and had a try on the scoreboard within a few minutes of kick off. Despite looking dominant in most aspects of the game in the first 15 minutes, we then let ourselves down with a large number of unforced errors that relieved the pressure from Brighton, allowed them to suffocate our game and had them scoring the next 19 points without answer from us.

As the game crawled to a close, most of the OC crowd had abandoned hope and we had a player shown a yellow card, so naturally we chose that moment to stage our come back. Assisted by fresh reserves and a more consistent application of our game plan, we put two tries over the line in the last 10 minutes of the game, and converted both from wide out off the able boot of Will Sadler.

We had the momentum and Brighton looked rattled.

The score was at 19 all, and the fans watched with their hearts in their mouths. The score remained tied for the last excruciating minutes of the game, with possession being swapped back and forth and both teams seeming determined to win the game without going to extra time.
Unfortunately, we gave away a penalty within range of the goals in the dying seconds, and lost the Grand Final to the kick.

Heart breaking to be so close, and little comfort for the lads to know that it was theirs for the taking had their run not come too late.

Congratulations to Will Sadler for winning the trophy for Best on Ground in the 1st XV GF, a rare honour for a player of the team that comes second, but awarded to Will by unanimous vote after a truly amazing game.



1st XV: Old Collegians 43 v Port Adelaide 0

Tries: Tim Wonders, James Daley, Gary Mann, Will Sadler, Chris Steel, Mitch Oak, Blake Giarola
Conversion: Stuart Robertson
Penalties: Stuart Robertson (2)
Best Players: Matt Adams, Gary Mann, Tim Wonders

This was a stylish performance from the whole squad, which produced many fine tries and thrilling plays for the immense enjoyment of the OC crowd. The much anticipated re-designation of Will Sadler at fly-half and Stu Robertson at full-back was effective, and both lads performed very well. We were lucky that a number of unforced errors from us passed without much consequence, and it is unlikely that Brighton will let us get away with the same looseness next week, so we have some polishing to do in the meantime.

This was our third foray against Port Adelaide since August; the first two outings were hard fought games that ended in one win and one loss, and we had expected a harder challenge from this final. We must acknowledge that Port Adelaide were missing at least a few key players as a result of an unfortunate fracas last weekend, and that the same incident may well have rattled their focus.

Credit to them for a gutsy effort and a good season.

Women's XV: Old Collegians 12 v Southern Suburbs 29

Tries: Daniella Di Girolamo, Lusia Raikiwasa
Conv: Sarah Mitchelson

Another game in which we only played one half, and as a result we find our season over. We were quiet and ineffective for the first half, with the forwards failing to secure ball at ruck, maul or set piece and giving our backs no options at all. It wasn't until the second half that we played the way we had planned, and as a result started to secure some possession and ran a couple of good tries over the line. Although we clawed back within range of a win, we ultimately missed the seven players who are currently injured or absent.

With girls playing out of position, the loss of most of our speedsters, and no reserves, this was always going to be a big ask. There are always reasons, but never excuses.

In the end, we just didn't play as well as we could or as well as we needed to. Nonetheless, it was courageous effort from the girls and they can hold their heads high that they have had a wonderful season, which is not defined by their last game.



1st XV: Old Collegians 16 v Brighton 20

Try: Chris Steel
Conversion: Stuart Robertson
Penalties: Stuart Robertson (3)

We opened hard and fast and had the game under control. Brighton struggled to contain our pace and running and we were unfortunate not to score more points in the first half. Unfortunately we failed to match Brighton's lift in the second half, and their steady, disciplined relentlessness chipped away at our lead, eventually drawing ahead in the closing minutes.

We have all the talent and the plans, but we need to play a full 80 minutes of rugby if we want a premiership.

This week we meet Port Adelaide for the right to contest the Grand Final; they are no easy opposition and we will have to play well this week to progress.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 17 v Brighton 13

Tries: Alex Murphy, Mitch Sallis, David Nolan
Conv: Nat Linder-Patton

An extremely disrupted game that frustrated our players and prevented us from playing our usual style, but our sheer determination and discipline in the second half allowed us to claw back the momentum and initiative and stamp our game plan on the match.

Great tries from the backline in the last 15 minutes swung the tide back our way. This match was a good lesson in coping with pressure.
Grand Final 2013, here we come!

3rd XV: Old Collegians 27 v University 23

We scored two fast tries and then relaxed. University fought back hard and nearly got there. We were down with 10 minutes to go, but clawed back the lead. We were lucky that Robin (Quade Cooper) Crawford had a bad day on the boot (as was the case for the kickers in nearly every team, nearly every grade this weekend). Onwards and upwards, comrades.

Another team in the Grand Finals!

Women's XV: Old Collegians 5 v Onkaparinga 45

Try: Jadeen Chisholm (on penalty)

It is a strange thing, but this game (or at least the first half) was the best outing the Women's XV have seen this year. The scorecard says we got pumped, but we didn't. The play was even, and the score was very close until half time when we inexplicably dozed off and, as with our last outing against Onkaparinga, small errors proved costly. Nonetheless, the improvement week to week has been massive and we just need to stay switched on for longer. Special mentions for the spectacular performance of Nadia Di Girolamo and a particularly courageous effort from Jadeen Chisholm.

This Saturday we face Souths, and we must lift to see the job done.

4th XV: Old Collegians 5 v Onkaparinga 22

Both teams played hard rugby, but Onkas managed to maintain possession for most of the match resulting in three first half tries (one converted). When OC had possession we could not capitalise on our opportunities. Our solitary score came from excellent ruck work from Stewart Douglas and Sam Walwyn winning a penalty, taking a quick tap and spreading it wide for Mark Johnson to score a great try. In the second half we pressured Onkas but just could not break their line no matter what we threw at them. A solid effort but Onkaparinga controlled the game.

Every 4th grade player should feel extremely proud of the effort they have put in this year, far surpassing any expectations.

Under 14's: Old Collegians 12 v Burnside 19

Tries: Charlie Dubois, Rory Illman
Conv: George Hewitt

A close game which could have gone either way. A disappointing finish for our lads, but it takes nothing away from what a great year they've had and how far they've become. Expect great things from the lads next year!


31st August

1st XV:

Old Collegians 61 v Onkaparinga 5
Tries: Tim Dawes, George Bretag-Norris, Stewart Nutt, Gary Mann, Hugh Sheppard, Rory Sheppard, Chris Bartlett, Liam McDonough, Blake Giarola Conversions: Stuart Robertson (5), Will Sadler (3)
Best Players: Wayne Power, Gary Mann, Stuart Robertson, Stewart Nutt

From numbers 1 to 15 (and the super subs from the bench) this was an outstanding effort that produced high paced, thrilling rugby to which Onkas had little answer.

2nd XV:

Old Collegians 38 v Onkaparinga 15
Tries: Fraser Murison, Peter Cross, Oliver Linder-Patton, Blake Giarola (2), David Nolan
Conversions: Nat Linder-Patton (4)
Best Players: Diego Caldarola, Fraser Murison, David Nolan, Sandy Taylor

An impressive display against a quality team. We held our nerve in the forwards against a physical onslaught, allowing our backs to dominate and bring home the tries. Outstanding effort from the back row to repeatedly thwart Onkaparinga's plans.

3rd XV:

Old Collegians 30 v Onkaparinga 23
Tries: Nick Howlett, Ben Suttell, Mike Otty, Juan Aguiar, James Hopkinson
Conv: Vinnie Laurendi ; Pen: Vinnie Laurendi
Best Players: Tim Chew, Ryan Nielsen, Mike Otty

A more comprehensive win than the score suggests, with Onkas scoring two tries to our five.

4th XV: Old Collegians 17 v Onkaparinga 23

Tries: Brett Patterson, Christian Newland
Convs: Harley Simmonds;

Pen: Harley Simmonds
Best Players: Simon Allport, Chris Darby, Brett Patterson

With the probability of meeting Onkas again in the first round of finals, OC were looking for a psychological edge. In a tough match, Onkas' forwards were just a bit too big for us and controlled the ball for most of the match. A lack of possession restricted us from sticking to our game plan, but when we did we scored with a first half try to Christian Newland resulting from good play converted by Harley Simmonds. The only other score for the half was a penalty to Harley. Unfortunately 3 unconverted tries to Onkas had the halftime score at 10 - 15.

The second half was tightly contested with OC still struggling to get our game working but a try to Brett Patterson (converted by Harley) had OC in the lead. This did not last as Onkas scored another unconverted try and a penalty.

We have work to do for this Sunday's elimination final against Onkas to stay in the finals race.

Women's XV: Old Collegians 6 v Onkaparinga 45

Pens: Jadeen Chisholm (2)

There is no doubt that Onkaparinga women (last year's premiers, this year's minor premiers and undefeated in 2013) are a solid outfit, but we did ourselves no favour by under-performing against them.

Despite the unhappy scoreline, the two teams were relatively even in most aspects of the game. However, half hearted defence will not do against big, strong, fast ball carriers. All is not lost. We received an important and painful lesson this week, and we only need put what we have learned into practice to deliver a different result in finals.



I love FINALS rugby!!

The season is at an end and the U14s through determination present themselves to Burnside. The weather is improving, the daffodils are out, but there is more than a spring in the air for these young guns. The club has done well in juniors with great leap forwards and fantastic parental support. Let's hope we have a great turn out for the greatest show on earth this Saturday at the Onka's ground!

Under 7s: OC v Onkaparinga

OC v Brighton Coaches Award: Jack Taylor received the Best Player Award. Congratulations Jack on another outstanding performance!

Saturday was another highlight for all of us as we fielded two U7s teams on the day. Both teams played two full games, one against Brighton and one against Onkaparinga. It was great to see all our players getting enough game time.

Thank you once again to our U7's parent helpers who assisted our teams on the field, a special mention to Jamie Punshon and Mark Pickard.

2013 was a season of fine performances!

U12s: OC 17 v Onkaparinga 29

We were carrying multiple injuries into the game. Thanks to Finn Darby for coming up from the 10s to help. We lost the first half and won the second half. We held them out for 20 minutes. A great team effort!

Tries scored by Edwin, Bailey and Abigail.

The last try was terrific and congratulations to the entire team.

Stand out moment was an absolute bone-cruncher from Abigail right in front of the clubhouse. (This put a smile on Marcel's dial!)

It was a warm day and we were run off our feet but good team rugby, discipline and some excellent late tackles meant we finished strong despite being absolutely dead on our feet. All the parents were very proud. All in all a great way to finish a good season.

U14s: OC 26 v Onkaparinga 24

Tries: Ollie Horne, Rory Illman, Awin Mathews, George Pepper
Convs: George Hewitt (3)

A great finish to the season with a solid win over a very determined and motivated Onkas who had to get a result to ensure a place in the finals.

A slow start into a strong wind got us all a little worried and again too much reliance on a few key players to do all the yakka. Some gentle words of encouragement at half time and the wind behind us cemented a good win and a confidence booster ahead of next week's Semi Final against Burnside.

A couple of very important training sessions ahead to work on the niggling weaknesses around the breakdown should see us well prepared to give it our best shot of making the final.

Well done, boys! Great team effort again with the usual standouts there to be relied on yet again.

U16s: OC 0 v Onkaparinga 20 (forfeit)


24th August


1st XV: Old Collegians 40 v Burnside 12

Tries: James Daley, Stewart Nutt, Gary Mann (3), Rory Sheppard
Convs: Stuart Robertson (5)
Best Players: George Bretag-Norris, James Daley, Rory Hercules Sheppard

The 1s' impatience and over-eagerness led to a slow(ish) start for our boys. With tricky conditions under foot, constant attacking pressure and some smart forward play caused the scoreboard to eventually take care of itself.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 10 v Burnside 0

Tries: Luke Bailey, Todd Graham (3) Conv: Mitch Sallis Pen: Mitch Sallis
Best Players: Mick Hauser, Fraser Murison, Alex Murphy

Again, albeit under some trying conditions (the pitch surface, and other things beyond our control), our boys held their nerves and took what little chances they could with both hands to hold resilient. Not a great game, but a win nonetheless.

3rd XV: Old Collegians 53 v North Torrens 0 (forfeit)

Tries: Richard Czeglik (2), Andrew Kennett, Edward Smart, Blake Giarola (2), Jono Gill (2), Mark Johnson
Convs: Vinnie Laurendi (4)
Best Players: Blake Giarola, Vinnie Laurendi, Rob Porteous

4th XV: Old Collegians 20 v Burnside 10

OC met top-of-the-table Burnside for a match that promised to show if we are real final contenders. Right from the kick off OC had intensity expected from higher grades, resulting in huge pressure on Burnside creating early penalties. OC took the points on offer with 2 penalties to Capt. Harley Simmonds.

Those and an unconverted try against the run of play to Burnside were the only scores for the half.

In the second half OC managed to maintain the pressure on Burnside through the forwards, resulting in an excellent try to Sam Walwyn from a pick and go. Another unconverted try from some sustained pressure from Burnside brought the score to 13 - 10 with 20 minutes to go. OC regrouped and created more scoring opportunities resulting in a try for returning winger Christian Newland.

An outstanding effort by every player for OC, now we have to continue the form into finals!

Women's XV: Old Collegians 87 v Burnside 24

Tries: Daniella di Girolamo, Nadia Blake, Nadia di Girolamo (2), Sabrina Morrison, Mackenzie Sadler, Sarah Mitchelson, Kate Collings, Jadeen Chisholm (3), Sian Beavers, Lusia Raikiwasa
Convs: Jadeen Chisholm (11)

The women's teams always match numbers to encourage the growth of the code, and willingly. Nonetheless, our team is full of flankers so we are always disappointed when we have to play shortened numbers and have spare forwards sulking on the sideline.

This week we matched Burnside's 11, and as a result had nearly as many on the bench as we had on the field. The number of subs we ran may have led to the somewhat fractured sense of structure from time to time. It was heavy going on a slow track, and Burnside never dropped their heads, so the 87 points was well earned.

Special mention to Jadeen for her great game, with ELEVEN conversions and a hat-trick of tries. First tries also to Sabrina and Kate, and good performances all round.

Defence was somewhat lazy, which would not do against a stronger team. One more week, then finals! If all goes well, we'll meet Onkas three times in the next four weeks.

Under 7s: OC v Burnside
Coaches Award: Alex Punshon and Marcus Pickard.

Alex is one of our youngest team members; he carried the ball up strongly and his field positioning both in attack and defence is improving every week. Marcus did especially well with the ball in hand. He utilised his pace and is playing with more determination every week. Well done to both of you!

We had our full squad of 15 U7s players in attendance on Saturday. It was another great team effort from all.

We would like to welcome Jack Taylor who played his 1st official game for Old Colls. Jack has been training with the U7s during all season and it was a proud moment for all to see him finally take the field in his OC kit, and also scored a try in his 1st game!

U8s: OC v Burnside

Coaches Award: Ethan Frew for his strong tackling and quick movement to get into Burnside's line and shut down the attack.

Saturday was a great team performance! The defensive efforts and cleanouts were most impressive, providing Burnside few opportunities in attack. James and Ryan were at their usual running best, providing a number of offloads to set up tries. Wellington kept up the talk in the rucks, Jack was involved in a try saving tackle on the line, Jake played a strong attacking game, Lucas was everywhere in defence, Max Richard showed his usual no fear attitude when attacking, Andrea was difficult to contain when running hard and straight, and Sam made a number of decisive runs and was solid in defence. The boys have shown excellent development and receive minimal coaching during the game! We are looking forward to the last two weeks of the year.

U10s: OC v Burnside

Coaches Award: Jayden, who, in only his second game, never took a backwards step and really started to run aggressively and tackle with purpose - his 2 tries being just reward for his outstanding performance.

After playing Burnside four times this season and having them very dominant at each meeting, we always knew this would be a difficult encounter. We also knew that if we played as well as we had last week we were in with a chance. Play well we did! Slade did not miss a tackle all game, Harry R played with a flagrant disregard for his own safety, taking down the biggest Burnside player who looked about three times Harry's weight! Anthony and Carl ran strongly all game and Angus, Harry L, Callum and Dakota rucked so well Burnside did not know what had hit them.

Unfortunately we gifted Burnside a few tries by throwing the ball away in the tackle near our own goal-line.

The game was nonetheless close and every OC U10s player should be proud of how well they played.

U12s: OC 19 v Burnside 36

We played the complete team game against Burnside, rattled them and kept the game tight and focussed at the break down. Our scrum was sensational. Burnside had some impressive runners but we dominated the rest of the game. No players are singled out for particular praise and this is a measure of how complete the team game was. All the parents at the game were very proud of the effort, the intensity, the endeavour and the commitment to play according to the plan set by Craig at the start of the game. There were a number of injuries at the start of the game and we lost a couple of players during the game. Well done to every member of the squad.

U14s: OC 26 v Burnside 24

Tries: Charlie Dubois, Rory Illman, Awin Matthews, George Pepper Convs: George Hewitt (3)

They don't come much sweeter than an away win against the old enemy. Real heart-stopping game between 2 very closely matched sides with our will to win getting us home. Great start with 2 good tries in the 1st half but we let them back in to score just on half time. Their forwards dominated with impressive maul work managing to get back into the game and were ahead with 5 minutes to go.

Our boys dug deep and fought hard to score a great try in the dying minutes to secure the win ahead of a semi final rematch in a couple of weeks. Charlie, Eamon, Ollie, Rory, Awin and James Rees were outstanding with a new combination of Nick Barry at 9 and Liam on the wing working well giving us new options. As always, it was a team effort with everyone playing their part and putting in the effort.

U16s: OC 5 v Burnside 27

Another awesome effort by everyone, galant to the very end. A hard fought game which once again saw us defeated by injuries.

Unfortunately with all the injuries endured throughout the season we will be unable to fill a side to take on Onkas next week meaning our season has come to an end. Well done boys, a great season which saw us improve each week - your coaches and parents are very proud of you.


17th August


College Cup: Todd Graham, for scoring 3 tries in the 2nd XV. Apparently he forgot that props don't score tries
Best Volunteer: Lenny Eilers, for setting up the field alone in the morning, and other jobs all day

1st XV: Old Collegians 64 v Southern Suburbs 7
Tries: James Daley (2), Stewart Nutt (2), Tim Dawes, Gary Mann, Rory Sheppard, Will Sadler (2), Delano Leen
Convs: Stuart Robertson (7)
Best Players: George Bretag-Norris, Delano Leen, Rory Sheppard

A good result, and nice to have a solid win at our last home game for 2013. We kept our structure and played our game against Souths, but we still need to reduce basic errors if we want to take this all the way.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 63 v Southern Suburbs 0

Tries: Todd Graham (3), Sandy Taylor, Derek Lewis, Alex Murphy (3), David Nolan (2), Blake Giarola
Convs: Nat Linder-Patton (4)
Best Players: Todd Graham, Mick Hauser, Sandy Taylor

A great team effort and a healthy score, despite the fact that we were missing nine of our regular line-up. Excellent discipline prevented Souths from gaining much possession, or from generating any pressure from the little possession they had.

3rd XV: Old Collegians 20 v Southern Suburbs 0 (forfeit)

4th XV: Old Collegians 24 v Port Adelaide 14

Tries: Will McLeay (2), Ry Gardner, Harley Simmonds
Conv: Harley Simmonds (2)
Best Players: Paul Cleary, Peter Cowan, Harley Simmonds

This match promised to be very tough, with Port Adelaide having knocked off the impressive Onkaparinga the week before. We set the tone with early domination in the scrum and the forwards creating pressure. Eventually we capitalised on this pressure with tries to Capt Harley Simmonds and Will McLeay. A runaway try to Port Adelaide left the halftime score at 10 -7.

In the second half continued pressure all around the park allowed us to score two excellent late tries to Will McLeay and Ry Gardener.

An excellent hit out against a strong opposition, but still some work to be done with table leaders Burnside this weekend!

Women's XV: Old Collegians 29 v Southern Suburbs 20

Tries: Daniella di Girolamo, Nadia di Girolamo, Mackenzie Sadler (2), Sarah Mitchelson
Convs: Sian Beavers, Rebecca Derbyshire-Lloyd

A bit scrappy but we got there in the end. We scored in the first 2 mins and relaxed too much, and from there the lead was traded back and forth for the rest of the game. We were down 17-20 with 5 mins to go when a great series of phase-play put Nadia DG over the line to take us to 22-20.

Souths attacked hard in the dying minutes and looked dangerous, but the last play of the day was ours and Macka broke through and scored a runaway try as the whistle blew.

Good performances all round, but we need to look to our structure. Kudos to newcomers Sabrina, Anja and Kate who just keep on improving.

Junior Rugby Results.

Here we go! Two games before the end of the season and as feelings fluctuate like the rising and the setting of the sun in the juniors, the woeful mistress that success or defeat has brought ebbs through the club. However, still all to play for in the last two games before we hit finals.

One last Hurrah to finish off the season on a high note. Burnside this week, hopefully with finer spring weather to suit the light footed blue and reds as they swathe their way through the Burnside defence. The auld enemy awaits at fortress Kensington on Parade.

All teams to be in their finest gear for team photos to remember this season by please!

Under 16s: Old Collegians 20 v North East Districts 0 (forfeit)

Under 12s: Old Collegians 20 v Barossa Rams 0

The Under 12's played the Rams at Dry Creek.

We won by a forfeit but had a scratch match with the Rams which we won 62 to 15. We played 12 aside without contested scrums. We shared a number of our players with the Rams including Edwin, Colin, Bailey, Lincoln, Max L, James and Marcel.

It was a great opportunity for our backs to tackle our forwards and all the players did well.

A special mention to Lincoln Williamson as he had his best game.

Our new Senior Assistant Coach (Mark Edwards) has had an immediate impact.

We retired to Tiffanae Andrewartha's house for a great post match BBQ. Thanks Tiff for your hospitality and thanks for the boys who helped out Rams.
Our notable quote was from Marcel; when tackled by Abigail he commented "That really hurt. She hits you hard"

Byes in all other age grades


10th August

1st XV: Old Collegians 12 v Port Adelaide 19

Tries: Chris Steel, Chris Bartlett
Conv: Stuart Robertson

A disappointing follow up against a team we had comprehensively beaten the previous week. From the start of the game Port applied constant pressure and a physicality that we failed to meet, resulting in them dominating open play and the ruck contest, scoring two unanswered tries in the process. We were lucky not to be further than 14-0 down at half time, with some wayward kicking from Port. In the second half College let in an early third try, before finally switching on to put two tries on the board. We had most of the momentum in the last 20 minutes, but a combination of go-slow tactics from Port that would do the English bowling attack proud and our own failure to take a number of chances on offer meant we could not close out a game that ultimately we did not deserve to win.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 27 v Port Adelaide 7

Tries: James Bradley, Derek Lewis, Blake Giarola, Jono Gill
Convs: Nat Linder-Patton (2) Pens: Nat Linder-Patton (2)
Best Players: Luke Bailey, James Bradley, Nat Linder-Patton

More good results for our 2nds. The score flatters us a bit, we made hard work of it for as long as we could and Port were within striking distance for far too long for comfort! Nonetheless, solid work from all. Special mention to Jono "one-touch-one-try" Gill, and the battered face of Ryan Nielsen.

3rd XV: Old Collegians 20 v North East Districts 0 (forfeit)

Scratch match played against Burnside 4th XV; thanks! Good fun had by all.

4th XV: Old Collegians 40 v North East Districts 0

Women's XV: Old Collegians 20 v North East Districts 0 (forfeit)

Under 16s: Old Collegians 67 v North East Districts 0

Tries: Luke Howes, Scott Gear, William Plagakis, Charlie Pickford, Seb Richardson (2), Kaleb Joppich (5)
Convs: Charlie Pickford (3), Kaleb Joppich (3)

We finally pulled it together and showed everyone what we are capable of - a great display of teamwork and skill. Strong defensive games from Isaac & Tim and our two U14 lads Olly & Rory did us proud and played very well. Some undisciplined play towards the end of the game was disappointing and unnecessary but overall a great result and a long time coming. Special mention to Kaleb for 5 sensational fast break tries - well done.

Under 14s: Old Collegians 47 v North East Districts 0

Tries: Tom Copson, Charlie Dubois, George Hewitt, Awin Mathews, Rory Illman (3)
Convs: Ollie Horne, George Hewit (5)

Anyone who saw the game will know there were some fantastic individual performances with the usual suspects having a key influence on the result, however from a coaching point of view the standout players were each and every single member of the team as everyone played their part in what was an outstanding team effort. As always there is room for improvement, particularly in the scrum and at the breakdown which we will work on at training, however when it comes to team spirit and working for each other the 14's have got it nailed. Well done boys. We have a bye next week before playing Burnside in what could well be a dress rehearsal for a semi final so maximum effort at training so we are in the best shape to tale on the arch enemy

Under 12s: Old Collegians 20 v Barossa Rams 0

Old Colls went into this match in a good frame of mind. From the opening whistle the team played some of their best rugby to date this season. We gave up three players to the Rams so the match could be contested. Great scrummaging & even better support play in the loose saw Old Colls dominate possession throughout the match. A hat trick of tries to Bailey Skeates & one each to Marcel Loughnan , Darcy Rogers & Max Monfries (who also converted all six) gave the team a well deserved 42 - 0 victory (despite the official 20-0 recorded for the forfeit). Strong games from Max Linton & Darcy Rogers in attack & defence. Well done team. A special thanks to all players who represented Barossa for the day.

Under 10s: Old Collegians v North East Districts

Coach's Award: Angus, by far his best performance of the season! He kept hold of the ball in every contact, made some good tackles and hit the rucks hard.

Well, what a difference a week makes. After being embarrassed by NEDs last week in probably our worst performance of the season, the U10s really turned it around this Saturday for what could be their finest game of the year. They did themselves and the OC jersey proud, turning around a hiding into a 5-5 draw. We came out firing in the first five minutes, and the NEDs team were wondering what had hit them as all our players stepped up. Carl was back to his finest form, not missing a tackle all game, Harry R made a textbook tackle of NEDs biggest player, Tom D and Harry L worked well together clearing out in the rucks. In his first game Jayden had some excellent touches and Anthony's destructive tackling literally had the NEDs players running scared. Dakota and Luca showed some great aggression on the pitch. Some ball watching at the rucks still cost us a few tries, so if we can improve on this, we have every chance of finishing on a winning streak. Bring on Burnside!

Under 7s: Old Collegians v Port Adelaide

Coach's Award: Edward List and Tyson Hazzard. Edward List is one of our youngest members in the team and played particularly well on the defence. Tyson Hazzard did especially well on the attack and is a strong runner. Well done to the both of you. We would like to welcome Tyson Hazzard who joined Old Colls last week. Tyson is the latest addition to our team and played his first game on Saturday. Well done Tyson - you played with a lot of passion.

A special thanks to Alex's Dad - Jamie Punshon who was our on field coach with the team on Saturday, he filled in for James Denley, who is currently recovering from an injury.


3rd August

College Cup: Luke Bailey, playing capably across the grades in heavy conditions

Best Volunteer: Tane Pardoe of our U10s for helping in the canteen and running touchline for 5 games.

1st XV: Old Collegians 51 v Port Adelaide 22

Tries: Stewart Nutt (2), Fraser Murison, Gary Mann, d'Arcy's brother, Chris Bartlett, Matt Adams, Alex Murphy
Conv: Stuart Robertson (4) Pen: Stuart Robertson
Best Players: Gary Mann, Stewart Nutt, Stuart Robertson

Port Adelaide arrived at Tregenza with Brighton and Woodville defeated in the last two rounds, and looking to make a clean sweep of the top three by knocking us off too. They were clearly there to win and were a better side than we met last time. It was close tussle early on, in very heavy conditions, with neither team showing a clear dominance for the first 50 minutes. While we led most of the game, Port fought hard and drew within 5 points of us with a little under 20 minutes to go, and looked to be on the front foot. All credit to our boys, they buckled down, the backs turned it on, and we ran in four dry weather tries in quick succession to take us to a very healthy 29 point winning margin at full time. We suspect Port will come back harder this weekend when we meet them again.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 48 v Port Adelaide 0

Tries: Nicholas Howlett, Sandy Taylor, Austin Wakeham, Alex Murphy, Mitch Sallis (2), David Nolan, Oliver Linder-Patton Convs: Mitch Sallis (4)
Best Players: Alex Murphy, Ryan Nielsen, Rory Sheppard

The 2nd XV continued their successful style of hard work from the forwards to gain momentum, allowing our pacey and skilful backline to pile on the points. Port had no answers to penetrating attack and disciplined defence. The lads all enjoyed the romp.

3rd XV: Old Collegians 20 v North East Districts 0 (forfeit)

4th XV: Old Collegians 20 v North East Districts 0 (forfeit)

Scratch match played OC 25 v NEDs 0
Tries: Will McLeay, Ry Gardner, Mark Johnson, Christopher Hender
Convs: Harley Simmonds Pens: Harley Simmonds
Best Players: Chris Darby, Will McLeay, Harley Simmonds

NEDs unfortunately forfeited moments before the match, however a scratch match was played and a big thank you must go to the players who were loaned to NEDs to ensure it was an even affair. Even though it was a scratch match it was played with good spirit and OC came out the victors with good forward pressure and an overall good performance. This win lifts OC to third on the table.

Women's XV: Old Collegians 20 v North East Districts 0 (forfeit)

Under 16s: Old Collegians 22 v North East Districts 5

Tries: George Cambell, Charlie Pickford, Kaleb Joppich
Conv: Charlie Pickford

A very ordinary start to what should have been an opportunity to take our game to the next level. To everyone's credit the second half was much better and we eventually pulled off a messy win. Special mentions to Sam Price who played well in his flanker position, George Campbell for leading from the front, Luke Howes for his consistency and Ollie Horne for stepping up and providing us with another option. We are looking forward to rectifying our slow start when we face NEDs again this week.

Under 14s: Old Collegians 29 v North East Districts 5

Tries: Awin Mathews (2), Charlie DuBois, Magnus Illman, Paddy Barry
Convs: George Hewitt (2)

After solid performances in our last two games expectations were high for a good show in a really crucial game against NEDS who were only a few points behind us on the ladder. Unfortunately we got off to a slow start and the belief from the previous weeks seemed to be missing. The boys soon composed themselves and raised their game and turned it on in the second half, dominating and showing great composure in the face of aggressive opposition. Great performances from Liam, Harrison, Charlie, Ollie, Awin, Rory and Tom Copson but, as it's been each week lately, it was very much a team effort with everyone playing their part. Well done boys and let's do the same this week when we face NEDS again.

Under 12s: Old Collegians 19 v Vikings 59

Our second game against the Vikings in as many weeks saw a better performance from the team. A hat trick of tries to Marcel Loughnan in his second game was the highlight. Some solid work in defence from loose forwards Colin Tilson & Kylan Williamson.

Under 10s: Old Collegians v North East Districts

A frustrating day for the U10s. When we played our game, cherishing the ball when tackled and recycling it at the rucks, we made good progress and came close to scoring on several occasions. Unfortunately we were guilty all too often of throwing the ball away in contact, when we did this the opposition pounced on it and scored more often than not. In defence our spreading around the fringes of the rucks and mauls improved, but there were still too many missed tackles for our good positioning to be effective. Carl, both Harrys and Dakota ran well with the ball in hand and Ralph was awarded player of the day for his tackling.

Under 8s: Old Collegians v Vikings

Coaches' Award: James List for passing the ball three times even though he could have scored the tries himself. What a great player!!

Another outstanding performance from our under 8s! Almost everyone on the team scored a try. The defence and the attack was great, and the rucks went pretty well.

Under 7s: Old Collegians v Vikings

Coaches' Award: Will Hannan and Jackson Brady. Will did very well in attack and scored several tries in only his second game of rugby. Jackson is one of our youngest players and played particularly well in defence.

A special mention to the OC players who helped out Port Adelaide for the first part of the game, as they were low on numbers, in particular Sasha Humble and Alia Hickman. Our team's discipline on the field continues to improve, which was evident in our solid defence and the way we responded to instructions from our coach. We are also seeing better passing between players and more straight running. Our team looked engaged and focussed, with everyone contributing to another great team effort. Our total playing squad was in full attendance again! Well done U7s!


27th July

1st XV: Old Collegians 53 v Woodville 13

Tries: Stewart Nutt, Wayne Power, Tim Wonders, Chris Bartlett (2), Mitch Oak, Chris Steel (Pen), Jacob Basson Convs: Stu Robertson (5) Pens: Stu Robertson
Best Players: Luke Bailey, Mitch Oak, Hugh Sheppard

A good win against quality opposition who crumbled in the face of our constant pressure and fast paced attack. Good discipline was shown by our boys in the face of relentless provocation. The lesson is that if we play our own game, we're a very serious contender.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 67 v Woodville 0

Tries: Wes Billett, Peter Cross (2), Liam McDonough (2), Mitch Sallis (3), David Nolan (2), Jon Collins Conv: Mitch Sallis (6)
Best Players: Jack Darby, Nick Howlett, Alex Murphy

Yet another strong performance from all players, many of whom were playing up a grade due the club missing about 20 players this weekend. Our hard work against a heavy, physical team paid dividends, allowing us to implement our game plan and giving our backs free reign to prance over the tryline again and again.

3rd XV: Old Collegians 10 v Adelaide University 27

Tries: Derek Lewis, Blake Giarola
Best Players: Justin Elder, Ryan Nielsen, Rob Porteous

A disappointing effort from a team who can (and generally do) play much better than this. The disjointed squad wouldn't have helped, but the truth of it is that we just didn't play well on the day. Onwards and upwards; it was a cursory reminder that we need to work for this.

4th XV: Old Collegians 12 v Adelaide University 20

Tries: Mark Siaosi, Mark Johnson Conv: Harley Simmonds
Best Players: Paul Cleary, Andrew MacGregor, Harley Simmonds

From the outset Uni were pumped, running out for the kickoff ten minutes early. This translated into them having more energy at the breakdown early on, resulting in pressure that was converted into a penalty early in the match. A converted try to Uni was the only other score for the half, with the half time score 10 - 0. The second half was more of the same with Uni continuing to slow the ball down at the breakdown, creating pressure and resulting in penalty turnovers. OC managed several successful drives at the line culminating in a try to Mark Siaosi, converted by Harley Simmonds. Another try to Uni (from an unfortunate penalty) took the score to 17 - 7, until a storming run from Mark Johnson brought OC back into the match. A late penalty sealed the victory for Uni.

It was a tough match, providing us with a lot to work on in the lead up to finals.

Women's XV: Old Collegians 51 v Woodville 10

Tries: Martine Mooij (4), Mackenzie Sadler (3), Nadia Di Girolamo, Sian Beavers
Best Players: Nadia Di Girolamo, Martine Mooij, Mackenzie Sadler

A great romp under lights for the ladies' team! Our scrums were dominant, reliably winning all of our own ball, and countless against the head. Well done in particular to Anja Halstead and Kate Collings who both played their first game at second row, and were rock solid in the scrum, and also effective in open play. Plenty of pace and purposeful running from the backs finished the job that the forwards had started. We have plenty yet to improve on, but it was a pretty good show nonetheless. The last try was a hum-dinger, with a succession of brutally efficient phases from backs and forwards alike, handing Nadia Di Girolamo all the options in the world with which to finish (and she wisely chose the option of 'right under the posts').

Special mention to the typically fine performance from Martine in her last game for OC before she returns to the Netherlands; she will be badly missed by the team (both on and off the pitch).

Under 16s: Old Collegians 27 v Burnside 34

Tries: George Campbell, Luke Howes (2)
Convs: Charlie Pickford (3) Pens: Charlie Pickford (2)

It was important for everyone to step up in this game due to the number of injuries and absences. Our forwards were awesome and directly responsible for the tight scoreline - 5 more minutes and the game was ours! Special mention must go to Callum and George Windley for their tireless efforts. Bring on NED'S for the next 3 games!

Under 14s: Old Collegians 34 v Vikings 28

Tries: Eamon Lambert (2), Rory Illman, Magnus Illman,
George Pepper, Harrison Cole Convs: George Hewitt (4)

Possibly the most important game of the season for us in terms of us making the finals and having been well beaten by Vikings in the previous encounter, the boys knew they had a big task ahead of them and they certainly rose to the challenge. The first 15 minutes of the game saw us playing the best, most composed and disciplined rugby so far this season with the forwards playing a superb pick and drive game which was rewarded by a couple of good triess. A loss of composure and bit of "white line fever" on our part saw Vikings get back into the game and some of their danger players started to make an impact. We regrouped and refocused after half time and returned to a more structured game which paid off with us managing to keep the lead to the end, even though it got a little too close for comfort at one point. Eamon, Charlie and Rory were the ref's and spectators' picks for the day but as always it was a team effort with everyone playing their part.

A special mention must go to Rory for what is probably one of the best pieces of defensive work seen at any level of rugby when he chased down the Vikings' super fast winger, tackled him and held him up over the line to prevent a certain try. Real example of commitment and a never give up attitude... well done Rory! Also a special thanks to those players who did not get much game time today for their understanding of the importance of the game and the win and their commitment to the team.

Under 12s: Old Collegians 5 v Vikings 53

This match was not our best of the season. After a great game the week before, we were our own worst enemy, missing tackles & generally being dominated by a better team on the day.

Under 8s: Old Collegians v Vikings

Coaches' Award: Andre Smith for his improved defence, and his try-saving tackle

This team is on fire! They played their best game of the year, and the Vikings are without doubt our toughest opponent, especially their great tacklers. Our kids were fantastic in defence and attack, particularly Ryan Barlow, Maxi Richards, Ethan Frew, Lucas Aguiar and James List. The great job from their coaches, Peter and Craig, is showing improvements week by week. It's a pleasure to work with this group of people.

Under 7s: Old Collegians v Vikings

Coaches' Award: Alia Hickman for running strongly with the ball and making a very valuable contribution in defence.

A special mention to Will Hannan who joined our U7s. Will is the latest addition to our team and played his first game on Saturday. Welcome Will - you played with a lot of enthusiasm! This past week has been a highlight for us! Our U7's team played an outstanding game of rugby on Saturday, following what we believe has been our best training session this season. On Wednesday night we continued to focus on basic skills development and on the defence aspect of our game.

We are very proud to say that we had 13 players in attendance on both occasions.


20th July

College Cup: Nat Linder-Patton, for tries in TWO grades.
Best Volunteers: Jo Rogers and Corne Arnold for their tireless work all day!

1st XV: OC 20 v Brighton 30

Tries: Gary Mann Pens: Stu Robertson (5)
Best Players: Wayne Power, Tim Dawes, Chris Steel

2nd XV: OC 30 v Brighton 15

Tries: Mitch Sallis (2), Matt Adams (2), Nat Linder-Patton
Conv: Mitch Sallis Pen: Mitch Sallis
Best Players: Matt Adams, Peter Cross, Todd Graham, Alex Murphy

3rd XV: OC 34 v Brighton 0

Tries: Rob Porteous, Ryan Nielsen, Mick Hauser, Blake Giarola, Nat Linder-Patton (and an penalty try)
Conv: Linder-Patton (2)
Best Players: Mick Hauser, Rob Porteous, Ed Smart

4th XV: OC 27 v Brighton 14

Tries: Chris Hender, Paul Cleary, Mark Johnson (2), Stewart Douglas
Conv: Vinnie Laurendi
Best Players: Paul Cleary, Mark Johnson, Sam Walwyn

A cold Saturday and a soggy pitch greeted us. The first half we could not capitalise on our opportunities and even though we were the stronger team we entered the half time break 5 - 7 down thanks to an excellent try to Chris Hender. The second half we continued our dominance and started to make our scoring chances stick with two tries to Mark Johnson and tries for both Stewart Douglas and Paul Cleary. A solid effort from ever player has kept this 4th grade in finals contention!

Under 7s: OC v Brighton

Coaches Award: Ivan Arnold received the Best Player Award this week. Congratulations on a very good game. Ivan did well in defence and also scored a couple of tries with his straight running.

Jackson Denley also had another good game and contributed several tries. Lana also carried the ball up strongly with a number of good runs. Our younger and new players in the team are also starting to settle in well and made some valuable contributions.

A special mention to Alex Punshon who joined the OC u/7's. Alex is the latest addition to our team and played his first game on Saturday. Welcome Alex, it's great to have you on board.

Well done and a big thank you to all our u/7's for another great game. Our team continues to grow from strength to strength!
... Corné Arnold


The Under 8s had a tough game against Brighton with good defence from both teams making scoring tries and retaining the ball difficult. But with perseverance and some terrific passing we were able to begin scoring some wonderful team tries. Big cover tackles by Ryan, Max Richards and James kept us on the front foot. In the second half, the team focused on securing the ball after the tackle was made and protecting it from the opposition some terrific clean outs and securing 'being the crab' were made by Ryan Barlow, James List, Sam Brady and Jake Wall and we were able to run in a lot of great tries. Well done guys a great return to rugby following the holiday break.

Coaches Award - Sam Brady.
... Peter Cross


The score against Brighton did not reflect the tone of the match. The first 10 minutes was very even, with good tackling preventing any tries being scored and the OC U10s recycling the ball very well at the rucks. Unfortunately after this, a couple of quick tries from Brighton caused the U10s' shoulders to drop a little and then some missed tackles led to a few more tries being conceded. Carl played his usual good game, tackling himself to another nosebleed, Meg made yet another try-saving tackle, Slade never took a backwards step, Harry L was awarded player of the day for his tireless work at the rucks, and Angus, Dakota and Callum ran well with the ball in hand. The next step for the U10s is to improve our decision making at the breakdown so we are not caught short around the fringes.
... Charles


The team went into this game in a good frame of mind. We worked extremely hard at the break down, with some great rucking from the dominant pack on the day , with turn-overs well in Old Colls' favour.

Some strong running from the base of the scrum saw Max Monfries rewarded with our first try of the half, the second coming from tireless openside flanker, Bailey Skeates.

17 - 12 to Brighton at half time saw the first two tries of the second half scored by the visitors.

A strong finish to the game with Linkan Williamson scoring in the corner. A stand out performance from our team with the final score to Brighton 27 - Old Colls 17.


On a very special day, the u14s put on a very special performance against Brighton who have not been beaten at u14 level for 3 years! 17 - 7 down at half time the boys pulled it back to 17 - 17 with a couple of minutes to go and were so unlucky to be denied with Brighton scoring following a few refereeing decisions that went against us. Even the Brighton coaches and players acknowledged we were the better team on the day and deserved the win.

Every player in the team stood up and played their part with tries from Ollie Horne, Nick Barry (Great pop pass Awin) and Adam Thompson.

The forwards were outstanding playing a very aggressive pick and drive game and special mentions for Matt Green, James Parry, Charlie Dubois, Cody "The Birthday Boy" Joppich and Spencer Bond who played at Flanker for the first time.

Ollie, Rory and Harrison received the referee and spectators 1, 2, 3 nominations for best players but today was about the team as a whole who took their game to another level and every players was a stand out. Shows we can compete against the best in the comp so lets build on it and make the finals. Well done boys....I am sure Bob was looking down on you with a great big smile on his face!


Everyone did really well considering we played half the game with only 13 players on the field. We continue to show determination and a 'never give up' attitude which is all we can ask considering the amount of players we have out due to injury and sickness. This was reinforced through the referee's comments after the game - He thoroughly enjoyed reffing the game and paid tribute to our great bunch of boys. A credit to you all. Well Done.


6th July

1st XV: Old Collegians 40 v Southern Suburbs 0

2nd XV: Old Collegians 55 v Southern Suburbs 0

Tries: Oliver Cole, Mick Hauser, Jack Darby, Blake Giarola, Peter Cross (3), James Hopkinson,
Convs: Nat Linder-Patton (2), Vinnie Laurendi (2), James Hopkinson
Best Players: Peter Cross, James Denley, Mick Hauser

3rd XV: Old Collegians 20 v Southern Suburbs 0 (forfeit)

4th XV: Old Collegians 38 v Port Adelaide 14

Tries: Will McLeay, Harley Simmonds, Michael Otty (2), Jimmy Ha, Andrew MacGregor
Convs: Harley Simmonds (3), Ben Suttell
Best Players: Paul Cleary, Will McLeay, Sam Walwyn

Women's XV: Old Collegians 21 v Southern Suburbs 33

Tries: Martine Mooij (2), Nadia Di Girolamo
Convs: Sian Beavers (3)


29th June

College Cup: James Denley for his first premier grade appearance in 8 years.

Best Volunteer: Rhys Frew of our U16s and Junior Club Co-Captain, who set up at 7am, reffed the rugby midgets, ran touch in later games, spent the entire afternoon on the BBQ with the rest of the wonderful U16s, and then helped pack up at the end of the day. Phew!

1st XV: Old Collegians 127 v Barossa Rams 13

Tries: James Daley (2), Wes Billett, George Bretag-Norris (2), Jack Darby, Chris Bartlett (4, what a hog), Peter Cross, Mitch Oak, Liam McDonough, Alex Murphy, Paddy Macklin, Wayne Power, Mitch Sallis
Convs: Mitch Sallis (8), Stu Robertson (8)
Best Players: Everyone!

Hard to take much out of this game from a structural perspective but we maintained pressure and concentration for most of the game. Points were scored evenly in each half (61 in first and 66 in second).

2nd XV: Old Collegians 20 v Barossa Rams 0 (forfeit)

Women's XV: OC 18 v Onkaparinga 64

Byes in 3rd and 4th XVs

Under 16s: Old Collegians 20 v Brighton 19

Try: Scott Gear, Kaleb Joppich Convs: Charlie Pickford (2) Pen: Charlie Pickford (2)

We went into this game with only 1 reserve and knew it was going to be tough, but every single player stepped up and won their individual positions through sheer strength and determination. We forced Brighton to play a defensive game, which is something they are not used to. With 5 minutes to go we led 20 points to 5 however we lapsed and let them back into the game, but we held them off long enough to secure a 1 point win. Special mention must go to Sebastian Richardson who on several occasions made some awesome match winning tackles in his new position as fullback.

Under 14s: Old Collegians 45 v Barossa Rams 17

Barossa arrived depleted in numbers had struggled to mass their troops across the plains of Salisbury. However with much cheer and subs from OC they took to the pitch and played well against a side hungry for a win. Certainly there was more determination in OC as the pointy end of the season approaches.

Great runs by Arwyn and Rory were supplemented by grafting in the rucks by Oscar, Harrison, Ben and with increasing intensity Matt Green. Lovely play by Master Duckett and my goodness were the crowd taken aback by the sending off of Jasper "but I'm really nice" Casper!

Not only that but he then polished off with a stunning try with his turn of pace. Tackling still needs work and total commitment (see Lions game last Sat), if we wish to have any chance. Each person must say I shall not let them pass if we are to go onto to glory come finals.

Under 12s: Old Collegians 39 v Barossa Rams 17

Tries: Tane Pardoe (2), Max Linton, Bailey Skeats, Lochie Edwards, Edwin Dodd and Max Monfries

A good all round performance from the team against the Rams, with strong ball running a feature on the day. Many thanks to the 5 U12's who volunteered to play for Barossa so we could all have a run a round. Well done, boys.

Under 10s: Old Collegians v Barossa Rams

Best Player: Finn for outstanding form up front, he was a huge asset, punching forward with great ball security and some superb lumbering runs

Our strong form in recent weeks continued with a fine 9 tries over the Barossa Rams on Saturday. Without a number of key players, the team that took the field executed beautifully with some free flowing rugby. Anthony made a huge impact from kick off & was instrumental at the breakdown creating opportunities. The captain on the day (Carl) played his usual "captain's" game controlling the game - his efforts & attack were superb as was last line defence. Congratulations to Meg who scored first try. Slade, Callum, Tom M all out in great efforts while Harry R was at his creative best. Also a huge thank you for those players that showed great sportsmanship by volunteering to help Barossa even up the numbers - Slade, Ralph, Finn, Callum. A great team effort.

Under 8s: Old Collegians v Barossa Rams

Tries: ; Ryan Barlow (6!), Lucas Aguiar, Maxi Richards
Best Player: Lucas Aguiar for a great job in defence and getting the ball back to OC

Again our under 8s did very well this weekend. They started well in the first half and keep up the good work in the second half. A few players had really great games. Ryan Barlow showed amazing consistency in the tackle and is probably the best tackler in all the Juniors players. Again another great game for these great kids!


22nd June

College Cup: Xander Evans for an excellent game in the 2nd XV.

Xander is off to Melbourne to work, and this was his last game for us. We'll miss you, Xander!

Best Volunteer: Tane Pardoe of our U10s, who helped on the BBQ and then ran the touchline for 3 games. The Refs contacted us afterwards to tell he did an amazing job.

1st XV: Old Collegians 34 v Southern Suburbs 15

Tries: Brad McDonald, Gary Mann, Chris Bartlett (2), Mitch Oak, Chris Steel
Convs: Stu Robertson (2)
Best Players: Tim Dawes, Brad McDonald, Chris Steel

2nd XV: Old Collegians 80 v Southern Suburbs 7

Tries: Tom Nutt, Diego Caldarola (2), Fraser Murison, Rory Sheppard (3), Oli Linder-Patton, Jack Darby, Blake Giarola, Nat Linder-Patton (2), James Hopkinson, Christian Newland (2) Convs: Nat Linder-Patton (5)
Best Players: Jack Darby, Xander Evans, Alex Murphy

Women's XV: Old Collegians 24 v Southern Suburbs 20

Tries: Martine Mooij, d'Arcy Sadler (2)
Convs: Jadeen Chisholm (3) Pen: Jadeen Chisholm

A great win from our ladies against a strong opposition, in a rare game at Tregenza. They brought the fight and resilience home. It wasn't perfect but they ground it out. Hunger and commitment to the breakdown was outstanding from all players. Despite Souths gaining the lead with a try in the last minutes of the game, and with Stef & McKenzie off injured, they pulled our socks up and scored again to win the game.

Special mention to Jadeen's classy boot, kicking the first penalty the OC women have seen in years. If only the Wallabies had someone who can kick like that girl!

3rd XV: Old Collegians 20 v Southern Suburbs 0 (forfeit)

4th XV: Old Collegians 20 v Port Adelaide 0 (forfeit)

Under 16s: Old Collegians 7 v Southern Suburbs 40

Try: Kaleb Joppich

A great defensive game with no score for either side in the first 15 minutes. We went into half time down by 5 points but Souths responded and applied relentless pressure in the second half which saw us tire allowing them increase their lead. The work rate and tackling efforts from Jimmy, Seb T, Nick and Luke continue to be commendable. We still have opportunities for improvement but overall, this was a well fought out game.

Under 14s: Old Collegians 31 v Southern Suburbs 12

Best Players: Magnus Illman, Tom Copson and Matt Green

After a slowish start to the game the boys really fired up and took it to Souths and a combination of good teamwork and real effort by everyone gave us a convincing victory over a strong Souths team. We had a few players out this week and some players were not in their usual positions and everyone played their part and should be proud of their contribution to the team performance. Particular mention to Flynn Rogers for his passionate performance on the field and leading the club song.

Under 12s: Old Collegians 12 v Southern Suburbs 22

Souths opened the scoring early, but we responded quickly with some good individual play from halfback Max Monfries (2 tries, 1 conv) & went into half time trailing 17 - 12. A good all round performance; we went about our work well & played our best game to date. A solid performance from centre Lochie Edwards in both defence & attack.

Under 10s: Old Collegians v Southern Suburbs

Tries: Harry L (2), Carl Arnold (2), Harry R (3)
Best Player: Dakota for his fearless tackling

A tight encounter, with the first try taking an age to come, with good tackling by both sides. After this, the game opened up and OC looked good with straight running from Ethan, Fynn and Harry L, and excellent linking play by Carl and Harry R., leading to a good half-time lead. Dakota and Slade went hard into every tackle, Meg did her usual try-saving work in the corners, and Tom M showed he had been listening well in training by securing the ball at the rucks. Souths came back in the second half, and we were guilty of not looking after the ball well enough when we went into contact.

Under 8s: Old Collegians v Southern Suburbs

We played very well again. They were a bit sleepy in the first half but turned on for the second half. This was a very even game with a lot of good tackles from both sides.

There was a great defensive try-saving tackle from James List. Also great tackles from Ryan Barlow, Maxi Richards. There was a great ruck by Ethan Frew and Lucas Aguiar; we are really starting to do this more often.


15th June

1st XV: OC 35 v Port 13

Tries: Stew Nutt, Gary Mann, Chris Bartlett (3), Paddy Macklin
Convs: Stu Robertson Pen: Stu Robertson
Best Players: Chris Bartlett, Tim Dawes, Paddy Macklin

History tells us that we inexplicably find Port at Port (and Woodville at Woodville) a bigger challenge than we ought to. The Collected Wisdom from the Sideline was that we were making too many errors and failing to stamp our dominance on this game, but to be fair we ran in six tries against a Port team which played reasonably well on the day. Good enough.

2nd XV: OC 43 v Port 5

Tries: Fraser Murison, Richard Czeglik, Rory Sheppard, Matthew Adams, Mitch Sallis, Peter Cross, Nat Linder-Patton Convs: Mitch Sallis (4)
Best Players: Matthew Adams, Diego Caldarola, Rory Sheppard

Another good strong win from our 2nd XV, with all players performing well. Even the distraction of Jim Denley's face falling off didn't break our groove. Once we were comfortably ahead we went a bit quiet when we could have (and should have) knuckled down and tried for a cricket score. Nonetheless, a very good result.

3rd XV: OC 34 v North East Districts 5

Tries: R Gardner, Peter Mullins (2), Christian Newland (2), Harley Simmonds
Conv: Lenny Eilers, Harley Simmonds
Best Players: R Gardner, Andrew MacGregor, Ryan Nielsen

It's worth mentioning that this week's team had only two of last week's team starting; 13 changes! Accordingly, it was not all that pretty, but we stuck with the task and grafted out a good win against an opposition far better organised than we expected. Plenty of the 4s had a run and stepped up magnificently. Two of the best players were from the 4th XV. Well done!

4th XV: OC 20 v North East Districts 0 (forfeit)

Women's XV: OC 20 v North East Districts 0 (forfeit)

Under 16s: OC 29 v North East Districts 10

Tries: George Campbell, Luke Howes, Charlie Pickford, Seb Richardson & Kaleb Joppich

Well done on the first win of the season! We started strongly with 3 tries before half time. A lack of discipline and concentration in the second half allowed NEDs back into the game. Great defensive game by two of our newer players, Isaac and Tim, who stepped up to the mark and put their bodies on the line. Special mention to Nick Litchfield whose tackling rate is one of the best in the business and continues to be the rock in our back line. 5 great tries shows that team work and confidence is high - this combined with better discipline will ensure we are a force to be reckoned with.

Under 14s: OC 33 v University 10

A great team effort win. The whole team committed well and the cohesion followed. Much thanks to the players who subbed on for Uni. Oh, what a turn round against some sizeable opposition! The players sparked with an enthusiasm seen only when greyhounds chase the hare. Good tackling, great support and flowing rugger prevailed on a day when the rain held. Well done to Flynn (always in the thick of it), Magnus (the one with the green helmet), Harrison, Oscar and Cody for great games going both ways! Arwen (I am photogenic) for a fine performance, Nick, Spencer (obviously enjoying his new team), the grafter James Gomersall and everyone on the team but especially the loyal parents who support each week. Don't forget to help with the BBQ this weekend!

Under 12s: OC 20 v University 0 (forfeit)

Under 10s: OC v University

Best Player: Slade for his continued willingness to get 'stuck in" to impart his presence in the rucks & mauls.

The U10's came of age on Saturday! ALL the players went about the task at hand and the things we have been practising on Wednesday nights in recent months came together. Everybody played their part - our work at the breakdown, our cover out wide when the ball was in opposing hands, our tackling in clutch situations, passing, ball security - all of it was fantastic. The players & parents should be proud. I want to make a point of recognising Harry L for his constant strength up front - always gaining valuable ground for us & taking 6 opposing players with him on every drive forward. Also a mention to Carl whose passion for rugby shines out each game with his dazzling runs, his try saving tackles & passing to bring others into the game. Harry R for his efforts at scrum half, Meg for some great tackling also. Finn has fast become an important player & his efforts in securing & protecting the ball were outstanding.

Under 8s: OC v University

Best Player: Max Cross, for running forward, using a brilliant hand-off to avoid to be tackled, and scoring a try!

The Under 8s played very well again, with many of them scoring tries (12 tries scored in total) and a few more stepping up for tackles. We keep improving in the rucks, cleaning out to get the ball. We are really playing very well! Great improvement!

Under 7s: OC v University

Best Player: Hugo for his straight running!

Under 7s now building on their skill base every week. The team is passing very well to all team mates, and it's pleasing to hear everyone calling for the ball. We still have some work to do on our two handed touch, which we will work on in training this week. Well done everyone.


8th June

College Cup: Harley Simmons, for THAT kick

Best Volunteer: Chester Armstrong, for reffing the U12s, playing 4s, backing up for the 3s, then running touch for the 1s

1st XV: OC 29 v Woodville 19

Tries: Stew Nutt, Paddy Macklin, Chris Bartlett (2) Pens: Stu Robertson (3)
Best Players: James Daley, Paddy Macklin, Hugh Sheppard

This was a close fought & all-too-tight game; a good all round effort against a strong opposition who never gave up, & looked dangerous right till the end. It was 80 minutes of entertaining football, and we pieced together good pressure and deserved the win.

2nd XV: OC 75 v Woodville 7

Tries: Rory Sheppard, Oliver Linder-Patton (2), Matt Adams (4), Mitch Sallis, Peter Cross (2), Tim Chew Convs: Mitch Sallis (10)
Best Players: Matt Adams, Fraser Murison, Dave Nolan, Tom Nutt

A strong win set up by tremendous defensive effort from the forwards, which was in turn effectively capitalised on by the backs who ran in wonderful tries from all over the field.

3rd XV: OC 28 v Adelaide University 8

Tries: Jono Gill (2), James Foster (2)
Conv: Peter Mullins Pens: Peter Mullins (2)
Best Players: James Foster, Jono Gill, Ed Smart

A great game which proved we can play to potential when sufficiently motivated. Despite a score of players missing across the grades (and thus depleted 3rd & 4th XVs) we saw a strong performance from everyone, not least of all the 4th XV boys who stepped up. Idle gossips whisper in our ears that Uni had long planned a post-OC-arse-kicking party for Saturday night. There may be no truth to it, but it's a great story.

4th XV: OC 14 v Adelaide University 12

Tries: Brett Patterson, Christian Newland Conv: Harley Simmonds (2)
Best Players: Brett Patterson, James Sheekey, Harley Simmonds

A solid game against a strong Uni team; both teams were evenly matched (nil all) after a first half of great rugby. The second half opened up a little, with more line breaks and scrambling defence from both teams creating tries for both teams. OC was down 12-7 with 5 minutes to go, until a break from Stewart Douglas and Kabil Pradhan got us into the red zone, and Christian Newland emerged from the middle of a maul like magic to pop the ball over the line and bring the score to 12-12, and the kick to come after the whistle. Harley "Goldenboots" Simmonds managed to ignore the silence that fell over Tregenza to slot the conversion for a final score 14-12. Awesome! (... Alex Walwyn)

Under 16s: OC 16 v Brighton 39

Tries: Seb Richardson

A brave effort shown by all players. Only two points down at half time with Brighton on the back foot. Our inexperienced front row unfortunately wasn't able to match the strength and experience of Brighton in the second half. Special mention to Isaac for his strong tackling, Harshad who did well under pressure to recover the ball to save a potential try, Seb Richardson & Nick for the tenacity with tackling and to Charlie and Kaleb for some excellent penalty kicking.

Under 14s: OC 3 v Vikings 39

With a few key players out this week through illness and injury this was always going to be a tough game. Despite valiant effort we were beaten by a larger more structured team. The scoreline did not reflect our efforts, but weaknesses in game shape and tackling let us down badly. Everyone gave their best, with many of the younger players stepping up. Special mentions to Awin Mathews, Ollie Horne and Ben Hower whose effort and commitment were outstanding.

Under 12s: OC 10 v Vikings 36

Best player: Abigail Howes again, for her try and tireless defence

We started the match well, holding onto the ball & dominating possession, scoring the first try of the match a few minutes after kick off. However, the Vikings shifted into another gear and their big pack & physical approach saw them rewarded with a number of tries before half time. We did manage to score the try of the day, after a great team build up & some individual brilliance from Darcy Rogers.

Under 10s: OC v Burnside (scratch match)

Burnside were, once again, much the better side. OC looked an improved side for a few patches, when we had the ball, concentrated on what we were doing and kept rucking and recycling. Unfortunately too many missed tackles on defence were the order of the day again. Carl was the player of the day, making more tackles than anyone else and never giving up. Angus and Fynn showed much more aggression on attack, which was great to see.

Under 8s: OC v Vikings

Best Player: Jake Branson, for running forward and carrying the ball with two hands to score a try

A great game! It was a pleasure to see 8 of the 10 players scoring tries.

The tackling was pretty good as a few more kids stepped up to make tackles.

The Vikings played very well in defence and attack, and it was a close game as a result.

There is no doubt that the best asset of the Under 8s is our tackling. Also there was an improvement in the cleaning out at the ruck.

Under 7s: OC v Port Adelaide

Best Player: Daniel Howes, an outstanding game!

Thank you to Port Adelaide for their willingness to bring their U7s a trip for a game at Tregenza on Saturday. Thanks also to the OC U7s who played for Port Adelaide, so the game was possible. A special welcome to Hugo Carter who joined the OC U7 team a couple of weeks ago and is the most recent addition to the team. Our U7s seem to have an endless amount of energy and just keep on improving every week, as they continue to grow and learn more about rugby. Well done and a big thank you for another great game!


1st June

1st XV: OC 48 v Barossa 10

Tries: Tim Wonders, Rudi Timoteo, Stu Robertson, Matt Adams, Chris Steel, Chris Bartlett (2) Convs: Stu Robertson (4)
Best Players: George Bretag-Norris, Stu Robertson, Will Sadler

We struggled initially to put a structured game together in difficult conditions on a very soft and wet pitch. Barossa put up a good fight but ultimately OC was able to put phases together and consistent pressure, for which they were rewarded with more points in the second half. Although we were dominant, we need to keep our clam and our structure regardless of conditions outside of our control. The boatrace afterwards was probably a better spectacle, our Jack Darby looked to be evening out things for his old mates until Ricky-Wet-Shirt brought it home.

2nd XV: OC 98 v Barossa 5

Tries: Luke Bailey, Fraser Murison, Brad McDonald (3), James Denley (3), Nat Linder-Patton (2), Oli Linder-Patton (2), Liam McDonough (4)
Convs: Nat Linder-Patton (7), Fraser Murison, James Denley
Best Players: Luke Bailey, Brad McDonald, Hugh Sheppard

The score speaks for itself. Thanks to the OC guys who played for Barossa so the game was possible. Special mention to Luke Bailey for stamping on Czez while he had a chance.

3rd XV: OC 39 v Elizabeth 20

Tries: Ryan Nielsen, Mick Hauser, James Hopkinson (2), Jamie Foster
Convs: Vinnie Laurendi (3), Harley Simmonds Pens: Vinnie Laurendi (2)

4th XV: OC 17 v Elizabeth 13

Tries: Christian Newland, Alex Murphy
Conv: Harley Simmonds, Christian Newland Pen: Harley Simmonds

Women's XV: OC 66 v Burnside 0

Tries: Martine Mooij (2), Sarah Mitchelson, d'Arcy Sadler (3), Mackenzie Sadler (3), Sian Beavers
Convs: Jadeen Chisholm (8)

A great game of rugby, with a strong score line despite great defence from Burnside! There is work to do and we are not perfect, but the girls are all coming on in leaps and bounds. Good rucking, tackling, carriage of the ball into the defence, good passing with only a couple of dropped balls under the conditions. Special mention for the Sadler family, with Stef Martin and her daughters d'Arcy and Mackenzie playing together for the first time, and son/brother Will coaching.

Under 16s: OC 17 v Southern Suburbs 52

Tries: Kaleb Joppich (2), Charlie Pickford

Great game boys! With 7 players out due to sickness and injury, we were left without an experienced front row, uncontested scrums and 14 players on the field. However, each and every player stepped up to ensure it was a strongly contested game. The score line is not a true representation of the effort and dedication shown. Great sign of things to come!

Under 14s: OC 33 v Barossa 22

Tries: Awin Matthews (3), Rory Illman (2) Convs: George Hewitt (4)

A fantastic effort by all but weaknesses in tackling and basic game shape allowed Barossa to gain a four try advantage at half time. We fielded more experience in the second half, and a gutsy performance saw us secure the win. Deserved mentions for Jasper Carter for his tackling and Spenser Bond for his first game for the club.

Under 12s: OC 45 v Barossa 0x

Best Players: An impressive performance in the forwards from Bailey Skeats & a another classy game in attack & defence from Abigail Howes

We played into the wind in the first half with some good rucking & mauling & a wealth of possession we went into half time well in front. The conditions did not get any better in the second stanza , but we ran over for anothercouple of tries & defended well enough not to allow the Rams over the line.

Under 10s: OC v Barossa

Best tackle: Ruby Deakin
Most improved: Tom Mocatta ?

An outstanding 1st half effort had us leading at the break, led superbly by Carl, Harry L & the forward pack. Unfortunately the 2nd half was all about missed tackles. Overall, another improved performance.

Under 8s: OC v Barossa

Coaches Award: Ethan Frew, for tackles and looking for the ball

Barossa had a good number of eager players so we played 9 a-side and strong running was required to get through the congested defence, but this was done well by Ryan Barlow and James List who both scored a number of fine tries. Special mentions to Max Richards for tackling and Sam Brady for support play.

Under 7s also had a great game against the Barossa.


25th May

College Cup: Gary Mann. Gary had yet another amazing game this week, including running in four tries.

Volunteer of the Week: Sue Thewlis. Sue continues to be one of the greatest assets of our club, and we couldn't do without her!

1st XV: OC 67 v Onkaparinga 26

Tries: Gary Mann (4), Tim Wonders, Will Sadler, Matt Adams, Mitch Oak, Chris Bartlett, Peter Cross
Convs: Stu Robertson (7) Pen: Stu Robertson
Best Players: Wesley Billett, Tim Dawes, Gary Mann, Tim Wonders

2nd XV: OC 22 v Onkaparinga 8

Tries: Tom Nutt, Richard Czeglik, Ed Smart, Liam McDonough
Convs: Nat Linder Patton
Best Players: Diego Caldarola, Todd Graham, Rory Sheppard, Sandy Taylor

3rd XV: OC 28 v Onkaparinga 24

Tries: Rudi Timoteo, James Hopkinson
Convs: Vinnie Laurendi, Todd Grant
Pens: Vinnie Laurendi (2), Todd Grant
Best Players: Jamie Foster, Mick Hauser, Rudi Timoteo

4th XV: OC 13 v Onkaparinga 14

Try: Christian Newland
Conv: Harley Simmonds Pens: Harley Simmonds (2)
Best Players: Chester Armstrong, Harley Simmonds, Bernie Van Altena,

Women's XV: OC 27 v Woodville 17

Tries: Nadia Di Girolamo (3), Mackenzie Sadler, Sian Beavers
Conv: Sian Beavers
Best Players: Nadia Blake, Nadia Di Girolamo, Vashti Henderson

Under 16s: OC 0 v Onkaparinga 43

We're not quite making the most of our opportunities yet, but our time is coming. Lots of unfortunate injuries on the weekend will see some good players sidelined meaning extra effort required from everyone.

Under 14s: OC v Uni - game called off

The boys started strongly with an early try by Rory "the Flash" Illman after a break by Awin Matthews. Unfortunately, the game only lasted 12 minutes with an injured Uni player needing medical treatment. We've heard the player is fine, which is great news. Looking forward to the trip to Lyndoch next week!

Under 12s: OC 31 v Uni 17

Great effort! We went into half time 31-0 up. The 2nd half saw a more spirited display from Uni who tested our defences & ran in 3 tries of their own, showing we still have work to do.

Our second home game of the season was played against Adelaide University in good rugby conditions. We ran well with the ball in the first half with a number of good performances from the forwards & backs combined.

We went into half time 31-0 up. The second half saw a more spirited display from Uni who tested our defences & ran in three tries of their own. With a final score @ 31-17 it shows we still have a little work to do but a great effort from the team.

Under 10s: OC v Uni

Best Player: Meg for her great tackle to save a try

The U10s showed more improvement this week; structure was much better, with good commitment at the rucks, and good spreading on defence. Carl showed his class with 4 tries, and Harry R and Dakota each added one with their straight running. Some more missed tackles than we would like, so we'll work on that.

Under 7s and Under 8s also had great games against University


18th May

College Cup: Todd Graham

Todd was brand new to rugby in 2012 and started on the wing in the 4th XV, and barely more a year later he played a great game at 1st XV prop.

Volunteer of the Week: Amanda Porteous

In addition to her role as treasurer and a multitude of other tasks she does for the club, Amanda spent hours and hours collating and ordering our merch and kit over the last few weeks, spent all Friday night sorting it, then all Saturday handing it out, taking more orders and signing up social members. Thanks, Amanda!

1st XV: OC 95 v Barossa Rams 6

Tries: Gary Mann, Will Sadler (2), Paddy Macklin (2), Mitch Oak (3), Chris Bartlett (4), Peter Cross, David Nolan
Convs: Stu Robertson (6), Peter Cross (3), Rory Sheppard
Best Players: Chris Bartlett, Todd Graham, Mitch Oak

2nd XV: OC v Barossa Rams

Tries: Tom Nutt, Fraser Murison, Sandy Taylor (2), James Denley (2), Ed Smart (2), Mitch Sallis (2), Nat Linder-Patton, Blake Giarola, Mike Otty
Convs: Mitch Sallis (12)
Best Players: Diego Calderola, Xander Evans, Tom Nutt

A try-fest for our 1s and 2s, and we did well to keep our concentration and structure.

Well done all round. Our enormous thanks to the boys from the Rams who gave us a game in both grades; we might be doing it tough in the Premier Division at the moment, but they are an example to us all in courage, integrity and determination. We look forward to seeing them up at Lyndoch on 1 June!

3rd XV: OC 34 v Elizabeth 30

Try: James Bradley, Jack Nicholson, Jono Gill (2), Oliver Linder-Patton
Convs: Mike Otty (3)
Best Players: Tim Chew, Jono Gill, Vinnie Laurendi

The 3s tried hard to snatch defeat from jaws of victory. They typically played some very good football, and then had a lovely nap for 20 minutes or so. A win is a win, but we need to do better; we're not performing to potential.

4th XV: OC 64 v Elizabeth 12

Tries: Ry Gardner, Ross Bowmar, Michael Bell, Christian Newland (3), Todd Grant, Jimmy Ha, Chris Darby, James Foster
Convs: Harley Simmonds (6),Todd Grant
Best Players: Todd Grant, Andrew MacGregor, Christian Newland

A great win for the 4s, their first for season.

Under 16s: Burnside 36 v OC 13

Tries: Kaleb Joppich (2)

We started very slow against a much more controlled and disciplined Burnside team. The second half saw our spirit and determination return, locking scores level for the last 30 minutes of the game.

Under 12s: Brighton 39 v OC 14

Under 10s had a scratch match against Burnside

Byes in all other grades


11th May

1st XV: Onkaparinga 20 v OC 28

Tries: James Daley, Paddy Macklin, Mitch Sallis
Convs: Will Sadler (2) Pens: Will Sadler (3)
Best Players: Stewart Nutt, Will Sadler, Rudi Timoteo

It was a very physical game but we met the challenge, managed to play our game and come away with the win.

2nd XV: Onkaparinga 3 v OC 31

Tries: Tom Nutt, Fraser Murison, Liam McDonough (3) Convs: Mitch Sallis (3)
Best Players: Wes Billett, Jack Darby, Liam McDonough, Ed Smart

Another good win from our 2nd XV. Well done all round.

3rd XV: Onkaparinga 5 v OC 5

Try: Jono Gill Best Players: Tim Chew, Jono Gill, Robbie Porteous

A frustrating game of fractured play that didn't really show the talents of either squad.

4th XV: : Onkaparinga 17 v OC 12

Tries: Harley Simmonds, Callum Montague Conv: Harley Simmonds
Best Players: Brett Patterson, James Sheekey, Harley Simmonds

We could have won, but were sucked into wrestling with forwards with more experience than us and ended up playing Onkas' game instead of our own.

Women's XV: Onkaparinga 48 v OC 7

Try: Daniella di Girolamo Conv: Jadeen Chisholm
Best Players: Dani di Girolamo, Nadia di Girolamo, Laura O'Shea

Onkas are always a strong, physical team and despite solid training we didn't bring our game-face, and forgot how to tackle.

Juniors' - Overall:

Now we see the season start in earnest! Mixed results but getting better for the junior Old Colls' boys and girls. We travelled to the heartland of Onkaparinga and on a warm day saw conversions and controversy galore. A draw for the tens, narrow loss to the 12s , a win for the 14s and an unlucky loss to the 16s. Lots to look forward to as the season progresses.

U10s: Oc 8 v Onkas 8

Another improved effort from the OC U10 side today. The game started well, with Carl and Harry R scoring a couple of quick tries to get the scoreboard ticking over early, and our spread defence working really well in stopping us being out-flanked. However, this resulted in Onka resorting to running straight at our players, and too many tackles were missed, allowing them to even up the scores. Towards the end of the first half, great work from the team resulted in tries for Harry L and Ralph that took us back into the lead again. We held the lead going in to the second half, when a combination of fatigue and robust tackling from Onkas started putting us off our stride, allowing them back into the game. With the scores tied up some crucial tackles made by Ralph and Carl managed to keep the scores level at full time. Most improved player today was Angus, who never gave up trying to knock down their biggest players.

We will continue to work on running forwards when we have the ball, our defensive line, as well as making sure we commit enough players at the breakdown to be competitive. See you all for training on Wednesday evening.

U12s: OC 17 v Onkas 24

Onkas at Onkas' is never easy at any age level..... We had a game plan to work to & things looked positive early on in the first half with a wealth of position which just fell short of points. Onkas' defence held out long enough for us to make a mistake & they jumped on everything that spilled loose & punished us by scoring 4 tries inside the last 20mins to be 24-0 at the break. The team still had spirit at half time & it showed in their second half turn around with the engine room working hard.......with plenty of metres made by Tane Pardoe & a rampaging Edwin Dodd (2tries),who were ably assisted by a pack hungry to score more points. Kylan Williamson, the other try-scorer amongst the forward pack on the day. Amongst the backs, Max Monfries steered the ship well, with Lochie Edwards & Abi Howes tackling hard & running well with ball in hand. Keep up the good work team!!

U14s: OC 32 v Onkas 27

Playing at Onkas is always difficult and with two pretty serious defeats under our belt we knew we were looking for the Old Colls' spirit to kick in, and it happened. We had great training runs in the lead up to this week, with much discussion about team play and helping out your mate. With this, the team arrived on time and were able to be prepared for this game. Each player was given a job and we are proud to report that each player gave their all in fulfilling these tasks.

We started the game scoring off a backline movement from a turnover generated by the forward pack. Onkas hit straight back, but we ran back to halfway to restart and never took a step back. This was pretty much the tone of the game from there, we just didn't stop trying.

We lost players to injury throughout and the younger guys stood up and played just as hard as the older guys. Overall, there where some standout individuals, but this was only possible due to hard work and effort put in by the whole team.
Tries: Rory Illman 2, George Pepper 2, Paddy Barry 1, Ollie Horne 1
Conversions: Ollie Horne 1

U16s: OC 0 v Onkas 38

Started well and only 5 points down at 20 mins. However a well-drilled Onkas' backline proved too strong. A fine performance against a proven team.

Juniors' match reports .... Chris Barry


4th May 2013

College Cup: Gary Mann
Volunteer of the Day: Corne Arnold

1st XV: OC 39 v Burnside 3

Tries: James Daley (2), Will Sadler, Gary Mann (2), Peter Cross, Eugene Van Jaarsveldt Conv: Mitch Sallis, Will Sadler
Best Players: Jacob Basson, Gary Mann, Stewart Nutt

A disciplined effort from all positions saw Burnside worn down and, in the end, soundly defeated by a superior team. It was a much better effort than our outing against them during the Bartercard Cup.

2nd XV: OC 31 v Burnside 0

Try: Andrew "Burgers" Burgess, Richard Czeglik, Liam McDonough, David Nolan (2)
Convs: Nat Linder-Patton (3)
Best Players: James Denley, Todd Graham, David Nolan

An aggressive opening from our lads set the tone and let us dominate Burnside in every aspect of the game. A much needed improvement after last week's effort.

3rd XV: OC 33 v North Torrens 0

Tries: Lenny Eilers, Jack Nicholson, Sandy Taylor, Todd Grant, Ben Suttell
Convs: Mike Otty (4)
Best Players: Jamie Foster, Derek Lewis, Mike Otty

Fantastic running rugby and several, quality, team tries. Good performances from all, and a special mention to Sandy Taylor for his amazing, sidestepping wŁnder-try.

4th XV: OC 14 v Burnside 29

Tries: Christian Newland (2) Convs: Harley Simmonds (2)
Best Players: Christian Newland, Brett Patterson, Harley Simmonds

The lads played pretty well, but we let the game slip away from us at crucial moments, and Burnside is particularly strong in this grade. Nonetheless, we're looking promising and success is there if we want it enough.

Women's XV: OC 38 v Burnside 12

Tries: Nadia di Girolamo(2), Sian Beavers (2) Mackenzie Sadler (2)
Convs: Jadeen Chisholm (4)
Best Players: Nadia Blake, Dani di Girolamo, Nadia di Girolamo

There's no doubt, our lasses like XVs much more the tens. They 'clicked' this week and played some pretty decent footy. Credit to the forwards who won their own set-piece and a fair share of Burnside's too, and secured good ball for the nimble and efficient backline. Special mention to Jadeen who in her debut game made some monster tackles and proved she has a very handy boot.

U10 - OC 1 v Burnside 13

U12 - OC 0 v Burnside 34

U14 - OC 5 v Burnside 45

U16 - OC 5 v Burnside 12

Looked like a hard day at the office for the junior club against Burnside.

Trying weather contributed to the result but plenty to improve on for the rest of the season.

Particular congratulations to the U16s for a close game.


The local derby against Burnside was a game we hoped to gain some momentum from. The team started the game in an energetic & enthusiastic manner & looked good with the ball in hand. A couple of fundamental errors led to a number of soft tries being scored by the opposition in both halves of the game. A solid performance from the Old Colls forwards at lineout time with signs of good rucking ability at the breakdown. A lot more work to be done however.


Old Collegians lost to Burnside 45-5, with Charlie Dubois scoring the only try. There was good work at the break down with the ball turned over quite a few times. The boys also showed some good defensive work when under pressure.

Stand out players were Charlie Dubois, Rory Illman and Oliver Horne.


A frustrating day for all. Everyone played well considering the circumstances. We need to adjust to trying situations, keep our cool and focus on making it count on the scoreboard.


27th April 2013
A tough start to the season!

ANZAC CUP, 1st XV: Brighton 36 v OC 23

Tries: George Bretag-Norris, Rory Sheppard, Mitch Oak
Conv: Mitch Sallis Pens: Mitch Sallis (2)
Best Players: George Bretag-Norris, James Daley, Xander Evans

We had an excellent opening 20 minutes before an all-too-common lapse let Brighton secure the lead and ultimately the game. We woke up for the final 20 minutes and again played some outstanding rugby but it was too little, too late.

2nd XV: Brighton 31 v OC 7

Try: Richard Czeglik Conv: Mick Hauser
Best Players: Andrew "Burgers" Burgess, Jack Campion, Tom Nutt

A disappointing effort; ill discipline cost us dearly. We had a good final 15 minutes that showed we can do it, and now we know the intensity needed for the rest of the season.

3rd XV: Brighton 7 v OC 24

Tries: Justin Elder, Blake Giarola, Oliver Linder-Patton, Jim Hopkinson
Convs: Jim Hopkinson (2)
Best Players: Justin Elder, Blake Giarola, Peter Mullins

A great performance! We were delighted with the structure and discipline the 3rd XV demonstrated in both attack and defence.

4th XV: Brighton 36 v OC 5

Try: Jamie Foster
Best Players: Jamie Foster. Phil Gold, Harley Simmonds

A positive effort from a somewhat patchwork team. There were a couple of great performances which didn't make the Best Players list but which still deserve high praise; monster tackling from Chester Armstrong, and Brett "Patto" Patterson was very impressive and nearly made Best Player points in his first full game of rugby.
Lots of potential in this squad!

Women's XV: Woodville 37 v OC 41

Tries: Mackenzie Sadler (5), Sian Beavers, Nadia di Girolamo
Convs: Sian Beavers (3)

We nearly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in this ten-aside game. Nadia's goal line turnover saved our bacon! A great contest, but the poor forwards spent about half the game scrumming, while the backs only occasionally got a chance to show their ra le da le

Under 16s: Brighton 43 v OC 8

Tries: Kalib Joppich Conversion: Charlie Pickford

Under 14s: Brighton 46 v OC 7

Try: Oliver Horne

Under 12s: Brighton 53 v OC 5

Try: Kylan Williamson

Under 10s: Brighton v OC

Tries: Karl Arnold, Ethan Hickman, Harry Rogers, Harry List and Thomas Mocatta

And our U7s & U8s had great games against Brighton.




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