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Congratulations to all our Collegians on what has been an amazing, happy and successful year on and off the pitch. We are very proud of everyone, and particularly of our three premiership teams!


Old Collegians 41 v Burnside 19
Tries: Tim Dawes, Bernie Van Altena, Chris Bartlett (2), Paddy Macklin, Will Sadler (2)
Conversions: Will Sadler (3)
Coaches: Peet Arnold & David Nolan
Manager: Tom Secker

It was an uncharacteristically slow start to the grand final from OC, as skittish energy resulted in basic errors and allowed Burnside to hold possession for much of the first half hour. The OC's kick-off into the wind to commence proceedings failed to go 10 and, following the scrum reset, we dropped the ball at half way on the far wing where it was snapped up by Burnside who went off down the touch line. Mitch Oak made a desperate run from the opposite wing to drag down the attacker just before the try line and it was a question of who could get their support there first. Whilst our defence was able to rally and hold them out for a few phases, eventually Burnside found a gap and were over in the corner for the first try.

OC fought back and soon fed a scrum mid-field just inside Burnside territory. A quick strike had the ball quickly to the backs and it was shifted through hands to Oak on the wing. He made it to the 22 where our forwards arrived in force to propel further phases and eventually earned a scrum close the line. The pack again held strong and some smooth passing pushed the attack to the wing where Bartlett replied with a try to put the good guys on the board.

Burnside put the restart deep into our 22 where we took it cleanly and the forwards drove it out, with Mann, Murison and Perdana all making good yards grafting against the breeze. We made it back to our 10m line but another dropped ball gave a scrum to Burnside. They won the feed and went wide, again scoring in the left corner to extend their lead to 7. This was the sixth encounter between the teams for the season, the previous 5 all won by OC, and a nervous susurrus was building that this might be the game where the tide turned.

OC had done most of the defending thus far, soaking up a lot of physical impact in the forwards and Macklin, Leen and Sadler were continually tested in the centre channel. OC kept their composure and, after the initial onslaught, managed to hold onto some consistent possession with the pace of our pick and drives and recycling. Van Altena took the ball off the back of a scrum on the half way and the following pack made good pace to the 22 where Burnside conceded a penalty. OC kept up the pressure with a kick for touch. A well executed take and drive put all 8 forwards over Burnside's line where Bernie secured the points.

Burnside again went long with the kick-off, but alleviated any pressure by conceding a penalty on our 22 soon after. A long clearance gave us a lineout just inside our territory. Max Power secured the throw and the backs went wide to Sadler, coming into the line on an elusive angle and hitting the wing with pace. He smoked the defenders before scoring under the posts, allowing us to take a 17 to 12 advantage into half time.

The second half started in direct contrast to the first as OC came out firing and dominated Burnside for the first 20. After initial phases back and forth between the teams OC had the ball on the halfway. A couple of tight five substitutions had contributed a burst of energy to our pack and Rudi barrelled through the Burnside forwards before finding Nutt and Power in support, taking possession to the 22 where Macklin finished the run and scored. When play resumed OC conceded a penalty midfield and Burnside kicked to the 22. A blue steal by Power stunted Burnside's attack before Sheppard ran the ball through their realigning defence back to our 40m line. Burnside soon were penalised and Sadler made touch to provide us a lineout 5m from the line. Burnside conceded several more penalties in the red zone but OC gave them no respite, declining the points and our forwards continually attacked their line before Dawes was able to dive over the line from the back of a ruck to score.

In total OC managed to put on 4 second half tries before Burnside could respond, though they still had chances. Patient driving phase play and varying the point of attack again proved invaluable for the third. It allowed OC to drive Burnside back 40m from near our line, before Nutt cut the remaining defenders out with a pass to Bartlett on the wing and he ran 60m to score. The fourth came soon following the restart, where the forwards drove up the field, culminating with Nutt and Rudi combining again to break into the 22 before Sadler took the final pass and scored. In the final quarter Burnside mounted increasingly desperate attacks and held the majority of possession, but were consistently frustrated by withering defence across the OC team. Unable to break the line they reverted to trying to kick their way down field in the wind with limited effect, as our back 3 replied with interest and forced them to start again. Eventually Burnside made it into our 22 where they spent the last 10 minutes searching for a way through, finally succeeding in pegging one try back, but time was up and OC finished with an solid victory to complement a thoroughly impressive season.


Old Collegians 32 v Onkaparinga 5
Coaches: Stewart Douglas & James Irving
Manager: Doug Mein

The only team that had posed any real threat to the 2nd Grade this year had been Onkaparinga. Their lack of structure and ability to thrive in chaos had given us grief in our past two meetings, and we were ready for another tough game for 2014's ultimate prize - a premiership.

After winning the semi-final by a try OC had the week off while Onkas and Brighton beat each other senseless in the second semi. We knew that Onkas would be sore from this and also that they were a team that played with emotion and relied heavily on momentum to build confidence. It was essential that OC opened the game aggressively and put our stamp on the game. A major ally to the coaches' game plan was a power-laden team sheet plus a reserves bench of rare quality - despite losing lineout superstar Wayne Power on the morning of the game to the a first grade call-up.

From the first kick-off OC were rampant, quickly setting up camp firmly in Onkas' half. Controlling possession easily with accurate rucking, aggressive running lines and wave after wave of support, a penalty and several tries were just reward for a powerful display throughout the first half. The pack was relentless in its hunger for yards and the front rowers in particular were constantly stampeding down field. Blackall, Daley, Bradley, Nutt and Howlett (yes - front rowers all!) were more than Onkas could deal with. The support from Taylor and Gordon allowed the constant crashes forward to continue with fluid brutality. When the ball was distributed cleverly to the backs by a ruthless Basson at halfback, it was clinically used and possession was revered. Otty held the ball up when Onkas fast moving rush defence shut down our midfield and shipped the ball nicely to Cross and Adams in the centres whenever there was the smallest opportunity. Hard running from the centres regularly opened up opportunities for a rapid back trio of McDonough, Linder-Patten and Nolan to attack with authority and pace.

After dealing with the pack Onkas were faced with further stress in hauling in breaks from a back line on the prowl to snare every point and break on offer. In between strong phase play the set piece was also dominating a wilting Onkas pack. The scrum faced some early resistance as Onkas seemed to realise that they needed all their fortitude to simply break even and thwart what could be a huge advantage for OC. As the half wore on this effort began to take a toll, and our scrum soon asserted itself and the opposition's resilience was worn down, leaving OC in the position of controlling the scrum regardless of feed. This prevented Onkas from effectively kicking out of defence. Meanwhile, the lineout loomed high over the men in red and black. Billet and Eames regularly took their ball and easily controlled our own throws. A superbly patient and controlled driving maul was a fitting reward for some slick set piece work from a 10m lineout.

By the end of the first half Onkas were well and truly on the canvas. It seemed they could barely contain OC, let alone attack and threaten us. Onkas had yet to show us the running and creativity that been so effective in our previous meetings, making the coaches a little wary of what their charges would face after the break.

With a healthy points lead, the second half began well for OC, but the inevitable fightback from a proud and talented Onkas outfit was becoming apparent. They finally began to secure more possession by avoiding set pieces and playing a more continuous style. This lead to better field position and some pressure began to build on OC. But this OC team is built of sterner stuff, and to submit anything to the enemy was unthinkable. As Onkas increased their tempo in attack, OC increased its aggression in defence. A twenty minute period became a masterclass in turning defence into attack, regardless of which team had possession. This defence was lead by Otty and Cross, and they were supported by every team member with unblinking commitment. With scant regard for personal wellbeing the OC 2nd XV defence turned Onkas against themselves with massive tackles and relentless swarming defence. Tempers frayed, and Onkas were forced to turn to tactics of the defeated. Sledging and foul play crept into the final 15 minutes as they desperately sought a chink in the seemingly impervious red and blue armour. Even as reserves were brought on OC maintained its rhythm and style. Onkas had no answer to fresh players entering the fray with no loss of skill, commitment or cohesion in our line-up.

As the proceedings came to a conclusion, OC regained the upper hand and closed the game out with style and confidence, defeating a dangerous but ultimately outplayed Onkaparinga team 32-5. There are no best players in a grand final, there is only a squad of 22 that gave everything it had - one united team earning a wonderful reward. For the third year running OC are 2nd XV Premiers - and deservedly so. In addition to a magnificent Grand Final, the 2nds dominated the season from start to finish. Despite being continually disrupted by injury, exams, work and the pesky first grade, the team managed to lift itself to a remarkable standard of play week after week. This standard is a direct result of the club's incredible depth. Third and fourth grade players coming up into the team were willing and able to not just fill holes, but make them their own. During the season OC 2nds regularly fronted up with 7 to 10 players missing, yet still defeated the opposition with confidence and precision. A massive thank you to all the players that pulled on the jersey for the 2nds this year, you are all part of our success, and all part of our celebrations.
We are not just proud to wear the Old Collegians jersey, we are proud to BE Old Collegians, and we hope that our efforts this year make next year's team and following generations proud to wear red and blue and represent a great club. Thank you gentlemen, I feel extremely humble, proud and privileged to be the coach of such a talented group. Massive thanks also to my co-coach James Irving and manager Doug Mein.

See you all in 2015, Cheers, Stewart Douglas.


Old Collegians v Onkaparinga
Coaches: Mike Westerik, Simon Pickford, Peter Dubois, Ian Horne
Manager: Phil Whittaker

Well after a heart stopping come from behind last minute win against Burnside in the previous week we made it too the grand final for another chance against Onkas. We went to the game with a few injury concerns, a knee like a football and a ankle as black as darkness. It's a grand final these boys wanted to play and come game time they looked pretty focused.

We started well then some missed tackles saw Onkas score. We then lost our captain with a suspected broken arm, which turned the tide in Onkas' favour.

As the boys got disorganised without their leader they tried really hard but were over run by a fitter, stronger Onkas side which put on a great display to win the game. We can learn from the experience as a group of young men and build on the future. Hope to see you all out in the OC jersey next year.

The club, coaches and parents would like to congratulate every player who took the field this year. Enjoy your summer, and we'll see you all next year!


Old Collegians 29 v Burnside 17
Coaches: Richie Pardoe, Stew Frew, Graham Copson, Steve Hewitt
Manager: Chris Barry

We did itttttttttttt! All the year was meant to come to this, a vibrant night game at Victoria Park with a ground tingling, aware this was to be part of rugby history. The boys played well but the week off gave them time to contemplate their navel and the big game to come. This however led to some nervousness settling in and as the whistle blew the tension was palpable like a violin string being tuned.

Conditions were perfect. No excuses allowed. The game started well but it was clear Burnside had not come to be rolled over like the previous three times. Their powerful centres and back row ploughed their way through with loss of structure of OC. However yet again, as all season James Du Preez powered his way through to set Kees for his first of two tries and nerves settled a little. Soon however there was a ping pong of tries with shape slowly returning with great individual efforts, cue Magnus Mighty Illman. This was more like it.

Half time came but the scores showed no gaping chasm as we have previously expected and the forward dominance was being contested with our normal structure not evident. However like all good teams when the game does not go your way the running class showed. Seaton Siegfried powered over for his first ever rugger season to cement his place as who now feels more comfortable with ball in hand than on foot.

I won't name names but a great showing apart from the tackling!

Nerves really had crept in and we saw a determined Burnside side fight back and get agonisingly close to us.

The whistle blew again, game won, series won, Premiership confirmed.

It may not have been our most resolute but with the pressure of the night on their shoulders we done it and should be mighty proud.

A toast to the U14s - what a team you were - to the fantastic coaches and to future years to cherish!


3rd XV: Old Collegians 7 v Southern Suburbs 14

We put pressure on Souths for the first five minutes, however Souths gained possession and showed they have a credible attack. We kept them contained in their half and things looked promising until we let them out with two quick penalties. The ball was moved back and forth with each team in possession generally making several phases before turnover moved the ball back. Our forwards eventually worked the ball into Souths' 22, where it was passed wide for Linder-Patton to score. Kennett made the difficult conversion. More back and forth play before we won a tight-head to secure the ball and started a promising raid on an unsuspecting Souths. The ball was passed from the centres to an unmarked winger, only to be intercepted by a sharp Souths centre. He was stopped, but well in our half and a rampaging Souths turned up the heat. We resisted several attacking waves, but Souths' persistence and aggression paid off five minutes from half-time. Foster, making a comeback from injury, showed he's lost none of his flair. He looked likely with a great run down the left wing only to be ankle tapped just short of the line. 7-7 at the break.

The second half started much as the first ended with each team looking dangerous in possession. Souths were not only putting on some very heavy tackles, their ball carriers and support were taking on our defence. Their physicality started to show when they battered their way through phases before breaking our defence and scoring. 14-7.

Souths got a yellow card for a coat-hanger and the penalty led us inside their 10 where we hammered at their defence. We handed Souths a relieving penalty. We still looked dangerous in possession and several times we got that dangerous roll happening. But too many times we turned over the ball to allow Souths to either relieve or counter attack. We spent the last 5 minutes with only 14 players, but not much happened as Souths wound down the clock.

It was a creditable performance that came close, but Souths had the edge in both confidence and aggression on the day.

So we come third - same as in the minor round. Oddly we have the largest for & against difference in the 3rd Grade Comp, but this is little comfort though. We can celebrate the season highs at the Presentation Dinner on Fri, 26 Sep.

Thank you for all your efforts this year, lads!

U16s: Old Collegians 29 v Burnside 22

This week we took on the old foe Burnside once again for a spot in the Grand Final. After having close, tough games against them the last two times this was going to be the same. The boys trained well through the week, they turned up looking positive & switched on. We lost a couple of key players before the game through injury which saw us with just 3 reserves. The guys would have to tough it out!

Game time! After getting the first play of the game and advancing it forward, we switched off and Burnside dominated us for the first half. The whistle wasn't going our way but we needed to bring our effort and team structure in the second half to see us get back in the game. 19-0 at half time.

We started well after the half. The backs moved the ball quickly to see us score. This seemed to inspire them and our intensity increased and we started to dominate the game. Another try from a good move in the centres got us back in the game, and then another great run from our captain and an equally good conversion from our Super-boot Captain saw it to level the game up. 19 - 19 at end of normal time!

The tension was unbelievable! Five minutes each way overtime to decide the game. It was a tight tussle backward and forward for both teams, with a penalty goal each way in the first 5 minutes to level the game up again at 22-22. In the second five minutes over overtime, we forged our way into our half from a penalty, and a win at the line out saw us in control with 30 seconds left on the clock and five metres from our line! We won our scrum and halfback Dougie Pratt took the ball off the back, sniped over the line and scored the winning try (his first ever try in rugby)! Jubilation from all! Into the grand final we go!

Another great come from behind win, and a great effort from the whole team to come away with the win. Special mentions to Charlie Pickford for a great captain's game, Kyle F-P for 2 tries and Dougie scoring the winner.

Let's all get to training and enjoy the lead up to the Grand Final. We just need belief and effort, boys. We would like to see all the OC supporters come out on Friday night to get behind us & the U14s to help us both win!

U12s: Old Collegians 15 v Barossa/NEDs 29

A brave end to a great year. Well done, lads!


1st XV: Old Collegians 30 v Burnside 13

Tries: Henry Nutt, James Daley, Chris Bartlett, Mitch Oak
Conversions: Will Sadler (2)
Penalties: Will Sadler (2)

The first grade played a confident game of finals football, setting a solid foundation early to control the scoreboard and tempering some of their usual exuberance in attack in favour of doing the basics and set piece well to suffocate Burnside and put the onus on them to respond.

The team's success means they will have an unaccustomed extra week to recover from a long season, for whilst Old Collegians are not strangers to the grand final, this is the first time in some while that we will not have to progress via an elimination final.

It was Burnside that had possession early and they ran a few probing phases around the half way line, but were unable to make ground up the middle through this blunt approach. As they shifted the ball wide to test our wings, Chris Bartlett positioned himself in ambush to pounce on and intercept the last pass intended for their winger, before bolting 50m untouched to score under the posts.

From the restart the Old Colls' forwards worked several phases of pick and drives into Burnside territory and irritated Burnside enough to draw a penalty within range. A shot was taken but proved unsuccessful. Burnside made a long clearance to put the ball deep into our half and forced a touch finder in reply to give Burnside an attacking lineout near our 22.

Bretag-Norris continued to be the bane of the opposition throw-in, snatching the ball and allowing our backs to kick and chase back. In a few phases they had pressured Burnside sufficiently to earn another penalty that this time was put into touch to give us a lineout on their 22. Our forwards secured the throw and quickly set an irresistible driving maul which was piloted over the line by Nutt to score.

Burnside had possession again soon after the kick-off, but could not find a way through our line and were unable to gain control of the set piece engagements, with Old Colls taking several tight head scrums. Conversely, Old Colls weren't trying to do anything too complicated with the possession that they had, instead opting to build phases that gradually but inexorably earned metres and put them within range when penalties were conceded by the defence. This led to 6 more points that took our total to 20, before Burnside were able to get on the board with penalty of their own just before half time.

Old Colls started the second half in a dominant fashion, rapidly forcing Burnside back to defend on their 5m line. The forwards quickly pushed several close-quarters phases right, soaking up defenders before the backs snapped back left and Smedley drew the winger then popped to Mitch Oak who dived over the tryline to score. Burnside had the majority of possession in the balance of the second half but struggled to it to points. They spent an unproductive 10 minutes in our red zone being continually thwarted by our defence until we eventually conceded a penalty and, despite being 22 points down, they compromised for 3 points.

Another long period of attack from Burnside once more earned them a penalty in our half, but their attack was flagging and they opted for a shot that missed. Our clearance took play back to the midfield where both teams traded territory and possession in a physical game that was becoming increasingly spiteful, no love having blossomed in the 4 encounters between the sides this year. Old Colls still had a healthy but not insurmountable lead, until a stampede from our front row made 40m when Rudi broke through with Nutt and Daley combining in support, Daley finishing with the try.

Burnside did peg back a consolation try in the last portion of the game, but Old Colls had done enough to secure the win.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 26 v Onkaparinga 19

The 2nds produced a powerful performance against a talented Onkas outfit to go directly into the GF. From the outset the pack were dominant. Onkas' scrum and lineout were completely overpowered, and OC continually drove forward through aggressive pick and drives and sniping running from the halves.

Despite this dominance we went to the half time break only seven points clear. We failed to convert domination to points. This provided Onkas with inspiration to keep up the fight despite their failing pack. They thrived on broken play and capitalised on our occasional errors. We manage to score tries regularly but then relax and allow Onkas to claw back. A late try to Onkas from a quick tap got them within seven but the gap remained at that. We hung on for a well deserved win. The final score did not reflect our dominance and flattered Onkas, but this is the nature of finals. We need to become more ruthless when close to the opposition tryline, and eliminate our mental lapses to win the GF. A fantastic effort lads, just one more huge effort for the season is required!

3rd XV: Old Collegians 28 v Onkaparinga 7

The third grade scored a well rounded victory over an aggressive Onkas team. Excellent support play within the pack made good ground and the backs continued to exploit this momentum. We regularly generated chances but unfortunately squandered them with simple errors. The game was always under control and it was pleasing that we held our discipline towards the end as Onkas resorted to fouling and spoiling tactics. A well deserved win to keep the season alive. Well done everyone!

4th XV: Old Collegians 16 v Adelaide University 19

Facing up against our foe of Adelaide Uni, OC needed to be at our best to come out on top. From the kick-off Uni charged downfield and had us on the back foot with a bullocking run from their forwards. OC defended with massive intensity and desperation to hold Uni out for the opening minutes but eventually Uni managed to split our defence and go over for a converted try.

OC pegged Uni back off the ensuing kickoff and started to find our groove, beginning to outmuscle Uni around the park forcing them into giving away penalties where F/H Harley Simmonds carved away most of the field with raking kicks keeping Uni in their defensive 22m for most of the first half.

Every time Uni managed to make their way back upfield Harley would send them back with superb general play kicking building the pressure on Uni until they cracked giving OC its first chance at points from the boot of Harley, this was repeated mere minutes later and OC was clawing its way back to be sitting 1 point behind late in the first half.

Brimming with confidence and deep on attack OC turned down a chance of 3 points and opted for a lineout 10m from the tryline. With the wind playing a huge part in this match already the throws were nigh on impossible and Uni managed to contest spilling our lineout and ruining a heroic attacking move.

HT OC - 6 Uni - 7 The second half OC had the wind in our face and were expecting to be chasing the ball a lot but to our surprise Uni had absolutely no kicking game and continued to run the ball from deep in defence. Our own defensive lapses cost us with Uni able to score two runaway tries to lead 19 - 6 with the match seemingly unwinnable. But OC rallied and stepped up the intensity at every breakdown blowing Uni off the rucks and showing no regard for their own health laid huge hits on which had them rattled. Our forwards realising the opposition didn't want to tackle them started to rumble up the middle of the ground only stopped by tripping over the limp bodies they left in their wake as we charged towards the tryline.

Early celebrations by Ry Gardner and the sideline were almost embarrassing as he crashed over the 5m line claiming a try; our graces were saved by the arriving forwards who rumbled further upfield with scrum-half Jarrod Cole sniping at the ruck for OCs first try.

OC continued to pound away at Uni with scything runs from the backline taking us quickly upfield. Winger Will McLeay was handing out “don't argues” like candy with anyone in his way getting a free dose of his giant palms.

Our attack rumbled infield and crash ball from our forwards was eventually rewarded with Jack Nicholson crushing those in his way to score our second try. This had OC at 16 trailing Uni 19 with time still available. From the restart OC started to attack again with Uni only able to infringe repeatedly at the breakdown allowing OC to march upfield through quickly taken penalties and the forwards powerful runs. OC looked like they were going to march the whole way to the tryline for a hard fought come from behind victory when a stray Uni hand managed to dislodge the ball in contact ending our finals campaign.

An impressive effort to claw our way back in a hard fought match and a very impressive season from the whole 4th grade squad. Whether it was being one of the more consistent teams to training or helping our by backing up the higher grades every single player should feel proud of the season we have had. The coaching team could not be prouder of your efforts and we hope to see all of you around the club and especially for our campaign next year.

Women's XV: Old Collegians 19 v Woodville 21

It is heartbreaking that the Women's team's season ended this weekend in such a narrow loss, but we were pipped at the post by a more determined, consistent and aggressive Woodville outfit.

Our first half lacked the spirit we have shown all season; we started well but quickly fell asleep and looked stunned for the rest of the half. There was no pressure at the breakdown, no fire in defensive efforts, and little useful possession.

We went into the halftime break down by 14-0.

In the second half, after some choice words from the Coach, we finally showed up defence and attack and put better pressure on the breakdown, driving tackles to push Woodies back towards their half. Most of the rugby was played at the right end of the field, but we were still failing to adapt to the conditions and the gusty winds led to unforced errors which cost us possession more than once. We eventually adjusted and got some continuity, but it came too late.

We had two fabulous charging tries from Captain Lusia at No 8, leading the way with everything she had, and another from a great darting run by Steph Martin. Beavers converted two - with only seconds on the clock we needed 2 points to draw and were 80 metres away from the tryline. Lusia pilfered the ball from the back of a ruck and again rampaged up the field making 50 metres by sheer force of will, and offloading to Phoebe (running a great supporting line) who sprinted in the rest of the distance and over the tryline, but was taken out by a spectacular and desperate cover tackle which dislodged the ball from her grasp and ended the game as well as our season.

This takes nothing away from Phoebe and Lusia who very nearly delivered the miraculous fairy tale ending we needed - the game was lost not in that last second but in the 30 plodding minutes of the first half in which 14 points were scored against us.

Onwards and upwards! There is always next year, and this talented, happy team will do better next time, with its mix of youth and experience and its great culture of support and positivity.

The girls would like to thank Coach David Linder Patton from the very, very bottom of their hearts.

U16s: Old Collegians 12 v Onkaparinga 26

U12s: Old Collegians 33 v Onkaparinga 24

U14s: Old Collegians 33 v Barossa/NEDs 19

The one that nearly got away might aptly describe this match as OC U14s move into the finals match with a week off to contemplate their focus before the 19th.

All started well with an early try from James Du Preez albeit with some slightly erratic passing in the early stages and single person runs but poor support play.

Soon after we saw a flurry of tries from Magnus Illman and James du Preez.

The passage of plays were good with forward momentum from OC proving too much for the heavyset forwards of the tribes from the North.

All looked to be over however there was a certain relaxation that overcame the team and this pervaded more into the second half. We suddenly saw this lack of urgency allow two quick tries from Barossa and the match started to look very different.

Well done for holding on and George for his accurate conversions. However the mindset will be crucial for the final match if we are to achieve the prize most cherished and any complacency eradicated as Barossa will work hard to overthrow us if they beat Burnside next week.

30th August

1st XV: Old Collegians 48 v Port Adelaide 15

Tries: George Bretag-Norris, Chris Bartlett (3), Peter Cross, Liam McDonough, Mitch Oak, Josh Frost
Conversions: Will Sadler (4)
Best Players: Chris Bartlett, Jack Campion, Jacob Basson

The last round game was a good physical tune-up for the first grade before finals, with Port Adelaide having been the most physically confronting opposition up-front in their prior engagements this season. Notwithstanding that Old Colls had settled the question of the minor premiership some weeks back, and were 20 points clear of second place on the table, there were no thoughts of complacency against a dangerous Port who had nothing to lose.

The squad was also challenged with several adjustments to the starting team forced through injury, but nonetheless started the game in impressive fashion. Early attacking pressure in the first 10 minutes had Old Colls into the Port 22 in relatively short order, aided by some rampaging work of Mann and Daley in tandem making good yards. Once there, and showing patience in a series of rucks, our forwards secured a stable platform and gradually pushed Port back closer to their own line and the left sideline, before the ball was put through the hands of the backs to the right wing where Bartlett swooped on an errant last bounce pass and scored.

Port grabbed a quick 3 points from a penalty but soon after the forwards were again driving inexorably into Port's half, changing the attack from side to side over several phases before a long cut-pass from Mann found Cross, coming in on an angle in the centres before straightening to hit and slide through the Port line and score.

Port were able to hold onto the ball for several phases at a time and make ground, but the strength of the Old Colls' set piece restricted their organised attack and our defensive line held strong and swept confidently to blunt much of their open field possession. Soon enough Old Colls were awarded a penalty and kicked into touch near the Port 22.

A well constructed driving maul off the line out took our pack 10m closer to the line and the backs fed McDonough, recently back from injury and having played most of the second grade game, coming in from blind wing with enough gas to get though Port's backs and score.

From the restart more elusively straight running from Cross made momentous yards and put us back into the red-zone, where the forwards took it on and Bretag-Norris was able to reach out from a ruck close to the line and touch it down. Old Colls were subsequently able to squeeze one more try into the half after Port had attacked into our 22, before we pilfered a line out and Bartlett broke through then offload to Mitch Oak in support who finished the turnaround with a try.

Port were down but by no means out and they started the second half with a 1 man advantage that they put to good use, after Old Colls had received a yellow card late in the first half.

It was a reversal of our first try as they forced us quickly into our 22, before going wide and scoring down the right wing.

Old Colls replied in the best manner from a short restart, with a big effort by Campion drilling the Port attack and forcing a turnover that was seized and run wide by Smedley, who popped inside to Bartlett at his evasive best to take it 50m and beat 4 defenders to score. Port went on the offensive once more and lapses in discipline by Old Colls put us on the back foot and let Port build up momentum that they converted into a second try following a series of penalties.

Fortunately Old Colls settled down, played to the referee and got back on track. Soon after the restart we had a successful scrum on halfway, feeding the backs clean pill and space for Otty to get it to Bartlett on the wing, who once more broke through and scored his third try for the day.

The impact of some relatively fresh legs in the final 20 minutes, and Sadler's direction our back 3 in covering probing kicks by Port into our 22, helped Old Colls to maintain control of the last portion of the game.

There was time for one last try after another dominant scrum led to a ruck on the Port 22, where Collins levered himself through the defence and offloaded to Frost close in support who scored.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 51 v Port Adelaide 7

Tries: Wayne Power, Mitch Sallis, Liam McDonough, Christian Newland (4), Mike Otty, Jeshua Graham
Conversions: Blake Giarola (2), Mitch Sallis Best Players: James Bradley, Pat Gordon, Mike Otty

The 2s looked towards the final game before the finals hoping for some continuity from personnel and playing style. The bad news is that the team continued to change up until kick off. The good news is that the team continued to work and toil till we were playing with a good rhythm. Port were committed to putting in a good performance in their last game for the year and they made us work till the end.

During the first half we experimented a bit too much in attack instead of simply sticking to our strengths and scoring at every opportunity. This lack of ruthlessness was rectified in the second half as we found our patterns and rhythm. This lead to a landslide of tries from all positions. Tireless work from the forwards allowed the backs to control territory, possession and ultimately the game.

By the final whistle we deserved to be comfortable winners.

This was a strong effort against a committed home team.

Well done second grade on an outstanding season, winning the minor premiership! We must now lift ourselves up to our highest level for the finals.

3rd XV: Old Collegians 90 v North Torrens 3

Tries: Austin Wakeham, Luke Howes, Ryan Nielsen (2), Harley Simmonds (2), David Pedler-Jones, Andrew Kennett, Nat Linder-Patton, Will McLeay, Ian Bricher, Chester Armstrong, Ry Gardner, Rob Porteous, Sam Walwyn
Conversions: Harley Simmonds (10)
Best Players: Luke Howes, Andrew Kennett, Harley Simmonds

4th XV: Old Collegians 20 v Port Adelaide 0 (forfeit)

Women's XV: Old Collegians 75 v Woodville 19

Tries: Anja Halstead (2), Nadia Di Girolamo, Lusia Raikiwasa (2), Nadia Blake, Steph Martin, Kate Donnelly (2), Sarah Mitchelson, Mackenzie Sadler
Conversions: Sîan Beavers (8), Nadia Di Girolamo, Anja Halstead

U8s: Old Collegians v Port Adelaide

Having hinted in recent match reports at some minor frustrations regarding our team play despite solid wins, Saturday saw the Old Collegians U8s blow away both the opposition and the coaches with two matches of inspired rugby against talented opposition. The first game was against Woodville whom I believe are very well coached and our strongest opposition.

Our girls and boys took up the call to arms and produced a wonderful performance in what was a quality game. A period in the second half where the team held the ball for 3 or 4 phases, pushing up, cleaning out time and again up the left hand touch line culminating with a try being run in on the right side was without question the highlight of the season for this coach - I now know that our kids understand the game and what is required to produce a "team" performance. It was gold!

The second game against Port was also tough. The team wanted to finish the season strongly and succeeded by wearing down Port' defense in the first half and coming home with some wind in the sails in the second. We couldn't have asked for a better season finale. With everyone contributing over the two games for two wins, this week's trophy had to be a team trophy!

We started the season with a disparate mix of 11 U8 and U7 kids with little rugby experience. We finished the season with a group 17 junior rugby players who combined to form a team that lost only one early season game.

We (Corne, Juan and I) are very, very proud of them. A big thankyou to Corne for her outstanding efforts administering the team and to Juan for providing coaching balance and common sense during the season.

U7s: Old Collegians v Port Adelaide and Woodville

The last round of the 2014 season saw the U7s take on both Port and Woodville at Port Adelaide.

The first match was played against Port and taking into account that Port were fielding essentially an U8s side against us our team well and truly held their own. Great running from our side had Port on their heels early in the match but any lapses in defence would allow Port to run around and away from our line. With the match neck and neck up until the last five minutes, Port were able to score from a couple of turn-overs and finished the match in front.

A short break was taken before the U7s took on another composite side in Woodville. This match was a battle of concentration for our young players and they acquitted themselves extremely well with good skills on show throughout the match.

The team found it difficult to break the Woodville line and score but a never say die attitude was the order of the day and proved to be great way for our players to break through and put points on the board.

Well done to all our players this week as a team; Best Player was awarded to all our U7s!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those parents that have helped out James and Jamie throughout the season, from washing jerseys to helping out at training and providing snakes and oranges on games days; your help has been greatly appreciated! Thank you and see you all next season.

23rd August

College Cup: Stewart Douglas
Best Volunteer: Jane Wright

1st XV: Old Collegians 68 v Onkaparinga 7

Tries: Jack Campion, Gary Mann, Chris Bartlett (2), Paddy Macklin (2), Delano Leen, Blake Giarola, Will Sadler (2)
Conversions: Will Sadler (9)

Old Colls put on a clinical display for the last home game of the year, running in 10 tries to 1 against a physically competitive but ultimately outclassed Onkaparinga. The first grade has struggled to field the same team 2 weeks in a row and this fixture was no different, with several player and positional changes for the squad. This meant the first passages of the game were approached conservatively, but with confidence, as the new combinations settled and the team focused on retaining possession and making ground against an Onkas team that was typically strong up front. Each side had opportunities early, but after several phases in attack Paddy Macklin got things moving when he broke through in the centres from the Old Colls side of half way and made it into the Onka's goal to score.

After a bit of scrappy play from both teams, two more tries to Old Colls followed in quick succession.

The first came after the team drove into Onka's territory down the left side of the field, before the ball went right to Bretag-Norris on the opposite wing. He made decisive yards down the tram tracks then passed inside to Sadler, supporting from full back, to score.

The second was from centre-field position, with Smedley at 10 putting Macklin into a hole with a short ball, and Macklin was able to grab his second try after beating 2 defenders.

Onkas went hard on the offensive for the remaining 15 minutes of the half and spent the majority of that time in the Old Colls red-zone. However, regardless of what Onkas tried in open play or off scrums or line-outs, Old Colls were firm and frustrating in defence and held them out.

Impressively, the ferocity of the Old Colls defence was built during this time and was such that, in a series of phases where Onkas had the attacking ball, the Old Colls' line consistently drove them back well short of the gain line until they were out of the 22 and knocked-on.

From the resulting scrum win Old Colls quickly worked the ball wide to Chris Bartlett, who had too much pace down the wing and grabbed the bonus-point try just before half time.

Old Colls kept the tempo up in the second half and Peter Cross put in a text-book tackle from the kick-off, startling Onkas, and forcing the turnover soon after. Our forwards gained momentum and in several phases had driven into the 22, where Nutt crashed through the defence close to the line and popped to Campion who scored.

The Onkaparinga defence was beginning to look tired and our forwards took full advantage. The front row of Dawes, Daley and Perdana were making consistent yards in attack, before Nutt again broke through the line with Daley in support, who in turn got the ball to Sadler who scored his second try.

For the second time Onkas rallied and spent another 15 minutes near or in our 22, but our defence held once more and they were unable to convert their efforts into points. Another withering tackle from Cross saw the ball spill free for Old Colls to recover, with Delano Leen putting on a strong run through the scrambling Onka's defence that was unable to catch him before the try-line.

With 20 minutes to go Onkas brought on some fresh reserves and got a result, when their fresh legs picked and drove through the middle of a ruck on half way to burst through our line with enough speed to make it to the goal line.

That was to be the only blot on the scoreboard as the residue of the game was shut out by Old Collegians with a quick try to Mann, who had posed a consistent threat to Onkas all day from the kick-off receptions, and tries to Giarola and Bartlett.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 26 v Onkaparinga 25

Tries: David Nolan, Will McLeay, Mitch Sallis (2)
Conversions: Mitch Sallis (3)
Best Players: James Bradley, Peter Cross, Pat Gordon, Mitch Sallis

For the second week in a row the 2s were guilty of coasting.

With a talent laden team we just expected to win without trying. But Onkas taught us a lesson about the value of teamwork and grit. They exposed us out wide and we looked extremely vulnerable under kicks. Despite this we can draw some positives. When things weren't flowing, we were able to string together phases to slowly bring momentum back, and we managed to score some excellent team tries by executing a simple pattern with accuracy.

With one week left till finals, we need to stop playing like a team of champions and get back to playing like a champion team.

3rd XV: Old Collegians 21 v Onkaparinga 7

Tries: James Foster, David Pedler-Jones, Austin Wakeham
Conversions: Harley Simmonds (3)
Best Players: Rene Munch, Rudi Timoteo, Austin Wakeham

We started strongly and had Onkas on the back-foot retreating rapidly.
In a forwards move, the ball is touched down with no less than 3 claiming to have their hands on the pill as it was grounded. Wakeham was the final ball carrier so in my book it's his try. Onkas cleared their heads after this and mounted a series of competent raids. Our defence has not been exercised for several weeks and it was good to see that it was mostly effective.

Around 25 minutes in, Foster scored a nice try showing his usual flair and Simmonds slotted the conversion from just inside touch.

Toward the end of the half, Onkas form a very effective maul which travels deep inside our 22 before we halt it and get the scrum feed about 5 out.

Onkas disrupt our scrum and their half swoops on the loose ball as it pops out. A couple of sharp passes later they found the gap and went through. 14 - 7 at the break.

The second half starts with a whistle failure as Mr Moon's soccer tweeter falls silent and is replaced by a Rugby whistle.

In the first minutes of the second half, both teams came out aggressively. Onkas first then OC are defending within metres of the line. The game settles down as we become confident of repelling Onkas when they are in possession. We were making more ground when in possession, but handling mistakes spoiled some promising raids. From a clearing kick, our chasers were close enough to cause the Onkas ball-gatherer grief which resulted in our turnover. several passes have the ball in Foster's hands as he carries, himself, the ball and two defenders deep into the 22 before popping the ball to Pedlar-Jones to score.

Unfortunately Foster's efforts led to his quad blowing up for the third time this season - a sad end to what started as a great season for Jamie.

The game ended at 21-7. It was good to have some sound competition, as we needed the practice before the elim final.

4th XV: Old Collegians 0 v Onkaparinga 20 (forfeit)

Women's XV: Old Collegians 12 v Onkaparinga 27

U16s: Old Collegians 27 v Onkaparinga 21

Tries: Kyle Fleetwood (2), Sam Price, George Campbell, Rory Illman
Conv: Charlie Pickford
Best Players: A great team effort by all!

That's what it takes. This week back at home for the last time this year, playing against the top of the table: Onkaparinga.

The boys had trained really hard through the week and their sense of belief to beat the top team was growing. We were down a few numbers with people playing in different positions.

From the start of the game they came at us with a lot of vigour but once again our defence held them out. A lapse and Onkas scored. Our forwards were controlling the scrums and the rucks which led to our first try from George Campbell off the back of the scrum to the blind side. Our structure was very good, but Onkas scored a late try to go into half time 14-5 up. Our second halves over the last few weeks have been great; we needed a special half of rugby to win this game.

The boys come out and scored early on the back of the some great forward play, to see Sam Price score and get us back in the game. It was the backs' turn to show their wares with a great effort from Rory Illman with a kick and chase to see him score and put us in the lead. Onkas scored straight after the kick-off which saw us behind again but a great run by Charlie Pickford to offload to Kyle Fleetwood who scored saw us trailing by only 1 point with 3 minutes in the game - ours if we wanted it!

A great defensive effort from our captain Charlie Pickford again to hold Onkas up over their line, then a kick by our number 8 Sam Price inside the 22 to clear the ball saw the bounce favour us in to the arms of Kyle Fleetwood who ran from halfway to score the winner.

What a great effort and never-say-die attitude by the boys! Now we have a week off to recover, then we face them again in the first week of the finals. Let's get to training and focus on the next game.

Well done, lads! You deserved the win!

U14s: Old Collegians 44 v Onkaparinga 12

Tries: James du Preez (3), Magnus Illman, Michael Clifton, Seaton Siegfried, Marcel Dajean
Conv: Tom Copson
Onkas turned up having been beaten by Brighton and were looking for a good result.

OC started well with an opening flourish from James Du Preez but then were unable to capitalise on their early success as Onkas suffered several injuries. However they managed to fight back and bring the scores up before OC unleashed a wave of scores. Old habits came back with individual runs not looking for support and high body position going into contact, which ball was spilled and the oppo took their advantage. There is no doubt that when running ball in hand OC is a magnificent sight to watch but for clinical finishing it will be important that the great drive and support play seen earlier cements our position as the team of the comp for the season.

U12s: Old Collegians 17 v Onkaparinga 34

We played Onkas at Tregenza this week. The ground was hard and dusty. The opening stanza of the game was great.
Neither side could penetrate some good defence. We scored first following a good build up from the team. It was a hard game and both sides played well. A number of our players came off with injuries and thankfully most of them were able to go back on.

The second half was ferocious. There was some hard rugby and we lost our structure.

Some hard running by the Onkas backs broke numerous tackles. We tried valiantly to stem the tide but the bigger and more physical Onkas players wore us down. We know what we will face in the first round of the finals as we play Onkas again.

We know we can beat them if we play to our strengths. We scored a number of good tries but our defence was not up to the style of game that was played.

Onkas played well and they showed us where we can improve.

We have a bye this week so we can rest up and get back to full strength.

We will need to be on our game when we play Onkas in the first round of the finals.

For the entire team this will be their first finals series and despite the loss on Saturday, they should be congratulated for getting into the finals.

U10s: Old Collegians v Onkaparinga
Coaches' award: Wellington for a big increase in his game
Best Tackler: Harry who quickly stopped any Onka's runs
Special mention: Jayden for a strong on field presence

It was the most anticipated rematch against Onka's and a great win for the U10s for their final game of the season!

Excellent teamwork and maintaining possession of the ball allowed some great tries.

The whole team gave it their best.

Congratulations to all players, undefeated for 2014!

U8s: Old Collegians v Onkaparinga

Coaches award: A big congratulations to Will Deakin for winning the trophy this week - whilst still an U7, he has struggled a little during the season to get involved but great endeavour on Saturday tells us that he will be an asset to the U8s in the 2015 season!

The U8s had a terrific day out against Onkas. Yet again we started the game squaring off against a couple of our own players who donned the Onkas jersey to make up the numbers.

Overall a pleasing effort from the group with some aggressive (legal of course) tackling from Tyson Hazzard, Noah Wilson and, as we have come to expect each week, Lucas Aguiar.

We had some great running highlights from Lana Holloway, Jackson Denley and Tyndelle Bleakley.

Try scorers were plentiful with Max Richards dazzling all with his speed, Tyson with his punishing runs, Jackson with his dash - there were too many to keep going!

The team was much better at the breakdown - this is important to us because we want to make sure that the team game comes first rather than individual efforts, and also to ensure that those players going up next year are ready.

U7s: Old Collegians v Onkaparinga

Best Player: Great runs were made by many players this week but our best on ground Jack Taylor showed some decisive stepping and broke though the Onkas defensive line on many occasions.
Coaches Trophy: Rhys McCarthy (who was also playing his first game of U7s rugby!)

The U7s fielded a team of 19 on Saturday morning which gave us a great advantage against Onkas with fresh legs off the bench. The game started with Ed, Joe, Daniel, Sasha and Joey having a run for Onkas and it was soon evident that they were getting a lot of the ball. Our strength in numbers was very telling through-out the day as the ball was passed and run to the wings on many occasions. The opposition came at us with some blistering runs to our flanks and although successful on a few occasions, our defence was telling throughout the last half of the game.

16th August

1st XV: Old Collegians 41 v Burnside 17

Tries: Henry Nutt, Riady Perdana, Jon Collins, Chris Bartlett, Delano Leen, Will Sadler (2)
Conversions: Will Sadler (3)
Best Players: George Bretag-Norris, Riady Perdana, Will Sadler

The third instalment of the regular season Yuppie Derby had Burnside hosting the party for the first time, but they ended up being the bloke who stands alone by the wall watching it happen around him as Old Colls ran in 7 tries to 2.

The first 10 or so minutes of the game saw the two teams feeling each other out, swapping possession and territory without being able to convert any advantage into points.

Eventually Burnside came away with the first points from a penalty, but this was the last time they would enjoy the lead.
George Bretag- Norris snaffled the restart kick and Old Colls were away on the front foot. We worked the ball forward and to the left side of the field, before switching the attack wide to the right for Delano Leen, back in first grade after an injury absence, sold a dummy in the centres and ran through to score the first try.

Burnside put in a short restart and chased hard to regather possession. However they were frustrated by Old Colls' patient defence, and opted for an attacking chip kick that was calmly defused by Mann. He in turn shifted the ball behind to the backs on our try line, for it to then be moved through the hands to the other side of the pitch, where Bartlett burned several defenders for pace, before offloading to Sadler who finished off a length of the field team try.

Old Colls controlled the next restart and worked several attacking phases into the Burnside 22, where ultimately the forwards were able to convert the continuous pressure into points when they drove as a pack over the try line for Nutt to score. There was a bit of a lull before half time, though in general play Old Colls were clearly enjoying a dominant scrum and Bretag-Norris and Campion dictated the line-outs to negate a significant number of Burnside's attacking chances. Cross and Leen were also teaming up well with some hard defence and shrugging off defenders with some Fiji rugby in the centres.

A strong scrum on the Burnside 40 gave us a good offensive opportunity, with some quick hands in the backs putting the ball in the hands of Bartlett who again made yards up the right wing. He was caught before the line but had support close behind and the forwards were able to again drive over the line, this time for Collins to score the bonus point try just before the break. Early possession in the second half had Old Colls on their own 30m line, where from the ruck Mann linked up with Smedley and Sadler to push wide to Bartlett, who again had too much toe for the Burnside defence and made another long run down the wing that he was able to finish with a try. Burnside had more possession in the second half than the first, and at times showed glimpses of why they were second on the table.

They were the next to score from a midfield scrum where their backs were stacked left but the halfback took it right and found space wide for their winger to cross our line.

Burnside also took a negative approach in defence, which succeeded in slowing our rucks and attack and eating up a reasonable amount of the clock.

This was only able to work for so long though and, following a sustained period of attack by Old Colls that worked into their 22, Burnside incurred a yellow card after a second deliberate knock-down.

Old Colls took the penalty to a lineout on the 5m line and the forwards confidently drove over for Riady Perdana to score.

There was one more try a piece in the game. Old Colls struck first from the midfield, where Smedley found space when attacking the line and got the ball to Sadler who was able to beat the remaining defenders and score. By this stage we were 41 to 10 up, without having used any reserves, and whilst the team was still operating well there were signs of fatigue creeping in.

The last 10 minutes were a slog as Burnside camped in our 22 and battered our line, only to be continually repelled, with Dawes and Murison leading a cohesive and aggressive defence.
Regrettably, it couldn't hold out indefinitely and Burnside eventually found enough of a gap to force their way through and score.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 12 v Burnside 7

Tries: Ben Blackall, James Denley
Conversions: Mike Otty
Best Players: Jacob Basson, James Daley, James Denley

The weather was perfect, the pitch was jagged concrete. The game went on though.

Dominating possession in the first half saw us cruise to half time, but with only 12 points to show for our efforts. Two tries were disallowed and allowed Burnside to hang on and remain in touch. After the break our intensity dropped as we focused on refereeing instead of our own plans. This allowed Burnside to grow in confidence and score a try to trail by 5.

With 10 minutes to go we found ourselves on our own tryline and unable to escape. A landslide of penalties to Burnside made any exit impossible.

This jarred the team into action. Every drive, crash and run was met with dogged and resolute defence. Every wave of attack was blunted and repelled until the referee conceded that Burnside would never score and blew the final whistle.

We coasted through this game for 70 minutes before waking up to the reality that fortune comes to the hard working - not the talented.

It's always satisfying to beat Burnside, but for the rest of this year we need to concentrate on playing to our potential, not just playing well enough to win. 10/10 for the final defensive effort boys!

3rd XV: Old Collegians 65 v Burnside 7

Tries: Richard Czeglik, Michael Bell(2), Mick Hauser, Luke Howes, Kabil Pradhan, Stewart Douglas, Will McLeay, Paul Cleary, Harley Simmonds (2)
Conversions: Harley Simmonds (5)
Best Players: Paul Cleary, Will McLeay, Harley Simmonds

A botched kick-off was collected by a surprised Wakeham and passed off to a fast running Cleary who took it within 10. We won the breakdown and seconds later Czeglik scored.

The next started with Burnside kicking the ball as they had us defending our 22. It was charged down, gathered by Simmonds he clears with a masterful kick turning Burnside's last line of defence. Well chased, Burnside kicked poorly under pressure. and Cole charged it down, gathered and passed for Bell to score. 25 minutes in and the pack are rumbling the ball causing Burnside plenty of grief as they concede ground. The ball is cleared and several sharp passes later it arrives nicely for Hauser as he is running to a large defensive hole, beyond which is the white line. We are sharp in attack and often put together multiple phases so it is not long before another hole opens through which Howes darts to place the ball between the posts.

The hapless Burnside drop the ball when pressuring us toward our 22 - Pradhan gathers and outsprints all for a 70 metre try. Simmonds converted 4 of the 5 first half tries for 33 - zip at the break.

Douglas is the first to score in the second half, after Cleary broke the line, offloads to McLeay who finds Douglas at speed. McLeay has rediscovered his fend and used it to good effect dispatching a couple of would- be tacklers to clear his path for a score.

Burnside again kicks poorly, the ball landing perfectly between Timoteo's hands. Again Burnside's #14 was cast aside by the charging prop. The ball found its way to Cleary to complete the passage.

Bell, having a great game, scores after a deft run, stepping one and fending another defender on his way.

Simmonds had missed a few conversions and sought to make amends with two tries late in the game - missed both attempts too - but ended with 20 points.

We did a lot of things right today and played some exciting and elegant Rugby.

We were generally sharp at the breakdown and created plenty of turnover. The backs had a field day as Burnside's defence was not at all tight. A small amount of work created holes to exploit. It won't be like this in September.

4th XV: Old Collegians 20 v Burnside 0 (forfeit)

Women's XV: Old Collegians 45 v Burnside 27

Tries: Geraldine Yam, Lusia Raikiwasa, Nadia Blake (2), Nadia Di Girolamo (2), Kate Donnelly
Conversions: Sîan Beavers (4), Anja Halstead

U16s: Old Collegians 20 v Burnside 17

Special Mentions: Rory Illman, Rhys Frew, Joel Pepper, George Campbell, Kyle Fleetwood-Pieper
Tries: George Campbell (2), Charlie Pickford
Conv: Charlie Pickford
Penalty: Charlie Pickford

This week it was back up the hill to take on the old foe Burnside after playing them two weeks ago and losing, it was time to show them our superior game and come away with the points.

We were still short a few number through injuries and illness, and the boys needed to step up today. The boys looked pretty focussed in the warm up and were all keen for the contest.

By game-time the boys started well, pushing Burnside back. We got a penalty right in front, kicked by Charlie Pickford; good to get points on the board early. After the kick-off we lost our structure and looked very shabby, which allowed Burnside to dictate the play for the rest of the half - they scored and converted to make it 7-3 at the break.

The boys needed to regroup and get their structure and discipline going to get back in the game. We started poorly in the second half seeing them score again, but our forward pack clicked into gear after a good run from Rory Illman to get the ball close to our line and George Campbell rumbled on over to score.

Once again Burnside fought back to score again. The OC boys need to tough this one out if they wanted to win. A few sore boys came off after heavy knocks and left us with the 15 on the park who had to finish the game.

Another great run by Rory Illman got us back into our 22 for our forwards to control the ball well to see George Campbell score his second of the day. With the game so tense, it was a question of which team wanted it more. A great run from Burnside down the side was stopped by a chase and try-saving ankle tap from Kyle Fleetwood- Pieper. We regained the ball and worked it back up to halfway from penalties, as Burnside were starting to crack and lose their discipline.

It was great to see our boys maintain their discipline to stay focussed on the game with a minute left on the clock. The play of the day came after a scrum; the ball got quickly into the hands of Kyle Fleetwood-Pieper who offloaded a great pass to a rampaging Charlie Pickford who was never going to be stopped with the determined look on his face. Charlie ran through their defence brilliantly to score - ultimately a true captain's try to win us the game. A good, hard-fought, come-from-behind win!

U14s: Old Collegians 89 v Burnside 5

Following two comprehensive wins but with Burnside placed second in the league there was a lot to play for in this local derby.
Scores came quickly to OC with a fine try from Magnus I. who then added 3 more to his tally.
Burnside were under-strength due to an early injury to a key player but to their credit played valiantly when eventually even down to only 13 players.

Uncontested scrums were the order of the day thus negating an important facet of our game. We conceded only one try and further tries came to James Gomersall, Marcel, Jack R, James De P, Flynn, Seaton and after a lolloping sprint from Oscar Armstong who powered his way down the left touchline to score a memorable try from the 10m line. Another great team effort with good composure and excellent hands!

U12s: Old Collegians 0 v Burnside 67

Burnside at Burnside is always a tough ask. This week we ran into a committed team that outplayed us well in the first half. They were at full strength and they showed us why they are undefeated. In a really tough game we had numerous injuries. We were missing some players through injury and illness as well.

We were out played by a fast outfit. It was a bruising encounter.

The highlights were our scrum which dominated and Carl Arnold's great tackle in the second half to force a line out which we played well. Our captain for the game, Max Linton, played well and effected some good tackles on some big opponents

The second half was much better. We played some good rugby and got close a number of times. The backs moved the ball around well. Still we did not score.

Credit to our team for maintaining their focus to play much better rugby in the second half. At times the game was a little chaotic but we did show some glimpses of our previous best. However tackling let us down again.

U10s: Old Collegians v Burnside, Old Collegians v Adelaide University

Some behind the scenes negotiation resulted in a double fixture on the full length pitch. Old Colls vs Burnside and then Adelaide Uni.

Excellent job, thanks Stewart!

Old Collegians v Burnside
Coaches Award: Max Cross for a great improvement in his game
Best Tackler: Ethan Frew who has increased his skills and performed one of his best games on a full pitch

With a draw and a defeat still ringing in their ears (you should have seen them coming...) the Burnside U10s were not holding back in this encounter. Showdown 3 was about to occur. Old Colls started well once again demonstrating their skills and well structured game. There however was a lapse in this game play that enabled Burnside to lead, albeit for a short period, by making a conversion. Old Colls came back with a try late in the first half to edge back into the lead. After the half time break, filled with oranges and a new focus, the slightly shortened second half enable Old Colls to extend the lead and again leave the great tune ringing in the ears of the opposition.

Well done all! There were again many outstanding efforts from many of the players, even when there were no females on the field.

Old Collegians v Adelaide Uni

This was an invitational game however it was taken as seriously as any other. There is a current team status on line and this would like to be maintained. Even after the exhausting first game against Burnside the squad held it together against a well versed Adelaide Uni team. The players had to maintain their constancy from the previous game, if not the season, to hold out the opposition. There was some great tackling from Dakota, Meg, Xanib and Slade (playing for Uni). Also well done to Wellington for a well timed rip and to Ryan for supporting others at the breakdown. Again everyone played well making for another exciting game to watch. Thanks to Adelaide Uni for participating in the morning's fixtures.

U8s: Old Collegians v Burnside, Old Collegians v Adelaide University

Coaches Trophy: Marcus Pickard. Marcus joined the team from the U7s half way through the season and for a number of weeks struggled to find his way. So it is especially pleasing to the coaches that he has worked out that he can mix it with the bigger kids and it was his aggressive tackling and pushing up in defence that has earned him the award this week - great job Marcus!

An OC U8 squad of 17 turned up to play at Burnside on Saturday. We split the squad into two teams with each playing a 25 minute games against Adelaide Uni and Burnside which meant everyone got a good run and Juan and Corne didn't have to juggle a gaggle of substitutes.

The OC Reds won both of their games though they were tight tussles. Andre Smith continued his 8th birthday celebrations by running in 7 of the Reds 12 tries scored on the day ably assisted by Noah Wilson, Jackson Denley and Tyson Hazzard who also scored.

The Blue team also won both of their games with the Burnside game being a close one whilst the Uni game was relatively one sided in our favour. Max Richards, Ivan Arnold and Lucas Aguiar dominated the scoring with Samuel Lindow and Jack Bell chiming in with one each for the Blues.

Whilst the scorers always seem to hog the limelight, we must mention efforts of the rest of the squad whose contributions often make the scoring possible. A special mention this week to Piper Monfries for her running and for those who donned the Uni jersey to help the numbers.

It kills me to have to ask our kids to play for the opposition when all they want to do is play in the red and blue with their team mates - so, yet again, thanks to those players who selflessly put their hands up to volunteer. I do feel that we have retreated a little from the team orientated rugby, cleaning out at the rucks, passing to team mates etc. So with two weeks to go that will be the focus.

U7s Old Collegians v Burnside, Old Collegians v Adelaide University

Best Player: Noah Wilson
Coaches Trophy: Oliver Collins

What a weekend for our U7s! This week saw us take on not only Burnside at Parkinson but University as well. Two games were run concurrently with our Red and Blue teams swapping and effectively having two full games each. Our players took another step up in their Rugby development and demonstrated how well they can work as a team and use the ball. Great turning and passing was shown by all players in conjunction with some great running into space. Defence was a pleasure to watch and opportunities for both oppositions to score were limited. Due to us having a full hour for our games by the close of play there were some very tired participants.

9th August

College Cup: Jarrad Mapstone
Jarrod played a great game in the 4th XV this weekend, and is always a hard worker at training and on match day - he is moving interstate and will be missed!
Best Volunteer: Simon Allport

In addition to training and playing, and his regular shifts in the "Clamteen" every home game, Simon also does a lot of club admin behind the scenes. What a nice clam!

1st XV: Old Collegians 87 v Woodville 7

Tries: Tim Dawes, Rob Smedley, Chris Bartlett (5), Peter Cross, Paddy Macklin, Blake Giarola, Will Sadler
Conversions: Will Sadler (11)
Best Players: George Bretag-Norris, Gary Mann, Jack Campion

When we played Woodville early in the season it was a tough fought game that was even in the first half, and it was only later in the second half that we were able to get ahead and secure the victory.

The Woodville team fielded on Saturday was not that same team and since that first encounter they clearly had lost some key players and momentum. This created a different challenge for our first grade, to maintain its own structure and game plan in circumstances where the opposition was struggling to provide consistent resistance. In the main part we accomplished this, with the forwards putting in a lot of hard work up front and freeing up space for the backs, who between them scored 12 of the team's 13 tries. From the starting kick-off we chased hard and gained possession, then worked quickly into the Woodville half. After a few drives by the forwards, from 40m out the ball was moved to the wing with some quick hands between Mann and Bartlett that opened a gap for Macklin to slide through and take it to the line to score the first try. Soon after the return kick-off, we took the ball back into the Woodville half and, after pushing the attack towards the clubhouse side of the field, a quick change of the direction back left led to Giarola with ball in hand and enough space down the far wing for him to score. The third try followed quickly after a long restart from Woodville gave us a starting point for attack in our own 22. After a couple of settling phases Mann again found a hole back inside, this time putting Dawes through the defensive line for a 50m gallivanting run, before he in turn passed to Sadler in support on the far wing who finished off the play with a try.

Unfortunately for the next 20 minutes OC got ahead of themselves and became their own worst enemies as discipline lapsed, attention wavered and overall intensity dropped off. We failed to adapt to play the referee, which resulted in our penalties conceded hitting double figures, particularly due to ruck infringements, and disappointingly also for backchat. This gave Woodville a lot more possession and territory than they otherwise would have gained, and a loose attempt at clearing the ball from our own line lead to a turnover to Woodville who were able to score a converted try. We were fortunate not to concede more tries, with the strength and dominance of our scrums and line outs a major factor in Woodville being unable to convert their possession into more points. Eventually we snapped out of the rut when Campion, whose dominance together with Bretag-Norris made it a horrible day for the Woodville hooker, pinched a Woodville line out after another penalty kick. The forwards took the clean possession and, in a clinical set of quick driving phases, pushed up to the Woodville 22 where Dawes broke through and scored to get the points flowing in the right direction again. Soon after, with not much time before the break, Bartlett was able to brush off a couple of defenders 40m out to run in his first try and earn the bonus point.

The second half saw Old Colls take firm control of the game after a confident take by Mann from the kickoff was worked up the field by the forwards, before it was sent wide to Cross in the centres who put Bartlett into a hole to score. Another long restart by Woodville found its way into the hands of Smedley who found the time and space he has been looking for in the last few games, possibly aided by ditching his luridly ill-fitting kicks. He weaved and darted for 70m through a scrambling Woodville defence before offloading to Bartlett who scored again. Bartlett's fourth try followed shortly thereafter, with Old Colls once more pushing back up to the Woodville 22 where another strong scrum platform and win gave our backs possession. Sheppard linked up with Smedley to draw the Woodville defence across, and through came Bartlett sniping in from the opposite wing for the inside pop to go through untouched.

By this stage the game was looking more like a training run and further tries followed to Smedley, Cross (who, with some great defensive pressure on Woodville's line, forced a charge down in goal and flopped onto the ball like the front rower he has always aspired to be), Sadler, Bartlett for his fifth and Sadler for his third.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 72 v Woodville 0

Tries: Wayne Power (2), Wesley Billett (2), Mark Darby, Jacob Basson, Mike Otty (2), Delano Leen, Liam McDonough (2), Simon Allport Conversions: Mike Otty (6)

One day the 2nds will turn in a sloppy, inadequate effort that will cost them the game. But not today. Woodville were demolished across the park as OC dominated every aspect of the game. To be honest, Woodville are doing it tough, and struggling in this grade - but you can only beat the team in front of you. A mountain of possession did hide a few small concerns, namely a high first half penalty count and some poor first phase clean out, but the score adequately reflects the gulf between the two teams. Despite yet another new centre pairing, the backs easily exploited chances created by a dominant pack. Well done gents, but we must sharpen our focus and lift our accuracy for the final three games.

3rd XV: Old Collegians 82 v Adelaide University 3

Tries: Rudi Timoteo, Nick Howlett, Richard Czeglik, Pat Gordon (2), James Denley (2), Simon Allport, Matt Adams (2), Rene Munch, Chester Armstrong Conversions: Simon Allport (7), Harley Simmonds (4)
Best players: Matt Adams, Pat Gordon, Rene Munch

There is not a lot to report about this match that is not evident in the score. We dominated from the kick-off and the only time Uni was in our half was after their restarts. It was short-lived though. The scores happened in order: Czeglik, Adams, Armstrong, Gordon, Allport, Howlett, Gordon, Timoteo. We were concerned at not having a kicker. Allport offered and became a star.

The first 3 were sitters, directly in front. Fourth was 15m to the right, then one 2/3 way to touch. He slotted 7 of his 8 attempts, including Timoteo's emulation of Sean Fitzpatrick when he took the ball on right wing to score in the corner 54 - 0 at the break. Second half was a trifle slower - only 4 tries all converted by Simmonds who replaced Allport who was needed back home by the 2s. Uni managed on 2 or 3 occasions to have us in our half whilst they were in possession. On one occasion they had us inside 10. Cool headed and well structured defence frustrated Uni as their attack went nowhere.

Finally they gave up and attempted a flukey field goal. It hit the left post and deflected through the sticks. The ref did not award it for some time. The tries came from Adams, Denley, Denley, Munch in that order. This was a bit of a wasted run, with Uni putting up a show not much more than a training session, in odd disparity to their strong showing in the 4th XV.

4th XV: Old Collegians 20 v Adelaide University 40

Tries: Austin Wakeham, Jarrod Cole, Harley Simmonds, Jarrod Mapstone
Conversion: Harley Simmonds Best players: Jarrod Cole, Jarrad Mapstone, Sam Walwyn

This week OC met Adelaide Uni in a match that has big implications for the upcoming finals series. Fielding the strongest 4th grade side in weeks we had some confidence heading into this match. Our forwards showed their dominance early, attacking strongly and overpowering Uni at the set piece and breakdowns. The set piece power put us in attack deep in Uni's 22m with a strong run from Will McLeay who was cut down metres out from the posts before the ball was spread wide ending with Jarrad Mapstone forcing his way over the tryline for the first score of the day. Uni regrouped and using experience and skills not normally reserved for the 4th grade, created gaps in out backline that allowed them to hit back repeatedly closing the half at four tries to OC's one. OC started the second half in a similar fashion to the first with a strong attacking display overwhelming Uni to eventuate in Jarrod Cole sniping around the ruck for a deserved try. Another late try to Austin Wakeham had OC in touch late in the match but Uni manage to score two more runaway tries. OC continued to attack until the final whistle and our excellent attacking prowess had us deep into attack with OC rumbling forward repeatedly until the ball was spread wide with Harley Simmonds diving over for OCs fourth try securing the bonus point for this match. A strong performance from everyone who held their own against a skilled opposition.

Huge thanks to Jarrad Mapstone for his time at the club this year, good luck with your new life in Melbourne - we expect you to fly back for finals!

Women's XV: Old Collegians 42 v Woodville 12

Tries: Nadia Blake (3), Nabilah Ismail, Steph Martin, Kate Donnelly
Conversions: Sîan Beavers (6)

The season so far has been a bit fractured for the OC ladies with frequent byes and long gaps. At last they have a good run down the home straight with (can you imagine?!) four matches in a row leading into finals. The last game's strong showing against Burnside was a good warm up for this week: Woodville, who had scraped a controversial and narrow win when we last met in May. There was a point that we needed to prove to them and, more importantly, to ourselves - and at last a chance to do it at Tregenza in front of the whole club. We had a number of key players unavailable, and of those available a few were only freshly back from injury/illness/absence, and many were playing out of position. In those circumstances, it was not surprising that it took us a little while to find our feet. The first half was a scrappy affair, and we were dominant on the park but not on the scoreboard - having controlled much of the half, we had let in two soft tries and were only barely ahead. In the second half we settled down and stamped our structure firmly on the game, and from there the tries rained fast. Tackling, ruck and maul, handling, aggression, discipline and set piece were all very pleasing, and overwhelmed the opposition. As one pundit put it, the women's team played some Champagne rugby today. Let's buckle down and see some more matches like that at this business end of the season! Special mentions to Hat-Trick Blake for a great game at half-back, and to Steph Martin for so very ably filling the fly-half shoes of her missing daughters.

Particularly special mention to Sabrina "Ziggy" Morrison who has been nagging to get off the wing for months and was finally given her wish. She played her first game at flanker, and took to it like a duck to water, defending like a champ, running great support lines, Pokocking balls out rucks, and laying on the biggest and best tackle of the day in any grade, to the great delight of the whole crowd. All in all, a fabulous effort from the whole team - and at last a genuinely pleased Coach!

U16s: Old Collegians 27 v Adelaide University/Western Vikings 12

Tries: Rory Illman (2, George Campbell, Kyle Fleetwood, Oliver Horne
Conversion: Charlie Pickford

This week saw us back at home for the first time in five weeks after a great week on the training track with everyone turning up and training well; we were set for a great game! We asked the boys to arrive at the ground early for the whole of junior club photo, then they had a bit of a wait until game time - thanks to the lads who got behind the BBQ to help cook bacon, eggs and snags for the crowd (Jimmy, Kynan & Rhys).

Game time came around and we found ourselves with quite a few boys sick, sore and sorry for themselves which left us with 16, only 12 of whom were fully fit.

We started the game positively, scoring two early tries, then the structure and discipline went as Uni/Vikings started to come at us hard which unsettled us at the breakdown. Our defence was holding up well until a lapse saw them score. They had a player sent off which helped us scoring the next try out wide to a great set piece play. Went into half time 17 - 5 up. They came out after halftime and pushed us into our 22, which saw them cross for another try. The boys were looking very tired and the game became very scrappy as both sides tired.

Another card to Uni/Vikings helped us find some good structure again and we scored two more tries to end the game with a hard fought win. It was a good effort by the boys to fight it out however our discipline and work ethic will need to improve over to next few weeks to keep us in contention for the final. We take on Burnside again this week, needing to exact some revenge from our loss against them two weeks ago.

See you all on the training track to keep working on our game to succeed this year!

Special efforts by Joel Pepper, Rhys Frew, Jimmy Francis & Sam Price for great voice and leadership throughout the game, Kynan Carmichael who played his best game for the year and never gave up, hitting the ball up relentlessly also Rory Illman who was back to his best scoring to blistering runaway tries.

U14s: Old Collegians 73 v Adelaide University/Western Vikings 17

Tries: James Du Preez (5), Seaton Siegfried (2), Magnus Illman (2), Kees Young, Nick Barry, Matt Green
Conversions: George Hewitt (6), Tom Copson (3)

It was good to get back home! Having played away from Tregenza since the end of June the boys were determined to make game No. 3 in 8 days a good home coming against a much improved Uni/Vikings team. Emphasis was placed on retaining structure, hard tackling, ensuring ball security and to deliver the ball safely to our strong running backs. This was carried out effectively.

More great tries from James DP (scoring 5 today, or an incredible 15 tries over the past 3 games), Seaton (scoring 2 tries), Magnus I (scoring 2 tries today, or 5 over the past 3 games), Kees, Nick and Matt. Other special mentions go to George who converted 6 times (or 20 conversions in the past 3 games), and Tom, who as the long distance kicker, converted 3 kicks from within 5m or so of the touchline (with one actually on the line!). But most importantly and finally, a huge thank you to all the players (in no particular order) Brad, Tom, Colin, Ed, James R, Flynn, Oscar, Harrison, Kees, Alfie, James G, Magnus D, James DP, Nick, Max, George, Seaton, Matt, Magnus I, Campbell, Micheal, Jack, Jasper and Marcel for your hard work, enthusiasm and commitment over this difficult but rewarding 8 days.

We look forward to our remaining games with finals football in sight.

U12s: Old Collegians 22 v Adelaide University/Western Vikings 31

Tries: Tane Pardoe (3), Kylan Williamson
Conversion: Carl Arnold

We had a flying start to the game against Vikings/Uni at home this week. We scored inside the first three minutes. Spirits were high. And then we went missing for the rest of the first half. We were simply off our game across the park. Sure, they had some big and fast players but it was our smallest (and perhaps our youngest player) who showed the rest of the team how to play. Off the bench Tom Deakin did everything. He tackled well, he attacked the ball carrier, he picked up the loose ball and ran into the defenders. He was everywhere. To the credit of the team, as demoralised as they were after the game, they gave Tom Deakin three loud cheers. It was a great testament to our best player on the paddock. Well done, Tom. Our second half was better than out first and our forwards ran in a couple of late tries. Some quick thinking paid off. However we lost structure and lacked discipline and there was a sense of resignation in the team. We did not pass when we should have and we paid the price. There were plenty of solo efforts but we just did not put together enough team efforts. Perhaps our most disappointing game to date on that score. We always play better as a team and have shown that when we played Burnside and the Rams. Although we also lost those games, there was not the same disappointment in losing after putting in a team effort. The coaches will be emphasising the team elements of our game the next two games leading into the finals. We know we can play better than we did this week. We have the ability, we just need to carry it forward from training into the game. On a positive note our scrum was good and we held our own but we have been more dominant in other games.

Training is going to step up as we have been training the house down but leaving that energy at the training session. The focus will be on all players doing the "team thing" rather than trying to win the game on their own. Food for thought coming into the finals.

U10s: Old Collegians v Burnside

Best Tackler: Sam Brady
Coaches' Award: Max Gordon

Another great performance from the U10s. The team again showed great prowess with their tackling and straight running. There however could be some improvement in the breakdown with only a couple of players providing support and clearing out. The players have an understanding that ball possession is the key to winning, this has now been demonstrated extremely well with now quite a few players tacking the opportunity to steal or make an intercept when presented. This has been a pleasure to watch now on many occasions. Quite a few players are now considering the timing of their passes such that it appears to rattle the opposition. This tends to generally complete the run in a try. The combination of tackling, passing, support and forward play again has resulted in an outstanding result for the U10's. Well done coach and players, you have done the club proud.

U8s: Old Collegians v Burnside

Coaches' Trophy: Piper Monfries, who is beginning to understand the nuances of the game and show more courage to step up and make important contributions

A record 19 players laced up their rugby boots for the OC U8s on a fine Saturday morning against Uni/Vikings. OC received the kick off and ran the ball in for a score within the first minute setting the tone for the morning. A good all round performance from the team with inspired tacking coming from Daniel Howes and Samuel Lindow and try scoring runs by the likes of Torrence Egglestone (his first try for the U8s), Max Richards, Lucas Aguiar, Andre Smith and Jackson Denley amongst others. There was encouraging work around the breakdown particularly with the addition of the terrier like Jack Bell to the team - when Jack learns to play the ball only while on his feet, the opposition won't have much possession! With only nine on the field at a time, the constant rotations off the bench meant that it was difficult to get into the game flow but our players did their best and all had a red hot go.

A big thank-you to the those that played for Uni to even out the numbers - Tyndelle, Tyson, Ivan, Max, Lucas, Lana - we are not short of sportsmanship in the U8s - the only problem is that our players scored most of their tries!
Congratulations to Jack and Lachlan Bell on playing their first U8s game.

U7s: Old Collegians v Burnside

Best Player: Joe Menz for his determined attack both for the opposition and against. Well done!

This week's game saw our U7s play University and, as per all of our matches this season, we were able to field a substantially large team. As University only had eight players to our seventeen it was decided that two of our players would volunteer and play for Uni. Our first two volunteers were Sasha Humble and Joe Menz. The game was one of great attacking runs by a variety of players and strong defence by both teams, the game also saw the ball being passed around which gave the players a lot more opportunity to run. In the second half our volunteers were Hudson Lindow and Alex Punshon, both players made valuable contributions to the Uni side the same as Sasha and Joe in the first. The second half had just as much free flowing rugby as the first but Collegians use of the pitch and ball allowed us to score more freely. While the U7s were playing their match, our Joeys were having a run in their third internal match for the season - a big thank you to David Humble for his continued involvement with running the games and training sessions for the U5s.

6th August

U14s: Old Collegians 97 v Southern Suburbs 0

Tries: James Du Preez (9), Michael Clifton (3), Magnus Illman (2), James Gomersall
Convs: George Hewitt (11)

For the first and (hopefully) not the last evening fixture of the season, our boys were keen to build on their success in Lyndoch. This make up game from Round 11a was to be the second game over an eight day period! From kick off the U14s dominated in pretty much every area, scoring 2 tries in the first 3 minutes. Leading into half time with the score at a comfortable 46-0. Souths had no answer to the barrage of constant attack from Old Colls throughout the game. Our forwards dominated at the rucks and breakdowns and our backs held firm; and we attacked with speed and ruthless precision at every opportunity. It was very much a team game, with players in both the forwards and the backs unselfishly setting up strong running tries from James DP (9 tries), James G, Michael (3 tries) and Magnus I (who nursing a leg injury came off the bench for c. 5 minutes and scored 2 tries!). George hit the target 11 times deciding to dispense with his tee drop kicking to save time. At the end the boys celebrated their highest score of the season just falling 3 short of a century!

2nd August

2nd XV: Old Collegians 27 v Elizabeth 12

Tries: Alex Eames, Mike Otty (3), David Nolan
Conversions: Mike Otty (1)

The 2nd grade travelled to the Barossa to play Elizabeth on what looked like a picture perfect day for rugby. It was still, cool and the sun was shining. Unfortunately, the oval was an ankle deep swamp. Our usual fast paced style would be well and truly hobbled.

We altered our game plan to suit the conditions, with the aim of dominating territory. For the first 25 mins we did this perfectly. Sheppard and Otty in the halves were controlling the game, thanks to a lot of hard work from the forwards who were dominating a big & powerful Elizabeth pack.

This initial surge netted 4 tries and put the game out of Elizabeth's reach. Elizabeth did fight back though, and the final 10 mins were spent in our own 22. As we fatigued our body height rose and we struggled to deal with their pack's size advantage. Pleasingly we did not concede and entered the break 22-0 up.

The preponderance of mud and slush took its toll on the players in the second half with the game turning into a slow moving tussle. The sides were barely distinguishable as players were coated in energy sapping muck. Yet both sides pushed hard and made commendable efforts given the gravity of the pitch state.

Elizabeth edged us in the second half, scoring two tries to one. But OC still recorded a comfortable win, and scoring 5 tries in such poor conditions was just reward for our gutsy determination.

A big thanks to Rene and Chester, who played a half each after playing a full game of thirds.
The 2nd grade did OC proud with their positive attitude, determination and adaptation to atrocious conditions. Thank you gentlemen!

3rd XV: Old Collegians 0 v Barossa 22

Did we mention it was a bit muddy?

4th XV: OC 5 v Elizabeth 12

Try: Peet Arnold Best Players: Ian Bricher, James Sheekey, Sam Walwyn

This week OC travelled to the usually picturesque Barossa to face Elizabeth. With numbers very low this week the call was put out to all corners of the OC community with the call being answered by the entire coaching panel and some Crippled Crows as well.

OC started badly allowing an early try before the ball became a solid mass of mud, OC regrouped and the game became a battle of who could become more filthy first with the ground very swampy underfoot. With both teams still attacking strongly the game descended into trench warfare with kicking still being utilised and the forward rumble the most effective weapon. The first half finished with OC trailing by a single unconverted try.

In the second half OC attacked strongly but continued to be hampered by the conditions which were exacerbating things by creating handling errors everywhere. A scything run from Peet Arnold had OC hot on attack before offloading a red cross pass to a player who was monstered slightly early. From the ensuing penalty OC attacked with Peet shaking off several would-be tacklers to crash over for a try which was unconverted.

OC attacked strongly again and again but were left unrewarded time after time due to handling errors and strong defence. Late in the half Elizabeth managed to escape from the swamp and outpace the star studded backline to score a converted try to break the deadlock.

No matter how hard OC attacked we were unable to break the defensive line enough to grind out a victory. Huge thanks to all the people who answered the SOS for players and allowed us to field a true 4th grade side on the day.

In the spirit of fair selection policies we rested the whole 1st XV for their bye. Given that approximately 40 players were unavailable across our grades, this in turn meant that lower grade selection had to be very creative for us to put an honest 4th XV on the field (and, in turn, honest 3rd and 2nd XVs) - so BIG thanks to the retired players who stood up so we could do it, and particularly to the junior and senior coaching staff who dusted off their boots.

We received a lovely thank you from Elizabeth RFC for fielding a genuine reserve grade team - they, like all clubs with only lower grade teams, often play against stacked sides, which makes their hard road even harder.

U16s: OC 31 v Southern Suburbs 7

Tries: Ben Viljoen (3), Rory Illman, Charlie Pickford
Conversions: Charlie Pickford (3)

This week we were supposed to go to the Barossa to play Burnside 2 but with them forfeiting the game it allowed us to catch up the game we missed against Souths two weeks earlier.

We arrived at Bailey Reserve knowing the pitch was going to be very soggy after all the rain. We asked the boys to play our team game, and they all seemed really focussed in the shed and the warm up.

We started the game really well playing great team rugby which saw us dominating at the breakdown and getting the ball through the hands out wide quick to get two tries on the board in the first 10 minutes.

A very pleasing start then more brilliant passing saw us cross again.

The radar of Charlie Pickford was on today converting twice from the sideline.

We went in to half time 24-0. Shortly into the second half we saw the rare feat of a hooker (Ciaran Whittaker) chip the ball over the head of the defence, and our winger Ben Viljoen ran on to gather and score his third try of the day.

Souths started getting back into the game as our boys tired in the mud which led to them scoring.
xxAfter this we got it back together to score again to finish the game off well to come away with the win.

With our number 10 out injured Charlie Dubois was ask to fill the role which he did with ease and linked our play from forwards to back with great passing skills.

A great performance by all the boys, it was great to see them turn it around from last week and get back into playing honest team rugby. This should cement us in second spot with three games to go.

Uni/Vikings at home next week; boys, let's all get out to training and build to the finals!

Special mentions to Ben Viljoen ( 3 tries), Cameron Peck, Charlie Dubois, Ciaran (WHO SAID FORWARDS CAN'T KICK) Whittaker & our captain Charlie Pickford who lead from the front all day.

U14s: OC 31 v Barossa/NEDs 5

Tries: Marcel DaJean, James Du Preez, Mathew Green, Magnus Illman, Michael Clifton

As we headed North to the wilds of the Barossa basked in sunshine the birds were singing, surely an omen for the return match so eagerly awaited.

After a close finish last time with B/N declaring a moral victory the time was ripe for scores to be settled. A playground for Hippo's would best describe the conditions with mud so deep even Massey Fergusons feared to enter.

Change of tactics with emphasis on safe hands and close support rather than the normal expansive game synonymous with OC juniors. The Big Barossa pack dominated the scrums with OC heading backwards in set pieces but with great line out work.

After many near misses good ball was worked to James Du Preez who beavered his way through the middle to get over the line.

Next up was Michael Clifton who ducked and weaved to again score and then Marcel with fine handling to fly down the right side.

OC were in command!

Further tries with a powerful instep by Matt Green gave the visitors a commanding position by halftime.

Knock- ons were frequent and clean ball more than expected.

After half time memorable moments included a beautiful take by Oscar, pass and clearance 3m from their own line to ease the pressure. Magnus Illman scored again to put the game beyond doubt while Barossa were offered a conciliation try. A great game under trying conditions, with Flynn again being the master of many positions.

U12s: OC v Barossa/NEDs

We went to the Lyndoch "bog" for our game this week. It was an important game for us late in the season. Standout performances were from Lochie Edwards, Kylan Williamson (a magic try in the first half), Darcy Rogers (for some inspirational tackles), Max Linton (for some hard running and tackling) and Lefatu Egglestone ( for some great running in difficult conditions).

It was a tough day that took its toll on the players' legs. Our opponents started quickly and we were down two tries to nil inside 5 minutes. Our tackling let us down early. The Rams had two very big players who excelled early in the trying conditions. Then we switched on and we had some wonderful pick and go rugby for the last part of the first half. Spirits were up. There were some great passages of play but ultimately the taller and bigger players from the Rams continued to cause us problems.

Unfortunately we went missing in the second half and our weary and sore players could not contain the Rams.

Overall a tough day at the office and we were shaken by our very slow start. The conditions hampered our running game. The coaches emphasised how important the mental element of the game is in the post-match huddle.
"Training is the priority for all players" is the message as we get to the business end of the season.

U10s: OC v Barossa Rams/NEDs

Mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud.

Well done guys you won in quite interesting conditions. Congratulations to Callum Moran for consistent and outstanding effort receiving the coaches award and to Dakota Gordon whom mastered the mud dive and received the tackling award this week. Even the manager got mud.

U8s: OC v Barossa Rams/NEDs

The OC U8 team ventured up to the bog hole in the Barossa at the weekend and embraced the mud. The pre-match warm including the mud dive through set the tone for the game.

OC had too many try scorers to mention despite the challenges identifying the try line - Torrence Egglestone put the put the ball down 10 metres before our try line and Ivan Arnold put the ball down in the middle of the U7 game, both celebrating tries!

I was celebrating with them... such was state of the pitch, none of us knew where we were.

Noah "the tackling machine" Wilson was brave in the last line of attack while great runs throughout the game by Torrence Egglestone, Ivan Arnold, Jackson Denley and Tyndelle Bleakley and others helped the team gain territory.

Max Richards and Lucas Aguiar kept the score board ticking over nicely through the 40 minutes.

A big thank-you for the wonderful sportsmanship from those players (Salvatore, William, Noah, Ivan, Piper, Max, Lucas) who volunteered to play for the Barossa side who unfortunately only managed to muster 4 players of their own for the game.

Congratulations to Alia Hickman for her trophy winning performance this week. Alia stepped up and made a superb tackle and produced a spectacular run after having secretly warned me that on the advice of her Dad, she was about to execute a side step in the mud - she did!

U7s: OC v Barossa Rams/NEDs

This week's game against Barossa/NEDS had the team playing at Lyndoch on a very heavy pitch. Barossa/NEDS could only field four players to our sixteen, so six of our Collegians donned Barossa/NEDS jerseys and took to the field.

Our open field players scored freely and the defence by all team members was outstanding. At half time another six of our players willingly swapped jerseys and played just as hard for Barossa/NEDS as they do for Collegians.

Even in heavy conditions great runs were made by all players and a full game was enjoyed by all.

Congratulations to Samuel Howes on his first U7s match; the youngest of the Howes clan is now the fifth member of his family to pull on an Old Collegians jersey! Our best on ground this week was Will Tanner and Samuel Howes was awarded the coaches trophy, well done on your first game Samuel.

27th July

College Cup: Fraser Murison
Best Volunteer: Chester Armstrong

In addition to playing his own match, Chester also volunteers as a referee and touch judge for other matches, as well as helping out around the club. Thanks, Chester!

1st XV: Old Collegians 33 v Burnside 12

Tries: Gary Mann (2), Bernie Van Altena (2), Chris Bartlett (3)
Conversions: Rob Smedley, Rory Sheppard
Best Players: Fraser Murison, Chris Bartlett, Gary Mann

The first grade started the game confidently, with a couple of scrum tight heads and composure in the lineout, but fell into a recent habit of trying to do too much and score off each phase, rather than concentrating on maintaining possession and frustrating the opposition with a lack of ball.

Burnside were strong up front and on several occasions were able to strip us of the ball in contact situations when our ball carriers were looking to offload, rather than driving forward with support. As a consequence we gave Burnside enough chances to keep their confidence up, but pleasingly our defence and work at the breakdown was effective, so the first 20 minutes was strongly contested but a stalemate.

Eventually Matt Adams found a gap for a kick through into the Burnside 22 and, with a good chase, we had enough players to force a turnover from Burnside and earn a scrum feed 5m out.

The forwards drove impressively and Burnside could not withstand the shunt, collapsing over their own try line and allowing Van Altena at 8 the opportunity to force it down. From the restart we took the chance to run it out of our 22, with Smedley, Van Altena, Mann and Riady combining well to make ground and put us back in Burnside's half.

Burnside were on the back foot and conceded an offside penalty shortly thereafter. Old Colls kept the pressure on and kicked for touch to have a lineout 15m from the Burnside line.

A simple but well-worked lineout drive again pushed Burnside back past their posts and Mann, in control at the back of the maul, was able to score.

Unfortunately, we gave Burnside a sniff just before half time when some scrappy mid-field passing went to ground and was not cleaned up in time. Burnside toed it through from 60m out and regathered to score under the posts, pegging back our lead to 12 - 7 going into the break. Not dwelling on this, we started the second half positively, working down into the Burnside 22 and keeping the momentum going to shift the point of attack as the phases flowed, leading to Mann scoring his second try in the corner off the back of a rolling pack.

In the second half Burnside were defending stoutly in the main, but struggled to contain Basson's constant darting runs from 9 and the clever lines being run by Macklin and Darby in the centres.

The possession that Burnside did have was also being stifled by heavy work in defence up front from Dawes, Collins, Perdana and Campion, the tireless threat of Murison pilfering their rucks, and the spectre of Bretag-Norris menacing every lineout. Another foray into Burnside territory saw us controlling a ruck 20m out, with Smedley putting Macklin into a gap and creating space for an offload to Bartlett slipping into the line from fullback to score.

A long restart from Burnside had us regathering the ball on our try line and under pressure. The Dave, unexpectedly on the field early in the game and by this time "fresh" from only having played about 120 minutes of rugby as an emergency reserve that day, showed that youth and enthusiasm are no match for age and treachery with a 30m chip from inside our 22 that had no business coming off, but nonetheless was caught near half way on the full by Bartlett chasing through, who took it all the way for what was a 90m team try.

We went to sleep briefly after this and Burnside took advantage, turning over the ball from the kick off and throwing it wide to score in the far corner and stay within touch.

Fortunately some fresh legs got us back on track and Josh Frost (in his first grade debut off the bench), Nutt, Sheppard, and Billet all contributed well to help close out the game.

We were able to score 2 further tries, both from attacking platforms within the Burnside 22, with Van Altena grabbing his second off the back of a driving scrum, and Bartlett closing out the game with his third at the end of some crisp hands from Smedley and Mann.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 31 v Burnside 10

Tries: Rory Sheppard, Christian Newland, David Nolan (3)
Conversions: Mike Otty (3)
Best players: Jeshua Graham, David Nolan, Rory Sheppard

The 2nd XV were fired up for the clash with our arch rivals Burnside. Everything was going to plan until the third minute of the game, when we lost our discipline and our cool with the referee. The rest of the first half was easily our worst for the year. It was error strewn, Ill disciplined and not in line with our game plans.

Burnside's rush defence in midfield was creating pressure that we were failing to deal with. We allowed two soft tries in and remained scoreless in a half for the first time this year.

The halftime break allowed some calming deep breaths and a few quiet words from some concerned coaches. The second half began in completely contrasting style to the first. OC were focused and accurate. Two quick tries had us back in front and Burnside were suddenly struggling to keep up. Our simple, yet proven game plan was again reaping rewards as it was applied with accurate aggression.

We controlled possession and territory for the entire half (which was irritatingly cut 10 minutes short) to score a further 3 tries and end up 32-10 winners.

The score was a fair reflection of the game which consisted of two highly contrasting halves. At the end of the day though the 2nds roll on after defeating a competitive Burnside outfit and a valuable lesson was learnt about mental strength and focus. Well done guys, a very impressive comeback.

3rd XV: Old Collegians 32 v Burnside 12

Tries: Jarrod Mapstone, Harley Simmonds, Richard Czeglik, Kabil Pradhan, Mick Hauser (2)
Conversions: Harley Simmonds
Best players: Benny Blackall, Mick Hauser, Harely Simmonds

The Burnside team was considerably older than the aggressive youngsters who confronted us last time; plenty of the friendly faces we usually see in the 4s. We too had seven of our 4th XV helping out the 3rd XV today.

We start strongly and soon have Burnside defending desperately in their 22. The ball arrives at left wing for Mapstone to accelerate past his mark on his way to the line. We attack from the restart and again work Burnside into their 22 where Simmonds dances brilliantly through and around half a dozen would-be tacklers to drag his final tackler over the line as he scored.

Several minutes later we are again giving Burnside grief in their 22, this time Chezza barges through to get over the line. Our clear superiority was most evidenced by Burnside rarely getting beyond 2 or 3 phases before we pilfered the ball.

However a string of penalties negated that advantage and had us on the back foot.

When we stopped giving penalties, they needed phases, we got the ball and worked it within about 10 of their line.

A solid defensive scrum allows Hauser to pick the ball from Burnside's scrum and stretch out to the line. The game plays out to half time with OC 20-0.

We had noticed in the first half that Burnside's #10 was the standout player, his socks suggesting he might be a recent transfer.

He certainly proved his worth in the second half, breaking our line twice to out-sprint our defenders on both occasions to score Burnside's two tries. Between these two unpleasant incidents, we had Burnside defending when Mapstone again accelerates through Burnside's line and offloads to Pradhan who ducks and weaves to the line leaving Burnside's defenders wondering.

The second Burnside try brings the score to 27-12. A long period of play in Burnside's half has Burnside finding relief from our errors. We finally get it close and put together some error free phases, creating a hole for Hauser to dart and even up the second half scoring. The 32-12 bonus point win is satisfying and keeps us in with a slight chance of 2nd place.

4th XV: Old Collegians 20 v Burnside 0 (Forfeit by Burnside)

Women's XV: Old Collegians 61 v Burnside 17

Tries: Lusia Raikiwasa, Anja Halstead, Georgia Morris (2), d'Arcy Sadler (5), Nadia Di Girolamo
Conversions: Nadia Di Girolamo (2), Anja Halstead

To Burnside's credit they have improved a great deal since our last 108-0 drubbing of them. Despite missing six from our starting line-up we were able to put 15 on the paddock but Burnside only came with 12, and in the end that was a good thing because we had four injured off to a shoulder, a wrist, a hamstring and what we can only assume is some sort of concussion (because running off to get Formal makeup and hair done is clearly a brain injury).

As a result, Burnside played the last 25 minutes with an overlap, while we had Playmaker d'Arcy Sadler and Marshall Zoe Woodstock off the field.

It was great to see the team actually lift and accelerate during that period, and actually extend the lead by another five unanswered tries.

They say the forwards decide who wins a game and backs decide by how much, and that was true today.

The forwards definitely have the tougher role of the day, muscling up against Burnside's heavy and determined pack to keep winning ball for the OC backs who could be relied on to carve through defence and turn that hard-won possession to lovely, lovely points. (to be fair, a couple of tidy tries were collected by Lusia and Anja in the forwards, too).

Great performances from all the girls, and a special mention to Nadia Di Girolamo who ably swapped through a number of positions as needed, and to the great performances from newbies Kate Donnelly and Prodigal Ginger Georgia Morris.

U16s: Old Collegians 19 v Burnside 25

Tries: Rory Illman, Charlie Pickford, George Campbell
Conversions: Charlie Pickford (2)

After a four week break with no rugby through byes, state trips and holidays, it was good to have a game against our old foe Burnside. We would like to congratulate our state reps on great performances whilst away on the Gold Coast while the rest of our players had to contend with the unruly weather we have had over the last month which made for not many training nights.

This was not ideal in the middle of the year, but we pushed through with low numbers; 4-5 at training makes it hard to keep the enthusiasm going.

Then it was game time; we started really slow and Burnside took control of the game early and sustained this for the majority of the first half, scoring 3 tries.

We scored just before the half ended. We needed to find our team structure and team-play from the weeks before if we were going to get back into the game. Early in the second half our structure came back for a passage of play which we scored but we still looked very rusty out there with a lot of mistakes and no continuity between the boys.

We scored again to get back into the game, 3 points down with 15 minutes to go - the game was there to win.

We missed a penalty to tie the game and from there Burnside finished the better and we lost 25-19.

We all need to regroup after this loss and get to training, to get our team game back on track to fight out the rest of the season.

Note: The Referee took to Facebook this week to announce that this match was possibly the best game he has had the pleasure of refereeing in any grade. Well played, lads!

U14s: Old Collegians 32 v Burnside 17

At home but not at home, as the mist cleared off the Parkinson Oval we anticipated a close encounter with the top two teams battling for supremacy and No 1 spot on the table.

Injuries had depleted the team of some key players so an altered midfield was deployed utilising Flynn as outside centre. The game started with a flourish but neither side initially gained the dominance in the forwards with rucking and counter-rucking from both teams. The usual structure was lacking from OC but set pieces were good with the heavy conditions making clean ball difficult to control. However a break through run by James Du Preez kicked off the home team on the points board.

Lackluster tackling and failure to commit early with numbers allowed Burnside to hit back with a try almost immediately. Further scores came to Nick Barry following close support but again Burnside were allowed to breeze past light tackles to match the OC effort. Increasing pressure and following an initial practice try by Campbell (always secure the try over the white line) and then a real try OC went into the break in the lead but with scores close.

Following a stern team talk from the Captain, OC started to look to gain the advantage line through close support and playing to their strengths. A fantastic maul which went nearly half the pitch driven by James Rees amongst others created the try opportunity for Brad to go over. Momentum was building and an excellent split of the backs after repeated break-downs resulted in Kees going over near the corner.

Yet again however Burnside were allowed back into the game after some casual covering. The game was sealed with a Clifton try to finish with a good result and move on to next week for the return match against Barossa/ NEDS.

U12s: Old Collegians 12 v Burnside 24

We had a late start at Tregenza to what turned out to be an epic battle between College and Burnside this week. The coaches knew the game would be fought out in the packs. The standout performance was from Nick Brady. He plugged away for the whole game. Well done Nick.

The other loose forwards were also influential. Special mention should be made about Kylan Williamson, Declan Bell and Luke Robertson. They kept at the task set for them by the coaches. Our scrum was sublime. The game will be remembered as a great example of skilful and disciplined play by the whole team. We made numerous raids in the last ten minutes which would have secured a fitting draw.

It was very tense for the supporters from both clubs.

The other standout memory will be Luke Robertson's tackle just short of their try line. It was a monumental tackle. Some great tackling from Ralph Marks should also be noted. All in all it was a great team effort.

Burnside were shaken by a tight, effective group of players who kept trying until the last moment. Our tries came from great build-ups. We were unlucky when we came up short two times late in the second half.

We are on track to see Burnside in the finals.

All spectators would agree that on the form we had this week we are on track for another epic battle against our traditional rivals. Once again we should thank Craig and Charles for all of their hard work with our team. The team played attractive team rugby and stuck to the instructions from the coaches.

U10s: Old Collegians v Burnside

Best Tackler: Noah Robertson
Coaches' Award: Angus Porter

Playing on a full length pitch at home against Burnside, this game would have to be the U10s equivalent to the Eastern Suburbs Cup played between our 1st XVs.

The coach had the players withdraw into the club changing rooms for a final game briefing and then they all run onto the field through a column of encouraging junior players and parents. From the first till last whistle it was a fantastic game to watch. All players put in a 100% effort providing support at the breakdown and some awesome tackling. There was some clever play with the ball being stolen on several occasions, one of these was to end in a try.

Old Colls identified the key Burnside players and ensured that they were not able to play their own style of game. Burnside were not able to make any of their planned tactics bear any result as the Old Colls were always playing the ball and regaining possession. Well done to all for playing such an enjoyable and I hope satisfying game. A special thank you to those players who crossed the bench and put on the Burnside jersey to make the game possible.

U8s: Old Collegians v Burnside

Coaches' Trophy: Tyndelle Bleakley, who has lifted her endeavor and willingness to get involved which has in turn helped her grow in confidence. Keep it going, Tyndelle!

The OC U8s were under much pressure to run over Burnside this weekend given it was the team stalwart, Salvatore Constanzo's 7th birthday on match day.

Sensing that Salvie's Dad, Rob, had a bag full of goodies to give out after the game, the team responded in the only way they know how. Solid rugby played by all with the old guard of 8 year olds leading the way, ably supported by the first year players and our U7 team members pushed Burnside and took the honours on the day. Whilst at times frustrating for the coaches given missed tackles and sometimes lack of discipline at the breakdown, the team continues to show improvement each week and enjoy their rugby which is pleasing overall. A mention for the second week running for Jackson Denley who continues to show off in front of the crowd with his blistering sideline try scoring runs. (You can even see a video)

U7s: Old Collegians v Burnside

Best Player: Alex Punshon
Coaches' Trophy: Will Tanner

A new team was met on Saturday morning with Burnside fielding an U7s team for the first time this year. With a team of 16 U7s we came ready to play. Our parents and supporters were treated to another week of good attacking rugby and some dogged defence with a few long chasing runs from our defenders. This week also showed the depth of our juniors with an U5s match being run by David Humble and Andrew Howes.

The OC Joeys had a great run with Samuel Howes and Rhys McCarthy demonstrating they are ready for their transitions to the U7s side over the next month.

5th July

U12s: Old Collegians 22 v Southern Surburbs 5

Tries: Lefatu Egglestone (2), Tane Pardoe, Darcy Rogers
Conversions: Carl Arnold

The U12s travelled to Souths for the second time in three weeks with a side depleted by illness and holidays. With the field resembling Villers-Bretonneux it was always going to be a day for forwards rugby, and the whole pack excelled themselves.

Mention must be made of the Pardoe twins (Richie, can you watch more often please) and of Max Linton for their work around the fringes of the ruck, of Brady Carlson-Stewart for his tireless tackling (he won the "muddiest of the day" award) and of Declan Bell, playing his first game back for several weeks- it was as if he had never been away. The backs worked hard in conditions not ideal for running rugby, with Darcy Rogers and Lefatu Egglestone scoring tries which were well constructed team efforts.

The coaches were particularly pleased with the way the team listened to instructions at half time and tightened up accordingly- Souths were never in the game in the second half.

Finally special thanks to Carl Arnold and Gecko Egglestone for stepping in to the breach and helping us with our lack of numbers, and to Jo Rogers for offering to wash the jerseys, which by the end were more mud than fabric....

U10s: Old Collegians v Southern Suburbs Coaches

Trophy: Ryan Barlow for his strong runs and commitment to defence, and Carl Arnold for his try saving tackle

We again were given the opportunity to experiment on a full under 10's pitch.

However the condition of the field unfortunately did not provide us with an opportunity for a free flowing game. The kids enjoyed getting down and dirty and it was a fairly tight contest for most of the game. Xanib and Mitchell two of our smallest guys had their best game of the season, Sam again enjoyed getting physical in defence putting his body on the line. In the end Old College proved too strong running out winners 4 tries to 1.

U8s: Old Collegians v Southern Suburbs

Best Player: Daniel Howes.

Daniel's overall commitment to the game and to his team mates is commendable. He consistently puts in everything he's got at training and on the field and we keep on noticing a marked improvement in his game every week. He is a true team player.

Saturday morning was most probably one of our U8s toughest games to date. We took to the field without a couple of our regular and experienced players, but our team stayed focussed and committed against a solid Southern Suburbs team, who clearly remembered our strong performance against them from two weeks before.

We saw a number of dashing tries and fearless tackling and it was pleasing to see that our team maintained their discipline throughout the game.

It was overall an encouraging team effort with all our players deserving praise. A special thank you to Daniel Howes, Lana Hollway, Salvatore Costanzo and Piper Monfries who volunteered to play for Southern Suburbs during the game. It was closely contested to the end with Souths marginally sending up the victor.

We would also like to extend a special thank you to Roy Utting and his Woodville team of U7s and U8s who also came out to Bailey Reserve on Saturday morning and offered our teams some additional game time. Now we are all looking forward to our first U8s night game of the season at Victoria Park on Friday evening at 6:30pm!

U7s: Old Collegians v Southern Suburbs

Best Player, Blue Team: Quillien Bleakley
Best Players, Red Team: Azalie Czeglik and Anika Sos

This week's game had us playing at Bailey with Woodville turning up to have a game along with Souths. The first job of the day was to divide our squad into our Red and Blue teams. This done both teams set about the job of carrying the pride of Old Collegians with them onto the field against Souths and Woodville.

Both games were played in great spirit and a great many scoring opportunities were capitalised on. It was a pleasure to see how far our new players have come at the half way mark of the season, very good listening and a good level of passing was demonstrated by all. Well done to all our players this week, you all played very well.

A big thank you to Sandy Taylor for coaching our Blue team this week.
As always, an enormous thank you to all of our volunteers for all the unseen, mucky, tedious jobs they do to keep our troops on the field!

28th June

College Cup: Sandy Taylor.

Sandy consistently puts in everything he has at training and on the field, and devotes his mornings to juniors Best Volunteer: Oli Porter Much thanks to Oli for spearheading and organising the wonderful memorial day for our dear friend Bob Burgess. Thanks always also to Sue Thewlis who is our most tireless worker and spent about 14 hours working at the club on Saturday, which is not unusual! Much love as always, Mrs T!

BOB BURGESS CUP: 1st XV: Old Collegians 30 v Brighton 34

Tries: James Bradley, George Bretag-Norris, Chris Bartlett (2), Bernie Van Altena
Conversions: Will Sadler
Penalties: Will Sadler
Best Player: Jon Collins

OC had defeated Brighton in the first game of the season at Brighton and, regardless of the results since then, we knew they would come to Tregenza in force and looking to even the ledger.

OC started with purpose and put strong pressure on Brighton from the kickoff, managing to reclaim the kick and build some consistent attacking phases. Eventually Brighton conceded a penalty within range that Sadler kicked for OC to be first on the scoreboard. Brighton soon got their hands on the ball and came back in a series of forward drives, showing their strength and size up front, and pushed our defence back. Our defence was committed but was often approaching the contact situations too high, allowing Brighton to make metres with each hit-up and eventually cross our line to take the lead with a converted try. They came back again from the restart and pushed us back into our 22, but this time our defence held and after sustained pressure we were able to turn the ball over and break out to regain some territory. Our set piece was confident, with our forwards consistently securing our own line-out and being a danger to theirs. The scrums set a stable platform for Mann at 8 to link up with Sheppard at 9 and make good ground in attack. Eventually we gained a penalty advantage about 30m out on the far side of the field and Sheppard caught Brighton napping with a quick tap, sniping down the tram tracks before committing to take the last defender and off-loading to Bretag-Norris who scored a try to regain the lead by a point.

The balance of the first half was well contested by both sides. OC had the momentum initially but lost it when Brighton got a fortuitous try after a pass through our backline falconed off the head of an errant forward to bounce up into the hands of an unmarked Brighton defender, who ran 60m to score. Brighton put the pressure on and increased their lead with a penalty. In the times when we did have the ball Brighton were able to limit our effectiveness as they smothered and slowed the breakdowns. Eventually the referee tired of Brighton using their initiative in such a fashion and Brighton finished the half with 14 men on the field. Right on halftime Sadler sparked us into action, taking a high ball in our 22 and running it back up the clubhouse side. Bartlett and Smedley were right behind in support and Bartlett was able to score, reducing Brighton's lead to have us trailing 20 to 13.

The second half was a back and forth affair with neither side able to take complete control. OC again started well with a big hit from Mann at the kickoff earning us possession, but we were unable to convert it into points. Brighton ultimately were the first to score with a disappointingly easy try through open play. OC responded and built phases to grind their way into the Brighton 22, with James Bradley scoring after the forwards rumbled the ball over the line. Unfortunately, we weren't able to keep the pressure on and Brighton scored their fourth try to take a 34 to 18 lead.

The game seemed to be slipping away from us, but the last 15 minutes were frantic as OC clicked into gear to show signs of the way they have been playing in the previous few weeks. Our tight five was defending ferociously and cracks were appearing in the Brighton line. From close to half way Mann broke through the Brighton backline, making good ground to link up with Bartlett who ran the last 20 down the wing to score. With time against us, Fraser ran it back 50m from the restart and Brighton scrambled to slow him and our supporting attack down, conceding a penalty in the process. Keeping ball in hand we took a quick tap and Van-Altena forced his way over from 10m out. The converted try put us within 4 of Brighton as we again worked our way back into the Brighton 22. To their credit Brighton fought back and we were penalised in attack, leading to the last play of the game being a lineout 30m from the Brighton line with their throw in. Impressively, Bretag-Norris was able to steal the throw and give us one last chance at possession. Before the final whistle blew Jon Collins forced his way over the Brighton line but was held up & we were out of time to complete our come back.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 38 v Brighton 7

Tries: Alex Murphy, Mike Otty, Joshua Frost (2), Peter Cross, Blake Giarola
Conversions: Mike Otty (4)
Best players: Jacob Basson, Peter Cross, Hugh Sheppard, Sandy Taylor

After an unexpected loss to Uni last week the 2s were keen to get the season back on track. Brighton were third on the ladder and would pose a good challenge. From the outset our pack was dominant. We wrecked their scrummage, took their lineout ball regularly and controlled the breakdown well. Support play was superb and we created fantastic continuity. We completely dominated the first half on the back of huge possession. 24-0 at half time was well deserved.
The second half started less well though as our discipline at the ruck slipped and we conceded a rash of penalties. This gave Brighton some momentum and attacking opportunities. Their hopes were thoroughly crushed by an extraordinary defensive effort by the backs. Brighton's centres were repeatedly smashed backwards until they no longer wanted the ball. This left them little or no attacking options. By the final whistle we were totally dominant across the field, Brighton were out-manoeuvred and out-muscled. We did concede a fairly soft try in the final play of the game, but this was a small blemish on an extremely polished performance, and was certainly our most satisfying game so far this year.

3rd XV: Old Collegians 10 v Brighton 34

Try: Kabil Pradhan
Conversion: Harley Simmonds
Penalty: Harley Simmonds
Best Player: Ryan Nielsen

Brighton turned up with a team studded with a handful of recent stars balanced with relative youth - a formula we have used successfully for some years now.

Today that formula worked well for them, much to our detriment.

From kickoff, Brighton apply plenty of pressure which results in a try after 5 mins of attack. With ball in hand we look better and get into position for Simmonds to convert a penalty. Brighton responds with a penalty. The ball is moved up and down the pitch until close to the break Brighton get the ball to a winger marked only by forwards. The winger wins the race to the line. We advance the ball passing it to Kabil who finds his way to the line. Converted from wide by Simmonds. We went to the break at 10 - 13 down.

Second half starts and we can see Brighton is using the wind more effectively than we had. Lots of hard work grinding the ball forward to within 5 of the line sees Brighton relieve 60 metres from a wonderful Londema kick. Brighton re-gather and score several phases later. Brighton use intelligent kicking to repel many of our attacks and we are finding it difficult to get out of our half. The tackling load is tiring and Brighton works it over again after attacking for some 10 mins mostly within 10 metres to make it 10 - 27. More strenuous OC attacks gain territory, only for a turnover to have the ball sailing back high over our heads. Brighton rub in the salt on full-time with another converted try to finish 34-10 victors.

4th XV: Old Collegians 17 v Brighton 29

Tries: Mark Johnson (3)
Conversions: Mark Johnson (2)
Best players: Mark Johnson, Jarrod Mapstone, Dave Phillips

This week a severely depleted 4th grade met Brighton at Parkinson Oval in what would be an extremely tough match. With players out of position and against strong opposition OC showed great spirit and determination led by inspirational captain Mark Johnson, who managed to score all of OC’s points including a hat-trick of tries. The match was hard fought with both teams trading tries in the first half with OC able to find many gaps in the Brighton backline with strong runs from the backline and powerful attacks from the forwards. The first half finished on level terms with both teams equal on the scoreboard.
The second half was another intense battle with both teams fighting hard for the lead. The deciding factor came down to fatigue with OC having no bench to utilise and Brighton having sightly fresher legs and able to finish the game slightly stronger running out eventual winners.

Special thanks to Mark Pickard for throwing on a jersey and helping out.

Big thanks to Tom Moon, Liam McDonough and Rory Sheppard for officiating the match as part of SA Rugby’s “Referees Round” initiative which asks Clubs to provide refs for 4th XV and U12s for one home game each season.

U16s: Old Collegians 32 v Brighton 19

Tries: Joel Pepper, George Campbell, Kyle Fleetwood–Piper, Ollie Horne ,Seb Thompson & Charlie Dubois

Back home after two weeks away to face another arch rival in Brighton who always put up a good fight. The day didn’t start out great, with 5 players not able to take the field with injury and other commitments. After having a full squad last week, down to 15 this week - not ideal but the boys were all committed to go out and play.
We started out strong with a lot of the play but yet again failed to get across the line to put points on the board. Our forwards were relentless in getting the ball over the advantage line we then finally crossed the line for the first try which gave the team a lift. We then crossed two more times. Brighton then scored two runaway tries to close the gap to 15-14 at half time.
We started the second half slowly. Brighton put us under a lot of pressure, our defence held strong after countless Brighton attacks to get over our line they managed to score early and hit the lead, it was now where the gutsy determination of the team effort kicked in, with a few very sore boys out on the park having no reserves to give them a rest.
A great run by Ollie Horne had him score and put us back in the lead. This gave us a lot more confidence. Then the try of the day to Seb Thompson who got the ball behind halfway and with a gutsy run he scored to put us further in front. We finished with another great team try to come away with the win, 32-19.
A very gutsy team effort by all.
Special mentions to Isaac Hay, Ollie Horne, Seb Thompson & Charlie Dubois.
We now have 3 weeks off, so let’s get to training and work on our fitness to keep us in good shape for the second half of the year. Good luck to all our state players going to the Gold Coast - play hard and make us proud!

U14s: Old Collegians 39 v Brighton 0

Tries: James Du Preez (2), George Hewitt, Magnus Illman (2), Michael Clifton, Harrison Cole
Conversions: George Hewitt (2)

Torrential rain plagued the build up for this exciting match but on the day the Rugby Gods smiled upon us and although somewhat wet underfoot this did not deter excellent running rugby. Brighton came out and worked hard to spoil OC ball with good counter rucking and a desire from their forwards to win the ball. However good scrimmaging and pick and drive resulted in several near misses including an amazingly near miss by Brad before George Hewitt smuggled the ball over the line. Brighton lacked their usual vigour from previous seasons but although improved from earlier this year found it difficult to counter the drive of OC. Individual efforts again by James Du Preez and a deeper attacking line up from the backs meant excellent passing and slippery side steps from Magnus got the tries we deserved and OC were on a roll. Further tries by Harrison and Michael Clifton cemented the score. Magnus Duckett stood out again for his hard work (and green hat) as well as James Rees as he drove hungry to secure the ball. The consistency of the line out with leaping salmon Oscar means a strong platform to build up the attacks. Jack Richards put his body on the line and bravely came off as did George Hewitt. Well done to Max, Seaton, Campbell, Marcel, Matt Green (the stopper), Kees (spirited ball retriever), James, Alfie and of course Flynn who is genuinely the all round utility bacforward. Also to Edwin, Tom and Colin as well as Nick Barry, great passing (disclaimer: I am his father). Thank you also to Jasper and Anton as we are limited to 23 players each week and someone sadly has to bow out.
Good luck to those representing State and next match in 3 weeks.

U12s: Old Collegians 42 v Brighton 24

Tries: Lochie Edwards, Lefatu Egglestone (3), Tane Pardoe (2), D’arcy Rogers (2)
Conversion: Lochie Edwards

As one player put it after the coaches’ post match words, "we won the game but we lost to ourselves". We scored a handsome win on the score board but we did not have our best outing. Special mention goes to Lefatu Egglestone for his tries, Tane Pardoe for his try and Tom Deakin for some lovely passages of play in front of the coaches’ box. Well done, Tom.
Otherwise it was hard to find any standout players.
We started well and played some good rugby, keeping it tight in the forwards and using the backs when space was created. We had Brighton well and truly on the back foot. Unfortunately, the score illuminated on the big screen became a focus of attention for much of our team and we started trying to play "champagne rugby" in conditions more suitable to cask wine.
Sideways running on a number of occasions let Brighton back into the game and, although the result was never in doubt, there was an air of disappointment that the players did not stick to the basics which they did wonderfully well against Onkas and Souths.
Brighton only scored off our mistakes. Much sterner competition awaits in the next few games, and a return to our structured play will be required if we are to maintain our position in the ladder.
The coaches of Onkas, Burnside and Souths have all commented on our structure and we this will definitely be a focus at training this week. Finally on the day we celebrated Bob Burgess as a club legend, we still must remember the 12s had a win and they got to sing the song and we also got some much needed bonus points.

U10s: Old Collegians v Brighton

Coaches’ Trophy: Sam Brady, for his consistent game play and to Slade Hollway whose tenacity in tackling especially one try saving effort. Keep them low!

The second match up between any two teams is always a good measure of how the teams are performing. The Brighton team appeared to have a few more players from the last time the two teams played. This gave some thought that Brighton would be there to make amends to the last meeting. This was not to be. The OC players once again demonstrated their well disciplined style of play. They were all playing the ball, looking for the support that was always there. The OC U10s tacked low and were defending very well. It is fantastic to see more players stepping up to receive the pass, make the tackle. Credit to the trainers for the team is constantly showing improvement and more than matching the challenges thus far. The girls may want to put their hair up in a bun next time OC plays Brighton!

U8s: Old Collegians v Brighton

Coaches Trophy: Lana Holloway, who impresses us each week with her commitment to the team, her tackling efforts and most importantly showing leadership on the field by directing her team mates to be in the right position. She sets a great example to her team mates.
The OC U8s faced up to a much improved Brighton this week. Have rolled over them decisively earlier in the season, they came to Tregenza with a bigger and better prepared team. Fortunately, OC U8s were back to full strength with Andre Smith returning from two weeks in the sick bay along with Salvatore Constanzo and proved too strong for Brighton.
As coaches, we continue to try and drill the team things into our players to ensure that everyone feels that they are part of the team and have a role to play. It would be easy to let our two three best players have the ball every time and score but we want to equip them with the necessary skills to take to the next age group and we want all our players to know what is expected of them in a team context. To that end, we saw some creative passing, some strong clean outs (most of the time) and fearless tackling that culminated into a strong team performance. Daniel Howes deserves a mention for his tackling efforts as does Andre for his 3 tries and Lucas for his cunning work at the break downs.

U7s: Old Collegians v Brighton

Best Player: our newest player, Joey Corbett
Coaches’ Trophy: one of our more experienced players, Ed List
Our game this week against Brighton showed us yet again that if we don't have quick recycled ball then the opposition will close down our attacking ball. Saturday morning’s game was again played in great spirit, as we have come to expect from our U7s. We fielded a large team again this week that meant a lot of interchanges to keep our players warm and eager for the ball. Unfortunately we were not able to break through Brighton's defensive line on enough occasions which resulted in us not scoring the amount of try's that we would have liked but we did see some great play from of our junior players along with some great running from our first time player Joey Corbett. Well done U7s on another great turn out.

21st June
1st XV: Old Collegians 59 v Southern Suburbs 17

Tries: Wesley Billett, Gary Mann, Paddy Macklin, Delano Leen (2), Liam McDonough, Will Sadler (3)
Conversions: Will Sadler (7)
Best Players: Jack Campion, Paddy Macklin, Will Sadler

Old Colls did not benefit from the couple of days of rain leading up to Saturday, as whilst conditions were dry for the game, the ground was quite boggy and restricted our ability to play the fast, free-flowing game that we have been developing this season. That being said, we wasted no time in getting on the board when Liam McDonough ended up with the ball on the half-way line shortly after the kick-off and weaved his way through a fair number of the Souths defenders to get the first try of the game.
Old Colls took the following re-start well enough, but Souths were up quickly in defence and the pressure they were able to bring, combined with our attack stagnating in the mud, eventually forced a turn-over. Souths took full advantage of this and nabbed a try of their own to even the score.

Fortunately our response was quick. The forwards were impressive in their reclaiming of the kick-off to get some clean ball to the backs, who again ran in a try from halfway, this time being finished off by Sadler. The rest of the half was dominated by Old Colls as we controlled the scrums and line-outs and gradually adapted to the conditions in open play. The sogginess of the field meant that even with the majority of possession we were struggling to force our way through the defence in close around the rucks, but the defence was equally hampered in their manoeuvrability and ability to respond to us changing the angle and direction of attack. Whilst finding a relatively dry bit of turf to get a run-up was a bit of a luxury, the importance of the backs in particular running onto passes at speed and at aiming gaps with players in support became apparent, and once we clocked onto this we were able to keep the score board ticking over.

Wes Billett was the next to score, positioning himself well after solid pressure saw the team work down to the Souths' 22, where Sheppard sniped through and popped to Wes 5m out. The backs continued to progress strongly in attack and Chris Bartlett was working well down the wing to make good ground with ball in hand, though it must be noted that having done enough to get over the try line himself on several occasions, he proved curiously generous in his last-moment almost desperate off-loads that saw further tries to team mates Sadler and Macklin. Delano Leen, who had managed to pull off an ambitious chip and chase, got the last try of the half for the team to take a 45 to 7 lead into half time. Old Colls came out firing from the break with an impressive kick-off regather by Campion, leading to Old Colls regaining the pill and Gary Mann taking full advantage of the unexpected possession to score.

Unfortunately, Old Colls were unable to maintain the level of play they had achieved in the first half and the game devolved into a bit of a slow stale show. Old Colls got noticeably quieter in voice on the field and were not able to coordinate the attack as accurately as they had shown they were capable. Ultimately we let Souths in for a soft try, which fired them up and they began to threaten in attack and get niggly in defence.
Pleasingly, Old Colls maintained their discipline and were eventually able to score a further try after working into the Souths' half and stretching their defence out wide for Bartlett to break through, with yet another offload, this time to Leen who scored.

Disappointingly the game finished with a third try to Souths, but there were plenty of positives to take from the first half into next week’s game against Brighton.

A big thank you to the thirds who stood by in reserve and to the seconds who, having faced even worse conditions against Uni, made their way over from Waite to back up for the first grade.
No tries = no beard

2nd XV: Old Collegians 10 v Adelaide University 13

Try: Mitch Sallis
Conversion: Mitch Sallis
Penalty: Mitch Sallis
Best players: Everyone, with a particular mention to Mark Darby

The 2s fielded yet another drastically different team this week as we took on a fired up Uni at Waite. Dreadful conditions meant our usual free flowing style would be impossible but we were still determined to get a good result. From the outset the game was going to be close, with uni dominating field position while we had the lion’s share of possession. As the game wore on Uni seemed to have more running in them and more mobility in the conditions.

We weren't able to adapt to Uni's small agile inside backs and they created problems for our tiring team. By the end only a penalty separated the teams and this was a fair reflection of the game. They were just that little bit better than us on the day.

Despite losing for the first time this year, we should look on this game positively. A huge number of players stepped up a grade and played with total commitment and honesty. Well done lads!

A special mention to Mark Darby for a great game, and to Tim Chew & Alex Eames for playing on the wing after we lost our fullback 10 mins into the game.

Another big challenge this weekend against Brighton, so training and attitude this week will be crucial to our performance.

3rd XV: Old Collegians 40 v Southern Suburbs 22

Tries: Rene Munch (3), Chester Armstrong, David Nolan, Ryan Nielsen
Conversions: Harley Simmonds (2)
Penalties: Harley Simmonds (2)
Best players: Paul Cleary, Rene Munch, Ryan Nielsen

With a heap of players unavailable this week, we had work to do to put a 3rd XV together. We ended up with a squad of 18, with no tight five cover. Of that 18, nine were 4th XV players. On paper, not confidence-inspiring as we faced the top of table Souths who at last encounter bashed us up somewhat.

From the kickoff we moved the ball up the field and into range for Simmonds when the penalty came our way. Souths with ball in hand looked dangerous and moved the attack back and forth across field. Soon a winger found himself unmarked on the left wing and scored. We were more effective with ball in hand and had two more penalty shots, Simmonds slotting one. Our defence was, by now, well organised and effectively repelled many dangerous Souths attacks - sideline confidence was rapidly growing. Twice, Nolan kicked cross-field into Souths 22. Twice the Souths ball-gatherer was pressured by our chasers to seek the relative safety of touch. Twice we won clean ball from the lineout, passed it through quick hands to our outside backs to score. Twice, the Souths forwards were still recovering from the lineout as we scored. Munch the first time and Armstrong the second.
Souths slip through late in the half to make it 18-10 at the break.

Souths started the second half strongly and worked the ball close to our line. We conceded several penalties before Lewis working strenuously to win the ball earned a canary for a 'cynical' infringement. His efforts merely delayed the try. 18-17. Nielsen breaks the line and gets the ball to Munch for the finish.

Simmonds converts. Souths reply and its 25-22.

They were still giving us trouble, but it was again our turn to score - Munch breaking out for his hat-trick before limping off with a sore hammy. As the game progressed, the teamwork grew tighter, we forced more turnovers and won more clean ball from set-pieces. With the Souths piggies now tiring, we began to find our way through with increasing ease with Nolan and Nielsen scoring to finish 40-22 at full-time.

This was a remarkable effort by a Div 3½ team. The 4s stepped up strongly and the team melded well and played as if they had been together for some time. There were some outstanding individual efforts making best on ground selection difficult. But this win was forged in exceptional teamwork and the commitment of all 18 players with special thanks to the nine 4s for their contribution. The win puts us within a game of 1st place.

U16s: Old Collegians 36 v Southern Suburbs 5

Tries: Bernard De Villiers, Rory Illman, Charlie Pickford, Ollie Horne, Sam Price, Awin Mathews
Conversions: Charlie Pickford (2 cons), Ollie Horne

It was great to have our fully fit squad back out on the pitch (welcome back Ciaran Whittaker after 7 weeks out with a broken arm), and the boys looked focused in the sheds. You could sense we were in for a great game, the weather had made the pitch very soggy but that didn’t stop us getting the ball through our hands from the forwards to the backs scoring 4 tries in the first half with a great display of team play.

This continued in the second half although the scoreboard didn't reflect the effort, Souths defended and held us up for awhile, then we had our play of the year - a try from a line out from one side of the pitch to the other in seconds through the hands of all of our back line, was pretty to watch, we finished the game with another good team try.

A great effort from the whole team; if we can continue this style of play towards the year's-end destiny will be ours.

Special mentions to Sam Price, Ben Viljoen, Bernard De Villiers & Douggie Pratt who all had their best game for the year. This week we take on Brighton in a big home game. Let’s all get to training and continue to improve our rugby!

U14: Old Collegians 53 v Southern Suburbs 7

Wintry weather gave way to fine perfect rugby conditions being mildly soggy underfoot. Souths clearly came with a game plan and ran the gainline fast. Such is the nature of rugby, frustrating clean ball and the rhythm so clearly seen against Onkas. However the crowd were not disappointed as Tom Copson went over for a Captain's try after dazzling running and mauling to the corner flag. Good clean ball delivered at speed then ensued and the backs took this to the oppo with dazzling tries from Marcel, Matt Green and the irrepressible (Oh my coccyx hurts) Magnus Illman. Congratulations on Seaton’s first try after so many near misses. Let us not forget the great work rate of everyone as this really develops into a great team. A slight lapse let Souths in for a consolation try.

U12: Old Collegians 29 v Southern Suburbs 10

We played on a heavy ground at Souths. Our standout players were Henri Pardoe, Kylan Williamson and Max Linton for work around the breakdown

There was some wonderful work with the ball by Lefatu Egglestone, some good supporting runs from Darcy Rogers (Captain for the day), and Lochie Edwards in difficult conditions, and their tackling in the backs was notable. We defended really well around the fringes of the rucks and Souths broke through our line only twice around the rucks all game. (Pay attention, forwards... there will be some drills to "post up"!).

Some good contributions from Max Gommersal at some critical times in the game and some nice opportunistic play from Tom Mocatta to carry the ball forward in heavy traffic. We let Souths have too much ball in the second half and did not disrupt as well as we could. But as they say "imitation is sincerest form of flattery" and Souths copied our tactics to the letter in the second half which showed when we "went to sleep" for 10 minutes. Overall a great team effort. We translated some good training into a game time. We coped with a heavy penalty count close to our line and did not give up. We are clearly improving and playing good entertaining rugby.

U10s: Old Collegians v Southern Suburbs

Coaches Trophy: Harry Rodgers, for one of his best games so far this season!
Best Tackler: Meg Richards for consistently great tackles

Do you think Souths knew what to expect when they agreed to play against the Old Colls U10s on the full length pitch?

All of Old Colls players, loaded with the previous full pitch experience, knew exactly what to do and where to stand. This was very encouraging to see considering the players have not yet been given field positions. Again the tackling, support and clearing out of the ball was taken to the highest level thus producing a very enjoyable game to be watched by all.

Souths, bolstered by four Old Colls players, played an excellent and well structured game not letting the Old Colls U10s rest on their laurels.
Every time Souths put the pressure on, the Old Colls players responded defending the opposition’s advances on every occasion. The players when in offensive mode passed out to the wing enable the running game they are so good at.

We wish to thank Souths for including the four extra players to enable the game to be on the full length pitch, and also the eight players who volunteered to play with Souths who all contributed at their highest level.

A special mention should go to Jemima as she played an outstanding game for the opposition. All showed the true spirit of rugby!

U8s: Old Collegians v Southern Suburbs

Coaches’ Trophy: Sam Lindow

The U8s met their match in Souths this week. In our last encounter Souths beat the OC U8s - the only team to do so this year. They presented as a very well structured team, the best we have played, with some big players who constantly tried to run over our defensive line. The OC U8s were well up to the task and fought out a deserved win. As in previous weeks - strength in and around the rucks helped us win a lot of contested ball and the team held up strongly in defence.

In particular in the second half when faced with Souths rehearsed rolling maul, the U8s got stuck right in and saved two or three push-over tries by fighting them back from our try line. I don't like singling out players because I know that all of the U8s come to play rugby and give it a red-hot go each week BUT it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge our second year players like Lucas Aguiar, Noah Wilson and Max Richards who play like demons each week and really set the base and the high standard that the team is attempting to play to.

Their leadership is helping our new players step up as evidenced today when I thought a couple of our new players played their best games.

As is the case each week, there can only be one trophy winner and this week it was Samuel Lindow who played his best game scoring a great try after a lung busting run and making some important tackles in the clinches. Congratulations, Samuel!

Also welcome to Piper Monfries who had her first game this week, fitting in nicely.

U7s: Old Collegians v Southern Suburbs

Best Player: Joe Menz
Coaches’ Trophy: Hudson Lindow

With a wet pitch under foot our Under 7s started their match with a lot of enthusiasm. Our attack was evident but our defence and listening was not as good as we had seen in previous weeks. Good running was shown by all but not as much passing lead to Souths getting an upper hand with their defence. In the second half we saw the ball passed around a bit more which resulted in us pegging back the lead Souths had gained in the first. By the end of the game we had almost levelled but father time was a fickle soul this week and Souths ran out winners. Well done to all our Under 7s for another great turn out.

14th June

College Cup: Stephen McCabe. Steve returns to the UK next week after a great year with us. He'll be missed!
Best Volunteer: Rob Costanzo. Thanks for the hours spent masterfully manning the BBQ, Rob.

Plus an honourable mention to Ted Apted who spends all afternoon at every home game manning the score board

1st XV: Old Collegians 68 v Onkaparinga 19

Tries : Tim Dawes, Jon Collins, Gary Mann, Bernie Van Altena, Rory Sheppard, Chris Bartlett (2),Paddy Macklin, Delano Leen (2), Will Sadler
Conversions : Will Sadler, Rob Smedley (3), Mitch Sallis
Penalties : Will Sadler
Best Players: Rory Sheppard, George Bretag-Norris, Delano Leen

Old Colls were keen to continue their strong form of recent weeks and take control of the game from the kickoff, and they did not waste any time with an early try to Gary Mann in the corner after the team confidently drove into the Onkaparinga 22.

Shortly after, Old Colls broke through the Onkaparinga defence from the halfway and Delano Leen crossed the try line in almost the same place as the first try, only to have it disallowed and the play called back for a lineout.

Onkaparinga were able to clear the ball and the game settled down with both teams swapping possession, though the Old Colls' set piece allowed them to retain the majority of the ball, with our line-out functioning smoothly in both attack and defence.
Eventually Old Colls earned a penalty within range and were able to increase the lead to 8. We secured the ball from the re-start and regrouped on our own 10m line.

An enterprising clearing box-kick from Sheppard put Onkaparinga on the back foot and the outside backs chased it well to force a turnover and keep the momentum going, with Sheppard following and taking the last pass to finish the play with a try.

This spurred Onkaparinga into action and they pressured our reception on the re-start to gain possession and drive us into our 22 for the first time in the game.

We slowly conceded ground in defence and, after shifting their attack from side to side over several phases, Onkaparinga were able to barge over and score in front of the Heavies' Balcony.

There was still a fair bit of back and forth action left in the first half as Old Colls retained possession for the next 10 minutes, gradually working back to the Onkaparinga end of the field but we had to work hard to find gaps in their defence.

Eventually Macklin was able to cross and score, but Onkas came straight back with a converted try after they were up quickly in defence from the next re-start and intercepted a flat pass near the halfway line.

It was our turn to respond and it was not long before Sadler, McDonough and Leen linked up well to crack the Onkaparinga lineout wide and, with a series of well supported offloads, Leen was able to score for his first try.

Onkas continued to threaten when they had possession, but pleasingly our forwards were able to contain theirs in the set piece and as a team we held them scoreless for the remainder of the half,whilst increasing our lead to 37 to 12 with tries to Van Altena and the continually hirsute Chris Bartlett.

The second half began in much the same fashion as the first, with Tim Dawes scoring an early try after some good straight running by the team down the middle of the field pushed Onkas back and over their line.

Continued pressure saw us back in their red zone shortly after and, whilst they were able to hold us out initially, they conceded a penalty 5 out and Jon Collins borrowed over to score from a quick tap.

Sadler was the next to score but, after injuring himself in the process, it proved to be his last action in what had been an impressive contribution to the match. It did however give first grade debutant Jamie Foster a chance to contribute and he ran out a solid last 25 minutes of the game. Onkas came back at this point and were able to increase their aggression in the open field but, whilst they earned their third try for the day, it would be their last score in the game as they also eventually earned a red card and finished the game with 14 men.

Old Colls stood up to the physicallity well and took advantage of having an extra man on the field in the backs, with Leen and Bartlett both scoring their second tries of the match.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 31 v Onkaparinga 12

Tries:Ben Suttell, Jack Darby, Mitch Sallis, Nat Linder-Patton, James Foster
Conversions:Mitch Sallis (3)
Best players:Jack Campion. Jack Darby, Riady Perdana

With a lot of personnel changes the 2s looked a different team, but still produced a sound result.

Onkas showed up determined to end our unbeaten run, and they attacked our defence more aggressively and effectively than any other team this year.

Unfortunately we didn't handle this new pressure as well as we could have, allowing two tries in.

At half time the scores were level and a fair reflection of the game.

In the second half though, we adapted our defence to nullify Onkas attacks and despite an unusually high error count we closed out the game with four tries and a bonus point.

Despite this being a bit of an ugly game, it was a good showing of our self belief, and victory over a strong opposition was deserved.
Well done to all the players. This is a game we can learn a lot from, particularly in regards to adapting our mindset throughout the course of a match.
Bring on University!

3rd XV:Old Collegians 22 v Onkaparinga 5

Tries:Rob Porteous, David Nolan (2), Andrew Kennett
Conversions: Harley Simmonds
Best players: Stephen McCabe, David Nolan, Rob Porteous

We had a good start, working the ball into position for Kennett to dart over for the first points. Onkas settled us creating heaps of pressure and going over the line, fortunately held up. Soon after their flighty #10 [Ed. This would be Troy Doughty, I think?] broke our line and scored under the posts.

With some ball in hand again, we worked into the 22, where a well controlled maul advanced the ball for Father Porteous to score. Late in 1st half Onkas were again piling on the pressure and went over the line-dropped. Luckily, 10-5 at half-time.

Possession was swapped as both teams worked hard gaining territory but failing to finish. We were gaining superiority in the set pieces and the team used this to good effect earning us a good share of the ball. Poor execution ended several promising attack s before Nolan broke loose and scored our third.

More hard from both teams attacking and defending was exhausting the players as full time approached. We had the ball inside Onkas 22 when Nolan found a hole and sprinted to the line to score his second and the important bonus point. Converted by Simmonds. TweetTweetTweet!

Onkas was much better organised than when we last played them and they gave us a good workout. Our discipline was excellent throughout. Our defence was well organised and effective. It was a good performance; however, we are still lacking the crispness that won us the last two premierships. That crispness is attainable only by training for it.

4th XV: Old Collegians 10 v Onkaparinga 24

Tries: Ry Gardner, Kabil Pradhan
Best players: Jarrod Mapstone, Dave Pedler-Jones,James Sheekey

This week OC met Onkaparinga at home in a top of the table clash. Even though we were hampered by a lack of possession in the first half we played with great intensity and our forwards matched the forward heavy Onkas in the scrums and around the field and when we did get possession our backline were able to slice up the defence. When we gained possession we converted the pressure into a try to Ry Gardener from a powerful burst through their defence.

The second half was similar to the first with OC starved of possession and an intense battle with each side only scoring once each. Our try was scored by a brilliant backline effort to put Kabil Pradhan in for a try.

A good performance from everyone on the pitch with more improvement needed for the second half of the season.

Women's XV: Old Collegians 31 v Onkaparinga 39

Tries: Mackenzie Sadler (3), Sabrina Morrison, Daniella Di Girolamo
Conversions: Sîan Beavers (3)
Best players: Nadia Di Girolamo, Laura O'Shea, d'Arcy Sadler

The women's team has been showing vast improvement on a weekly basis.

Set piece, structure, support lines, and ruck and maul have all improved greatly. Although we lost this match, there was only 8 points in it (and a certain try was flubbed by OC on the final whistle, thanks to a slightly forward pass), yet when these teams met a month ago OC lost by a much greater margin of 29 points.

Tackling still needs some work, as does focus.

Lapses of concentration let in easy tries to Onkas in the last moments of the first half and the first moments of the second half, and ultimately cost us the game.

The match was played as 12 aside, which was disappointing for OC who had 18 players who wanted match time.
Subs were rolled frequently, and the whole team played very well.

Highlights were the try which was pushed over the line by a maul from the lineout, and a spectacular try to Sabrina Morrison who dived over the line like a javelin after a perfectly timed pass from Cap’n Lu.
OC now has 3 byes before its next hitout, and have some knuckling down to do in the meantime to polish its skills for the next round. Unfortunately, the next time they play will be without Laura O’Shea who is off globetrotting and may not return. She is a firm favourite and has been playing some great footy this year, and she will be badly missed.

Bye, Irish!

U16s: Old Collegians 10 v Onkaparinga 24

Tries: Awin Mathews, Rory Illman

This week we played our home game at Parkinson Oval against the team above us on the ladder, Onkaparinga.

After a great team improvement over the last few weeks we knew we could match it with them.

We got off to a great start holding them in our half for the first 10 minutes which created pressure on them from which we scored the first try of the game. We then had a lapse in our team structure which let them score twice. We got our team play back together and put them under a lot of pressure inside our 22 unfortunately we couldn’t turn this into points.

A couple of defensive errors cost us 2 more tries. A gain we held them in our 22 for majority of the last 15 minutes, and we scored again to close the gap but the time ran out to see us go down 24-10.

Great games by Backs Rory Illman, Awin Matthews (who scored our 2 tries) also Joel Pepper and Issac Hay in the forward pack along with Charlie Dubois & Jimmy Francis in the centres.

Let's all get out to training to improve so we can come away with a victory next time.

U14s: Old Collegians 46 v Onkaparinga 10

Tries: Brad Killick, Harrison Cole, James Gomersall, James Du Preez (3), Magnus Illman, Marcel Dajean
Conversions: George Hewitt (2), Tom Copson

U12s: Old Collegians 27 v Onkaparinga 17

Tries: Lefatu Egglestone (3), Tane Pardoe, Brady Carlson-Stewart
Conversion: Darcy Rogers

An old foe came to Tregenza this week and we played strong tight disciplined rugby to beat Onkaparinga comprehensively. The stand out contributors were the entire team. A great team effort. We had a good start, not something we did well at the start of the season. Darcy Rogers played an excellent captain's game and converted our tries. He led the team well and together with Lefatu Egglestone they combined well to score a number of tries. Other try scorers capped of some great team work. Our scrum continues to impress the spectators and haunt our opponents. "Knock-ons" don't hold much fear for us any more. Special mention to Luke Robertson and Brady Carlton Stewart for some great tackles. Other great defensive work from Kylan Williamson who bravely played the whole game with the fingers of his left hand very painful and strapped up.

The challenge set for the team by the coaches this season was to improve our performances against our opponents when we played them for a second time during the season. Our first game against Onkas was a good hit out and the highlight was that we drew the second half while losing the game. This time around we won the first and second halves and the game. Our opponents' coach commented that we were organised & disciplined at the break down and he wanted the managers to congratulate the players on that. So congratulation Under 12s!

U10s: Old Collegians v Onkaparinga

This game against Onkaparinga was the second meeting for the players this season. The first game was played on the "full size" pitch and Old Collegians came out on top. Word in the street was that the Onka's were looking to even the score.

From the first kick Onka's came out playing hard and testing Old Coll's defensive. The Old Coll's U10s had to work hard and they did. Once again the team all worked together making that extra effort to chase down the opposition players, making the tackle and also passing the ball to the player next them. The game being held on the slightly smaller pitch suited the Onka's team as they tended to mass around the ball and as such the Old Coll's players were not able to make the break to the wings.

It was very pleasing to see some of the newer players appear in the middle of play. The game ended in a draw. Well done again to all

U8s: Old Collegians v Onkaparinga

Best Player : Ivan Arnold, whose hard, attacking, running and enthusiasm each week is invaluable

Whilst not the polished performance of recent weeks, the OC U8s had a solid game against Onka's.

OC dominated the scoring but our play and structure was frustrating.

Where in recent weeks we played a team game and shared the ball once secured, this week we had too many hands in the ruck trying the grab the ball and run with it. We have focussed hard at training on what is expected of the players arriving first at the breakdown and where the remaining players should then position themselves to accept a pass (or defend the line).

The second half was better with our players becoming more conscious of maintaining our line and running at the opposition head on. That said, a nd as I mention every week, we are never short of effort or desire and again we had 16 players that came to play. There were some superb runs culminating in tries, great tackles made and solid work around the rucks and in the mauls that earned us valuable turnovers. Our second year players continue to provide a great platform for the younger players in their first year of full contact to step up and learn the ropes. Lana Holloway showed great leadership in the second half helping the team maintain our line and William, Tyson, Sam and Ivan showed great sportsmanship by volunteering to play for Onkas to even the teams up. Well done the U8s!

U7s:Old Collegians v Onkaparinga

Coaches' Trophy: Anika Sos, in her first match
Best Player: Azalie Czeglik

A cool and wet morning greeted us on Saturday.

The Under 7s were not deterred and it proved to be a great day for Rugby.

Onkas started off with a flurry that left a few of our players wondering what had happened but this was soon stopped with a magnificent display of defence from both our Blue team and our Red when they took the field.

Great attacking runs were made by all with our seminal ball Jack Bell have quite a few great runs in attack. Ed List showed he is taking his game to a new level with some great running that showed his ability to change direction and exploit the gaps.

In the end we had a win that was very much a come from behind and one that all of our Under 7s should be justly proud.

Well done to all our Under 7s players!

7th June

College Cup: Jack Darby

Best Volunteer: Corne Arnold

1st XV: Old Collegians 73 v Burnside 0

Tries: Tim Dawes, James Bradley, Rory Sheppard, Chris Bartlett, Paddy Macklin, Delano Leen (3), Will Sadler (2), Robbie Harlow
Conversions: Will Sadler (5), Robbie Harlow
Penalties: Will Sadler (2)
Best players: The whole team!

Old Colls and Burnside both came into this game confident on the back of strong wins the previous week against Port Adelaide and Brighton respectively. A good physical contest developed in a stop-start first 15 minutes, with the pressure around the ruck resulting in turnovers and scrappy ball for both sides. Possession and territory were well contested and relatively evenly shared and, whilst neither side was able to dominate the open field, Old Colls were comfortably controlling the scrums and line-outs. Each team eventually had a opportunity for a penalty goal, which Old Colls slotted but Burnside were unsuccessful in their attempt shortly after.

This proved to be as close to scoring as Burnside would get for the day. In the last 25 minutes of the first half Old Colls settled down their play and started to execute the simple aspects of the game well. Hit-ups were hard and well directed, support play was consistent and the forwards and backs worked smoothly in individual units to continually stretch the Burnside defensive line.

The speed of the recycle at the breakdown was increasing and with each phase the forwards were able to steadily drive Burnside backwards 2 to 3 meters before the backs, on the front foot under the straight-running direction of Cross, had their chance to pressure the gaps that were inevitably appearing.

Ultimately Rory Sheppard nabbed the first try and Old Colls maintained their momentum with tries following to Leen, Sadler, Macklin and Dawes, each at the end of impressive team phase play. Burnside still had some possession but the team-wide defence of Old Colls was firm and only very rarely was Burnside even able to make it over the gain line, usually having to resort to kicking for territory they could not otherwise earn.

Old Colls did not stop communicating with Dawes leading positive on-field chat in attack and defence, which was a notable contrast to Burnside who became quieter as the points mounted against them to be 39 to 0 at the half time break.

The second half followed much the same pattern as the first. The sides wrestled possession back and forth for the first 10 minutes, though the majority of this time was spent in the Burnside half. Eventually Bartlett was able to score down the wing and thereafter it was largely one-way traffic, with the Old Colls forwards pushing defenders back at will and the Macklin / Leen centres combination cutting up the Burnside backline.

Impressively Old Colls did not slack off, adding more tries to Leen, James Bradley, Sadler, Leen for his third and the game was all but over when Robbie Harlow was able to comfortably stroll over the Burnside line from 10m out to dot one down directly under the posts.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 38 v Burnside 0

Tries: Alex Eames, Joshua Frost, Jack Darby, James Foster (2). Robbie Harlow
Conversions: Robbie Harlow (4)
Best Players: Jack Darby, Nat Linder-Patton, Robbie Harlow

With a number of players missing in key positions, this was a big test of our depth and resolve. Arch rivals Burnside were keen to stop our unbeaten run, but in the end they were demolished.

Fearsome scrummaging, accurate tackling, and superb running lines and distribution in the midfield left Burnside nowhere to hide. 25 mins into the game, it was effectively over; OC were dominant in every aspect.

The half time break allowed us to address some minor issues, particularly discipline at the breakdown. The second half saw a pleasing improvement in this area, and despite scoring fewer points it was a superior half. Well done to all the boys on this effort, particularly the players stepping up, who grabbed their chances with both hands and will give selectors something to think about!

3rd XV: Old Collegians 22 v Burnside 14

Tries: Derek Lewis, Ben Suttell, Ed Smart
Conversions: Ben Suttell (2)
Penalty: Ben Suttell
Best Players: Paul Cleary, Jeshua Graham, Ben Suttell

Burnside's young enthusiastic team turned up to play, and they did, having us down 12-0 after 20 mins.

This was helped by a string of penalties that gave Burnside good field position. The guys by now realised they had a worthy competitor and tightened their structure both defensively and in attack resulting in a 14-12 score at the break. Some sage words at the break saw the 3s lift their intensity and Boof converted a penalty and scored a try early in the second half.

This seemed to trigger a storm of penalties, often as we were approaching or in our opponent's 22 after plenty of sound work getting there. Supporting the rain of penalties were 3 yellow cards, at one stage having us down to 13.

Despite this, the defence was staunch and prevented Burnside from scoring in the last three quarters of the game. After a couple of easy wins, this young aggressive Burnside team tested us and in doing so showed we have some work to do before we meet the 2nd and 1st placed teams in a couple of weeks.

One of the lessons we should all consider is better managing our responses to referees' decisions. Today it was costly. The set pieces generally were very good with two stand-out mauls from lineout deep in our half. The scrum became dominant with a most impressive push taking the ball over for Boof's try. Paul Cleary's impressive debut at tight-head today demonstrated he can fill the hole when Steve McCabe leaves for home after next week. We have every reason to be confident of being there in Sept, just some fine tuning required.

4th XV: Old Collegians 57 v Burnside 14

Tries: James Sheekey, Dan Humphrey, Justin Elder, Luke Howes, Mark Johnson, Jarrod Mapstone, Kabil Pradhan (2), Stewart Douglas
Conversions: Harley Simmonds (6)
Best Players: Mark Johnson, Dan Humphreys, Jarrod Mapstone

OC met Burnside this week hoping to build on our form from last week. We played with great intensity and our pressure was rewarded with a try to Justin Elder, this was followed by more backline moves reserved for higher grades placing Jarrod Mapstone in a gap under the posts. This was soon followed by a miracle on the rugby pitch which allowed James Sheekey to score his first try in 4 years at OC.

A strong run by Dave Pedler Jones down the wing to end with Stewart Douglas under the posts securing the bonus point in the first half. The second half continued with OC creating opportunities everywhere, including a flyhalf Harley Simmonds intercept that put us deep into attack.

This pressure resulted in two tries to Kabil Pradhan from the right wing and a try under the posts to Luke Howes who was sniping around the rucks. Further tries to the rampaging Dan Humphreys and inspirational Captain Mark Johnson rounded out our biggest victory of the season so far.

Special mention to Jonathon Wilson who showed no rustiness after 9 years in retirement. Every player played well and made it difficult to pick best on ground for the coaching team.

Women's XV: Old Collegians 108 v Burnside 0

Tries: Geraldine Yam (2), Laura O'Shea, d'Arcy Sadler (3), Mackenzie Sadler (6), Nadia Di Girolamo, Sîan Beavers, Steph Martin, Phoebe Linder-Patton, Nadia Blake
Conversions: Anja Halstead (5), Sîan Beavers (9)
Best Player: Laura O'Shea for excellent support all day

Good all round team performance but we still have areas we need to tighten up. The backs played very well with good running lines, nicely led by d'Arcy Sadler. The team has still to fulfill its potential but the weekly improvements are clear to see. As a footnote, it was particularly pleasing to see the family trio of d'Arcy, Mackenzie and Steph playing together and all scoring tries.


U16s: Old Collegians 39 v Burnside 14

This week we played our neighbours and arch-rivals Burnside, after having last weekend off through the bye. We worked the boys very hard on the training track emphasising on team plays and support at the ruck. The boys were focused from the start scoring 2 early tries which came from our team plays we'd been working on in training very pleasing to see from there we controlled the game continually pushing them backwards and attacking our line which we crossed 5 more time to see us win convincingly. It was our best team effort of the year. Great games from Awin Matthews, Rhys Frew (who also scored a try), Isaac Hay, Ben Hower & Charlie Pickford for his best Captain's game of the year.

Next week is our "top of the table" clash against Onkas, and if we play our great team rugby we can match it with them and come away with the points!

U14s: Old Collegians 30 v Burnside 5

Tries: Harrison Cole, James Du Preez (2), Nick Barry, Seaton Siegfried, Magnus Illman

Perhaps the score did not reflect the dominance. The majority of the game was played in the Burnside half with an occasional flurry into Old Colls' half. There was no real threat at anytime save for the consolation try scored in the last minutes of the game when a lack of concentration allowed for Burnside's only try.

It was clear from the start that for some of our neighbours the public holiday had come early. Our boys' playing structure made it impossible for the opposition to play. Some last minute changes to our backline meant a number of players had to play in unfamiliar positions. That said our tackling was hard, loose play was relentless and player support was tremendous.

All of our scores were on the flanks making extra points difficult to come by.

Whilst at times Burnside's only ammunition was gamesmanship, our boys stuck to their game plan. This was very much a team performance, and a pleasure to watch.

U12s: Old Collegians 5 v Burnside 14

The U12s played top of table Burnside.

This was the game both teams were looking forward to. Stand out performances from the tight 5. They were given a specific job to do by the coaches and they did all that was asked of them. Henri (captain) and Tane Pardoe, James Andrewartha, Harry List and Nick Brady deserve particular credit.

The backs played well and the tackling training paid off. The team trained the house down on Wednesday to prepare for the big game. Matt Gommersall laid some crucial tackles. Tane Pardoe scored a try which was crafted beautifully by numerous players. Our opponents were travelling well before this game with significant margins over other teams. This was their tightest game to date.

At the end of the game our players gathered for a well deserved speech from both coaches as they had played a stirling game of rugby.

Well done boys and credit to Craig and Charles for some fabulous work this season. The improvements in team performance are wonderful.

U10s: Old Collegians v Burnside

This was the most anticipated game of the draw. What transpired was a game that demonstrated the culmination of the training, previous game experience and the ability of the team to play the game as a team. All the players showed great discipline in defence with some excellent tackling and clearing out of the ball. There were some fantastic runs gaining valuable territory. The closing minutes of the game were very stressful for the many spectators however the U10s held Burnside out to win by one try. This week's Coaches' Award went to James List for his determined runs and Ryan Barlow picked up the Tackler's Award. Ava had a great game scoring her first try for the season. Well done, team!

U8s: Old Collegians v Burnside

A very proud gaggle of coaches, managers and, I'm quite sure, parents witnessed a wonderful complete team performance from the OC U8s. The score was irrelevant (although we did pump them), what was relevant was that the team things that we have been banging on about for weeks were diligently carried out, in particular the superb work securing the ball in and around the rucks and sharing the ball.

The most important part of the game for this coach was the numerous times that our "senior" players, despite being in clear sight of the try line, passed off to a team mate that had run hard in support. This indicates to me that "team" is becoming front and centre of the players' minds.

Highlights - they were plentiful. Max Richards' try saving tackles, often in the last line of defence, Andre Smith's straight running and an exciting try by Daniel Howes (his first in U8s) were a few to savour. Every player had a highlight. Alas, we only have one trophy to award each week and this week it went to Tyson Hazzard (actually it was a co-best player this week with Max Richards sharing the honour) who turns up every week and busts his backside to make tackles and get involved - he has a bright rugby future.

Congratulations Tyson (and Max). Well done the U8s!

U7s & U5s

Coaches' Trophy: Quillien Bleakly
Best on Ground: Oscar Angove

This week's game saw us play an internal match as Burnside were unable to field an U7s squad. Red vs Blue squared up for a great little tussle. There was a good amount of running and lots of very good defence by both sides this week. No score was recorded but there were a few length of the field runs from both sides and plenty of chasing by the defenders. Well done to both teams on a game that was played in great spirit. While the U7s were under way we also had our U5s players having a scratch match against each other, from all reports our future stars had a great morning's Rugby and were ably coached by David Humble and Andrew Howes.

Thanks to all who assisted this week, your help is greatly appreciated.

31st May

College Cup: George Bretag-Norris
Best Volunteer: Sue Thewlis

1st XV: Old Collegians 39 v Port Adelaide 15

Tries: James Bradley, Gary Mann (2), Chris Bartlett (3), Henry Nutt
Conversions: Stuart Robertson (2)
Best Players: John Collins, George Bretag-Norris, Fraser Murison

The first grade faced a tough physical test against a confident Port side that had knocked off Brighton the previous week. On a wet day that suited a forwards based game Old Colls started well with the team controlling the ball for the first 10 minutes, driving into Port's territory and allowing Chris Bartlett to score the first try of the match.

From the kick-off return Old Colls defended briefly in their own 22 before the backs were able to run the ball out, ultimately finishing some impressive open field support play with Bartlett scoring his second try. Whilst we had the upper hand initially, Port came back strongly with effective work through their own forwards to disrupt Old Colls' possession and push us back, eventually evening up the score with a converted try and a penalty.

When Port did threaten to take a hold of the match through their counter-attack and ability to slow and smother our ball at the ruck, our forwards settled the game down at the set piece and began to dominate the scrums and line-outs. This more stable platform allowed us to work back into Port's territory, culminating with James Bradley eventually getting a try at the back of the pack that had driven Port over their own line. Port responded with an intercept try late in the half to leave things even at 15 all at the break.

Old Colls continued their impressive control of the scrums and line-outs in the second half and remained calm in defence when Port did threaten. Possession was reasonably well shared for the first 20 minutes, but Collegians were better able to convert pressure into points with Gary Mann bagging 2 tries.

Port began to get frustrated at their lack of progress and points, acquiring 2 yellow cards, and Old Colls took advantage of having an extra man in attack with Bartlett notching his third try and Henry Nutt closing out the game to score in front of the clubhouse.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 75 v Port Adelaide 0

Tries: James Daley, Henry Nutt (2), Riady Perdana, Mark Darby, Sandy Taylor, James Denley, Jack Darby, Mitch Sallis (3), Matt Adams
Conversions: Mitch Sallis (8)
Best Players: Jack Darby, Mark Darby, Riady Perdana

3rd XV: Old Collegians 74 v North Torrens 5

Tries: Ben Suttell, Mike Otty (2), James Foster (2), Rene Munch, David Nolan (2), Simon Allport (2), Christian Newland (2)
Conversions: Ben Suttell (5), Christian Newland (2)
Best Players: Patrick Gordon, Stephen McCabe, Mike Otty

The team is starting to find the structure and cohesion we seek. We largely avoided being dragged into an arm- wrestle with the opposition's heavy and disruptive forwards. As the forwards battled up front, they won plenty of clean ball and the backs made hay. All seven starting backs scored tries - five of them scoring two. Largely a satisfying win which elevates us to 3rd place, two points ahead of next week's opponent - Burnside.

4th XV: Old Collegians 39 v Port Adelaide/North Torrens 5

Tries: Luke Howes, Chester Armstrong, Will McLeay, Stewart Douglas (2), Austin Wakeham
Conversions: Harley Simmonds (3)
Penalty: Harley Simmonds
Best Players: Chester Armstrong, Jeshua Graham, Luke Howes

This week OC met Port Adelaide/North Torrens combined team for our first home match in the 4th grade. OC played with great intensity and structure creating pressure from the kickoff resulting in a penalty within the first minutes which was converted by flyhalf Harley Simmonds. The pressure continued to build until the ball was spread wide for Will McLeay to run in for try. The forwards wanted to prove that they could out-muscle our opponents and once inside the attacking 22 continued to pick and drive until debutant Luke Howes was driven over the line for his first try as a senior OC player.

The second half started strong with a try to birthday boy Stewart Douglas after some excellent work from the backline. Moments later another strong run from the backline ended with try-sneak Austin Wakeham running under the posts. Further tries to Chester Armstrong and Stewart Douglas ensured this would be a memorable victory. Strong performances from everyone made picking best players extremely difficult.

U7s: Old Collegians v Port Adelaide

Best Player: Oliver Collins, in his first match
Coaches' Trophy: Daniel Boulden

With a turn out of 15 players, Collegians was fielding three first time under sevens in Oscar Angove, Jemima Collins and Oliver Collins.
Port fielded a larger and more experienced squad but this did not deter our side from attacking the spaces with gusto. Big looping runs into open space were made by Will Tanner and Sash Humble along with Ed List attacking the Port line in close.

All of our players contributed with good runs towards the Port line and even better vision shown in looking to cover Port when they attempted runs down the wing. A big congratulations to our three first time players and we're looking forward to seeing more great play from all of our squad next Saturday. Well done to all of our U7s players for a great morning's Rugby!

A special thank you to Abigail Howes refereeing the U7s game on 31 May.

At the rate the Howes family is taking up the whistle we could have every grade covered soon! Also a special thank you to Rhys Frew for refereeing the U8s game.

What was expected as a potentially quiet day at OC (considering that so many of our junior teams didn't have a game) turned out to be a lovely day, albeit rainy and chilly, with a great atmosphere. Seeing our U14s come out for a talk with Peter Allen and support our seniors in addition to several of our other juniors, parents and supporters was great!

U8s: Old Collegians v Port Adelaide

Best Player: Salvatore Costanzo, who played his best game to date.

He is one of our new players and it is very exciting to see him do so well. He ran strongly with the ball and scored a couple of tries. Both he and Dad Rob were delighted with his performance.

The OC U8s had a strong performance against Woodville. Both teams were well balanced with six U7s in their squads. André Smith and Lucas Aguiar led our U8s well through their presence and experience on the field. They both scored several tries. We are starting to see more straight running lines and solid tackling from players every week. What is also exciting to mention from this week's performance is that a number of our players are starting to show more confidence, as their general knowledge of the game and skills improve.

Tries also scored by Noah Wilson, Samuel Lindow, Salvatore Costanzo and Ivan Arnold. An overall strong team effort to be proud off.

24th May

1st XV: Old Collegians 50 v Woodville 3

Tries: Rory Sheppard, Liam McDonough, Chris Bartlett (2), Paddy Macklin (2), Delano Leen (2)
Conversions: Will Sadler, Stuart Robertson, Rob Smedley (3)
Best Players: Fraser Murison, Bernie Van Altena, Paddy Macklin

The first 10 minutes of the game saw both sides trading possession and territory with neither able to break through, though Old Colls did have a couple of unsuccessful early penalty shots. Woodville followed up by ramping up the physicality of the game and battering their way into our 22 where they camped for several set piece phases. Solid and calm defence from 1 through 15 of Old Colls held them out and eventually turned the ball over for the backs to break out, with the counter-attack resulting in the first try to Collegians by Rory Sheppard.

Another try to Bartlett followed in similar circumstances, coming from counter-attack and support play by the backs after the forwards had soaked up strong pressure from Woodville. Woodville did put a penalty over for 3 points towards the end of the half, but Old Colls went on the front foot and quickly turned 2 kick-off receptions into 2 late tries to McDonough and Leen, to take a 24 to 3 lead into the break.

The second half started in a similar fashion to the first, with Woodville unable to convert extended time on our try line into points after being continually denied by resolute and disciplined defence. Ultimately a couple of outstanding tackles by Murison drove them physically out of our 22 and swung the momentum of the game. Woodville's frustration with their inability to push through us began to show and they played the last 25 minutes of the game with 14 men after conceding a red card. Old Colls took control of the game thereafter and put a further 4 tries on the board (to Macklin, Bartlett, Macklin and Leen) in a well structured and executed performance.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 88 v Woodville 5

Tries: James Bradley, Wesley Billett, Mark Darby, Stuart Robertson (2), Mitch Sallis (2), Matt Adams (2), James Foster (2), Blake Giarola (2), Josh Frost
Conversions: Stuart Robertson (9)
Best Players: Matt Adams, Patrick Gordon, Henry Nutt, Wayne Power, Mitch Sallis

It was another overall impressive display from the 2s this week, dominating over Woodville 88-5. That said, our first half was littered with imprecision from the forwards at the breakdown, delivering poor ball for Jimmy Denley, but in the second half we improved our discipline in the pack and the centres dramatically improved their running lines. This changed the game instantly and from then we continuously broke tackles and the defensive line. Set piece was excellent throughout, and Wayne Power was particularly impressive in the air, winning all of our own lineouts and most of Woodville's. Overall, it was an outstanding effort from everyone. We are beating teams in every aspect of the game, not just relying on individual glory from a few.

3rd XV: Old Collegians v University

Tries: Stephen McCabe (2), Ryan Nielsen, Richard Czeglik, Mike Otty, Kabil Pradhan, Simon Allport (2), Rob Porteous
Conversions: Mike Otty (2), Ben Suttell
Penalty: Ben Suttell
Best Players: Richard Czeglik, Nick Howlett, Mike Otty

4th XV: Old Collegians 12 v University 35

Tries: Ian Bricher, Will McLeay
Conversion: Harley Simmonds
Best Players: Dan Humphrey, Derek Lewis, Andrew MacGregor

Playing Uni away is always a tough assignment and this week was no different. We were unable to convert our strength at the set piece into points and two early tries to Uni placed us under pressure.
But when we got down into a scoring opportunity the forwards powered over for Ian Bricher's first try for OC. Seeing this the backline wanted to get into the act and pulled off another backline move reserved for higher grades with Will McLeay bursting through another gap for a try. A lack of tackling pressure allowed a further first half try to Uni. The second half was a tightly fought affair but with tackling pressure missing Uni were allowed to score another two tries.

Women's XV: Old Collegians 26 v Woodville 28

Tries: Nadia Di Girolamo, Mackenzie Sadler (3)
Conversions: Sîan Beavers (3)

A very tough hard fought affair including a controversial try to Woodville. The improvement in OC's each week is very pleasing to see as more and more of the hard work from the training paddock transfers to the game.

This week we saw a very dominant scrum, great work around the fringes of the rucks and mauls. Communication and aggression were all much improved which translated into a great team performance. We need to work harder at our defence in our twenty- two in terms of clearance but the commitment in tackling was excellent to see. The momentum and improvement the girls are creating means that the wins will come as we improve week on week. Girls' understanding of the roles within the team was very evident this week.

This week saw the emergence of a team playing and trusting each other. A very large step forward from a coaching perspective. No best on ground just a fine team effort from all.

U16s: Old Collegians 64 v University/Vikings 0

Tries: George Campbell, Joel Pepper, Rory Illman (5), Kyle Fleetwood-Pieper, Charlie Pickford (2)
Conversions: Charlie Pickford (7)

This week we went to Waite Oval to take on the newly combined Uni/Vikings merged side. We had a couple of lads with ongoing injuries who we decided to rest this week to recover for the tough games over the next two weeks against Burnside then Onkas again. This week was another game that would test our ability to play our structure against a less strong opponent.

The lads greatly improved their work at the breakdown and straight running in the backline this, and it's great to see the work on the training track flowing into the games. Uni/Vikings played well for a team that had just merged and never trained together.

Congratulations to Kyle Fleetwood-Pieper in his second game, scoring his first try for the club. Kynan Carmichael started to show us the strength he has in running the ball. A solid team effort for a 64-0 win; keep up the good work, lads! We have the bye next week so get to training and work on our game.

U14s: Old Collegians 46 v University/Vikings 12

From forfeit to formidable in one week, the combined might of Unikings put out a massive squad with an eclectic mix of talent still in the process of gelling like a jelly in a mould. But a good start by the boys in blue and red with fantastic pop passing and fast ball through the backs highlighted the first half with impressive tries to a gaggle of players including Edwin, James du Preez, Magnus Illman.

Further tries from George and of course the irrepressible Jack "Dive" Richards sealing an impressive scoring debut.

Great driving play from the Flying Flynn showed how impressive true running and passing rugby is when executed well. Good games from Campbell, Seaton (I nearly got there), Marcel at centre and Jasper "Remember the hand" Carter.

Boys went to sleep in the early stages of the second half and two cushy tries were let in but a day to be proud of as the team continues to evolve as a team. Hit the rucks hard and gain possession quickly at the breakdown and this could become the complete rugby outfit.

U12s: Old Collegians 22 v University/Vikings 29

We played the newly amalgamated University and Vikings team. It was their first game and they had some very impressive players. Our stand out players were Lochie Edwards, Linkan and Kylan Williamson and Darcy Rogers. Lochie gets a mention for his outstanding on field leadership and endeavour and also for tackling hard for the entire game.

A stand out performance. Well done Lochie. His conversions were also notable.

As for true grit and truly impressive running rugby, Linkan and Kylan Williamson both had great work rates and showed fantastic skills and fortitude in both attack and, perhaps more importantly, in defence. The term "untackleable" was coined for some of their blinding runs through the opposing forwards. Darcy tackled really well in defence and showed great pace to keep with Lefatu on a blistering run that sadly came up short. A fantastic example of backing up the player with the ball. We scored some good tries that grew out of some very good team work. However, the tries scored against us were, in reality, a series of single runs into our half by some fast and large attackers and our tackling let us down. A special mention to Tom Deakin for his try. We had our opponents on the ropes. We had pushed them behind their try line and they were passing out wide. Lefatu put great pressure on the player with the ball and Tom pounced for a memorable try. Finally the forward pack won both early contested scrums. The ref called for uncontested scrums after our two wins and that meant that we could not capitalise on what is a marvellous part of our game.

U10s: Old Collegians v University/Vikings

Coach's Trophy: Carl Arnold

Another exceptional effort was displayed by all the players in the U10 squad this Saturday against a quite formidable challenger in the team from Adelaide University. Having played their last two matches on a full field, being restricted to the smaller ground could have made it difficult for the players to maintain their focus due to the greater rotation of players yet this did not appear to be apparent.

Well done all for the great defensive play in support, tackling and gaining possession. Well done team for working together and sharing the play to achieve a great win. Again we are all looking forward to the next game.

U8s: Old Collegians v University/Vikings

Coach's Trophy: Max Richards for his hard running week after week

The U8s started poorly against Uni/Vikings this weekend. Though we were in front on the score board, we weren't playing the team rugby that we want to be known for. Too many wanting the ball and not enough prepared to sacrifice and do the hard things that make for attractive team play. The second half, however, was the reverse. Great runs by players were well supported by others in the team and some nice passing along the line saw a couple of classy tries run in. Tackling and holding the ball up to secure possession was better in the second half as was our defence in general. The second half epitomised what the coaches and managers are trying to teach the players – it's not about how many tries we score at this point, rather how we go about playing the game. Endeavour and spirit is never lacking and all team members put in.

U7s: Old Collegians v University/Vikings

Best Player: Loisi Egglestone

The U7s fielded a team of 14 this week. A big shout out must go to Daniel Boulden on his first game of rugby, welcome to the Club Daniel and your family as well!

With such a great turn out from our playing members it was decided we would run two teams this week, Red and Blue. With the game under way our listening skills stood us in good stead, but a few wayward passes resulted in Uni gaining the upper hand. Great runs were made by Jack, Mawson, Will, Ed, Loisi and Alex. Along with some very dogged defence by Hudson, Sash, Azalie, Jackson, Marcus, Joe, Daniel and Quillian. We have a few things to work on at training this week in respect to our passing to team mates, but all in all we had a great run and lots of fun was had by all. Looking forwarded to seeing all bar a couple of our players this week at training. Well played, Under 7s!

17th May

1st XV: Old Collegians 148 v Barossa Rams 6

Tries: Tim Dawes, Fraser Murison, George Bretag-Norris (2), Jack Darby, Mitch Sallis (3), Delano Leen (3), Liam McDonough (3), Chris Bartlett (3), Henry Nutt (2), Blake "Dr Strangelove" Giarola, Andrew Kennett, Matt Adams
Conversions: Stuart Robertson (18), Henry Nutt (1)
Best Players: the whole team!

There were 7 changes to the starting 15 of the 1st XV squad that had comfortably beaten Onkaparinga last week, including a First Grade debut for Mark Darby and the first run-on appearances of the year for Jim Denley, Stuart Robertson, Mitch Sallis, Jack Darby and George Bretag-Norris. The squad settled early and maintained a well-disciplined effort as a team in circumstances where, after Fraser Murison scored a try before the first minute had elapsed, it was always going to be difficult to work on building structured phase play and pressure before breaking through the opposition line.
Pleasingly, the chances and possession that Barossa did have were calmly dispatched and, where it would have been easy to lapse in concentration and let them through, the only points against Old Colls came from two penalties conceded outside of our 22.

Old Colls controlled what set piece play there was in the first half and dominated the open field to be up 57 to 3 at half time. A further 91 further points came pretty evenly across the second half, with the players still able to break through centre field and find overlap opportunities on the wings even after clearing the reserve benches and voluntarily dropping to 14 men for the last 20 minutes and 13 for the last 10.

Ultimately it showed the impressive depth of talent presently at the club which will be tested with the expected physicality of the upcoming games against Woodville and Port.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 34 v Elizabeth 10

Tries: Henry Nutt, Mike Otty, Matt Adams, James Foster, Blake Giarola, Stephen McCabe
Conversions: Tim Atkins, Henry Nutt
Best Players: Matt Adams, Josh Frost, Mike Otty

With 31 players unavailable across the grades this week, and only five players from last week's team starting, it was always going to be a tough day. We opened slightly tentatively and this allowed the bigger Elizabeth pack into the game. They disrupted the breakdown and made it difficult for us to play our usual high tempo game. But persistence and patience allowed some good individual skills to take the game away from a tiring opposition.

The 20 metre, try-scoring, rolling maul was an outstanding example of this skill and patience, and it brought some very broad grins to coaches and spectators alike. By the final whistle we were deserved winners. Our discipline and clean out were below our usual lofty standards, but a bonus point win against a strong home team is an outstanding result.

A big thank you to all the lads who stepped up to fill places. This was a good reminder for the selectors and players alike that no-one's position can be taken for granted, and that club spirit is riding high. Well done Lads!

3rd XV: Old Collegians 20 v Barossa Rams 0 (forfeit)

4th XV: Old Collegians 20 v Elizabeth 19

Tries: Ryan Nielsen, Mark Johnson, Will McLeay
Conversion: Harley Simmonds
Penalty: Harley Simmonds
Best Players: Sam Walwyn, Will Mcleay, Jarrad Mapstone (with a special mention to Jeshua Graham)

The 4th XV met Elizabeth away this week and as expected met an opposition that were very forward-oriented. OC weathered the early pressure and just as we were getting an advantage in the forwards an injury in the front row had the scrums become uncontested negating the pressure we were applying through our forwards. Early scoreboard pressure was created through a penalty to fullback Harley Simmonds followed by an excellent try to Ryan "Booboo" Nielsen early in the first half, then a backline move, the likes of which 4th grade teams have never seen, was executed to perfection putting Will Mcleay into a huge gap resulting in a converted try.

The second half OC started well creating a try to Mark Johnson who powered his way down the sideline outpacing wingers everywhere, but OC started to become lax in their tackle pressure and allowed three tries to Elizabeth, ensuring the management had more grey hairs than they are willing to admit by the end of the match. Strong defence in the final stage kept OC ahead at the end.

Women's XV: Old Collegians 14 v Southern Suburbs 26

Tries: Mackenzie Sadler, Nadia Blake
Conversions: Sîan Beavers (2)

This was a disappointing result for the women's team, but the positives were the very strong performances at the scrum and in the lineout, and the good standard of tackle, ruck and maul.

There was one particularly pleasing maul constructed from a lineout which had the Coach was beaming happily on the sideline. However, the team needs to play with more intent if it is to even approach its potential.

More aggression in all areas of the game would be a vast improvement. Added to this, even excellent basic skills will not take you very far if you are not looking, thinking, talking and striving. Robots don't win rugby matches.

A final word of sympathy for the forwards; the poor ball-handling (by both teams) meant for about 30 scrums in 60 minutes of rugby and two very resentful forward packs by the final whistle.

U16s: Old Collegians 64 v Burnside B 0

Tries: George Campbell (2), Rhys Frew, Seb Thompson, James Francis (2), Oliver Horne, Rory Illman, Charles Pickford (2)
Conversions: Charles Pickford (7)

We had a short trip up the hill to play Burnside 2 this week. With no other OC team playing there, it was a little strange.

The boys were keen to have a big game against a weaker opposition and we asked them to work on their structure not just the score board. This worked for most of the game, although there were still a few with white line fever. A great effort from the boys again. We would like to welcome a new first game player, Kyle Fleetwood-Pieper. He had a great debut with the team.

Good efforts. By Seb Thompson, Jimmy Francis and George Campbell, and the super boot of Charlie Pickford was on target. We have a bye next week. So the training track will be hard this week, so let's all get out there and work on our game!

U14s: Old Collegians 10 v NEDs/Barossa Rams 10

Tries: James Du Preez, Brad Killick

This match was built up by "Green and Gold" as one of the matches of the round; if you were a neutral then you may agree! Both teams were applauded by their efforts and to NEDs/Barossa it was perhaps their best result of the season, whilst to Old Colls, it was a game hampered by missed opportunities and misfortune.

Old Colls had its share of walking wounded going into the game, including Magnus Illman being deemed unfit to play and Colin Tilson sustaining a hand injury in warm up. It was always going to be an epic forwards battle and did not disappoint. Old Colls were put firmly on the defensive on many occasions by a well drilled and organised opposition. Tackling was ferocious in the forwards especially by Tom Copson, Alfie Malcolm, Edwin Dodd and Brad Killick, and driving runs by Kees Young, Flynn Rogers and Harrison Cole created a number of unexploited opportunities.

At half time Old Colls were 5-0 up with a try scored by James Du Preez in arguably his best game so far. With half time changes, a well worked team effort through a lineout won by Oscar Armstrong and the following maul gave Brad Killick the opportunity to score our second try. Then through some strong counter-attacking NEDs/Barossa scored two unconverted tries to level the game. The tough bruising encounter left NEDs/Barossa feeling triumphant and Old Colls somewhat disappointed by this top of the table clash!

U12s: Old Collegians 10 v NEDs/Barossa Rams 24

Tries: Tana Pardoe, Brady Carlson-Stewart

The game was a little chaotic at times as the speed of the game caused our players to lose structure at times and numerous handling errors really hurt us. On a positive note we won most of scrums and it was unfortunate that we went to uncontested scrums as NEDs were unable to effectively scrum in the second half. The result was 24 - 10 down in what was another very physical game.

Injuries to a number of players early on caused a few headaches for the coaches. Standout performances from Henri Pardoe and Brady Carlson- Stewart must be mentioned. Henri just kept running the ball up through their forwards. A great hooker's game! Brady tackled really well and drove the ball forward. He capped off a really good game with his first try.

We have a scratch match against University next week and I suspect there will be some heavy duty tackling training on Monday; that was the only part of our game that needs improvement. Please meet our leadership group! They are the group who have put their hand up to be captain this year. They are having 2 games each but are expected to be responsible and show leadership at training too. They are all doing an excellent job!

U10s: Old Collegians v NEDs/Barossa Rams Coach's Trophy: Harry Rogers

The U10s faced the cream of three previous junior clubs now amalgamated into NEDs- Barossa. This was to occur on the full length pitch for only their second time. The team again did not disappoint with some awesome tackling and great support. The opportunity was taken to introduce some more advanced skills such as Wellington's clearing kick. Feedback from the home team was very favourable. Well done everyone. Looking forward to next week's challenge!

U8s: Old Collegians v NEDs/Barossa Rams Coach's Trophy: Torrence Egglestone

The U8s had a great day out against the combined NEDs/Rams team on Saturday. The opposition was short on players and without a coach to take the field with their team. True to the OC spirit a few of our team members put on opposition jerseys without fuss and the OC super coach, Juan Aguiar, stepped up to fill the coaching breach to make a game of it.

Despite providing them with the resources, NEDs/Rams were no match for the rampaging OC U8s. Following on from last week, the tackling, the team work, the endeavour and the skills were all on display from each and every team member. Though everyone had a super game, special mentions go to Lucas Aguiar, Andre Smith, Tyson Hazzard, Max Richards who all ran hard throughout the game and put in some spectacular tries. Ivan Arnold and Salvatore Contanzo were relentless while Lana Holloway and William Deakin stepped up with some super tackling with Samuel Lindow, Daniel Howes and Ailia Hickman providing valuable support.

Though everyone played their role, the player of the week went to Torrence Egglestone who in his first season in rugby found his courage this week to commit to hard tackling, chasing and doing the team things we ask of everyone. Well done Torrence and the U8s!

U7s: Old Collegians v NEDs/Barossa Rams

Best Player: Alexandra (Sash)
Humble Coaches' Trophy: Ed List

With the NEDs/Barossa team only being able to field five, our team volunteered four of our number to make a match of it. Well done to Sash Humble, Noah Wilson, Marcus Pickard and Alex Punshon for running both halves with NEDs/Barossa.

This week saw all our players play both halves with no reserves and didn't they love it?! The running was free flowing and we had doubling back a plenty, but all players listened well and got back on side when told to. Both sides put up great defence which made it hard for anyone to break the line. Only a handful of tries were scored but everyone had a good run with the ball. Well done to all of our U7s players for another great day's rugby!

10th May

1st XV: Old Collegians 46 v Onkaparinga 7

Tries: Gary Mann (2), Bernie Van Altena (2), Chris Bartlett (2), Will Sadler
Convs: Will Sadler (4)
Pens: Will Sadler
Best Players: Liam McDonough, Will Sadler, Bernie Van Altena

The rain at Onkas was clearing as the first grade kicked off, but it left conditions greasy for the early stages of the game. Onkas and Old Colls went back and forth with possession in the first 10 minutes, with neither side able to break through or spend much consistent time in the opposition 22. Eventually Old Colls were awarded a penalty on the Onkas 22 and Sadler continued his impressive kicking to slot it through.

Old Colls switched on from the restart, running a penalty from their own half through a series of forward hit-ups and support play, working their way to the Onkas 22. Onkas conceded another penalty that was again taken quickly and shifted wide for the first try of the day to Van Altena in the corner.

We continued to maintain possession in the first half, but often let ourselves down and let Onkas back in with some poor decision making when taking the ball into tackles and unnecessarily attempts to offload the ball, rather than waiting for support to clean out. Pleasingly, when we did turn over the ball our defence was sound and able to contain the Onka's counter-attack. Eventually we settled things down and were to maintain possession, leading to tries scored by Mann and Bartlett and 22 to 0 half time lead.

Old Colls were reduced to 14 men with a yellow card early in the second half and took a little while to adjust after injuries required the backline to be reshuffled, but the team maintained their strong defensive performance and held off sustained attacking pressure from Onkas. When the full complement was restored Old Colls were able to develop their strong set piece, more than holding their own in the scrums and utilising quick line-outs and rolling mauls to good effect.

The backs and forwards linked up well and additional tries were scored by Sadler, Bartlett, Mann. We didn't have it all our own way however, with Onkas fighting back with 15 minutes to go and managing to cross our line after sustained phases in our 22.

Ultimately though, Old Colls had the final say with a Van Altena scoring his second try close to full time, wrapping up a solid and improved performance from the team.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 31 v Onkaparinga 0

Tries: James Daley, Hugh Sheppard, Christian Newland, Jamie Foster, Stuart Robertson
Convs: Stuart Roberston (3)
Best Players: James Daley, Jamie Foster, Hugh Sheppard, Tim Wonders

This was a slightly disjointed foray, but a much better performance than last week's effort against University, and we produced a dominant eighty minutes. Our forwards demolished the Onkaparinga pack and our backs thrived on continuous possession. It was far from perfect but it's always good to win so firmly against a strong and physical team at their home ground. The 2nd XV are excelling; they mirror the 1st XV performance with only the tiniest of gaps between the two squads.
We got 99 problems but depth ain't one.

3rd XV: Old Collegians 36 v Onkaparinga 17

Tries: Rudy Timoteo, Lenny Eilers, Richard Czeglik, Simon Allport, Derek Lewis
Convs: Ben Suttell (4)
Pen: Ben Suttell
Best Players: Simon Allport, Derek Lewis, Ben Suttell

After (an almost unheard-of) two consecutive losses this solid win was all about the guys finding structure, in both attack and particularly defence. The forwards won lots of good ball and the backs advanced it well for the forwards again to take control and score four of the five tries. Boof had a cracker both around the field and with his boot. Chezza's experience and leadership on field was notable and we welcome him as Graham's assistant and forwards coach.

4th XV: Old Collegians 12 v Onkaparinga 27

Tries: Harley Simmonds, Stewart Douglas
Convs: Harley Simmonds
Best Players: Jeshua Graham, Jarrod Mapstone, Mark Siaosi

A strong 4th grade met a equally strong Onkaparinga this week and were unlucky not to come away with the win. Facing the reigning premiers was always going to be a physical battle and this week was certainly no different. Our forwards matched their power for most of the match and our backline was able to run rings around them but a lack of possession and a slip in concentration in the second half allowed a few easy tries and let the game slip from our grasp. Big efforts from all the boys with special mention to Dan Humphrys and Jarrod Mapstone who had great first games for OC.

Women's XV: Old Collegians 19 v Onkaparinga 45

Tries: Anja Halstead, Daniella Di Girolamo, Nadia Di Girolamo
Convs: Sîan Beavers (2)
Best Players: Difficult to pick stand-out players from a tough first hit-out, but… Vice Captain Nadia Di Girolamo (who stepped up with Lusia away and led from the front), Anja Halstead (a tough and gritty performance) and Mackenzie Sadler (solid performance at fly half)

Excellent first 15 mins, putting Onkas under real pressure and showing that the hard yards in training can pay big dividends at game time.

Lack of fitness, fatigue and poor tackling resulted in Onkas running in several tries during the last ten minutes of the first half.

The second half was a completely different story; we stuck to our game plan, made the tackles, mauled Onkas backward on numerous occasions and were determined at the ruck. Given the mixture of age, experience, players unavailable and sadly injuries on the day this was a very credible first outing of the season. It also shows there is a lot more that this team will be capable of as we get more game time.

The second half team try proved how determined as a team we can be. Congratulations to our senior debutant Phoebe Linder-Patton, and Linda Shoettler for her first ever game of rugby!

Tackle of the week goes to Sabrina Morrison proving that technique is everything when tackling, especially when your opponent is twice your size and running hard.


Old Collegians 10 v Prince Alfred College 15

On 7th May we hosted the inaugural "College Shield" between our Under 16s and the 1st XV of Prince Alfred College (of which we were the "old collegians" when we were founded).

Both teams were physical and skilled, and it was a great game to watch. We'd like to thank all the players for putting in a great effort, and we're particularly proud of our own lads' winning performance. Thanks also to the OC supporters who came out to watch the club's future play.

We look forward to the annual fixture, and hope it reconnects us with PAC.

Under 16s: Old Collegians 0 v Onkaparinga 26

Tries: Rory Illman, Charles Pickford (2)

This week we travelled down south to Onkaparinga who have been the bench mark of the competition for the last few years. We were a little short on number this week due to a long injury list (including our captain) which saw us have only 16 players for this game. Not ideal, but the boys were ready for the contest.

In the first half our effort was great, especially our defensive line which held up numerous Onka's attacks and saw the score 5-0 at half time. The boys had the belief they could still win the game in the second half and started well but after a couple of missed tackles Onkas broke our defences for two tries.

The boys were very tired after their outstanding effort in the first half. They kept their heads held high and never gave up. We finished the game with 13 fit players, and our first loss.

Our discipline and commitment was fantastic this week.

There was a great leadership effort from our Captain George Campbell, playing his first game of the year.

Congratulations also to Oliver Horne, Ben Hower, Seb Thompson & Jimmy Francis on fine performances.

Under 14s: Old Collegians 50 v Onkaparinga 5

Tries: Harrison Cole, James Du Preez (2), Seaton Sigfried, Matthew Green, Magnus Illman (5), Max Monfries, Kees Young
Convs: George Hewitt (6)

In the depths of the deep South of Morphett Vale the Collegians congregated in the misty fog of Onkas for a mighty duel. Full strength bar the Jazz Captain, the boys were in for a shock with a first score to Onkas after some strong scrummaging and lineout play as expected. However with some sterling efforts from James Gomersall, Flynn Rogers, James Rees and finishing with a superlative try by Kees Young the tide was starting to turn.

Fitness proved an important factor and the dangerous centre pairing of Onkas were nullified by the gritty marking of the Matty/Magnus centres. Great performance from Jack Richards and Magnus Duckett, taking the ball forward all the time. Tries came flowing in the second half as the boys in black and red buckled with the constant pressure with sublime tackling from Michael "Hitman" Clifton and returning with interest to score two tries from way back, galloping like a Melbourne cup winner.

Brad Killick never gave up as he surged down the middle and then danced to the corner flag to score almost a winger's try. Also great tries from James du Preez and George "Bullseye" Hewitt. Colin Tilsson and James G shared hooking duties performing brilliantly, with touches of brilliance from Marcel, Max, Campbell and Seaton as they threatened on the wings to flood with tries. Of course none of this is possible without the hard work of Edwin, Oscar, Harry and Alfie the engine room of the victory. Barossa beckons….

Under 12s: Old Collegians 12 v Onkaparinga 35

Tries: Lefatu Egglestone, Linkan Williamson
Conv: Lochie Edwards

We had a fantastic start which is notable because we are usually slow starters. We went in low at the rucks and played good rugby. The size difference between the forward packs eventually showed and Onkas scored first. Our backs played well to set up our first try under the posts. We had plenty of injuries in a physical game.

The Williamson trio all finished the day with ice on a lower back, a nose and a hand. The highlight of the day was Max Linton's run at full pace over 30 metres to spoil a try half a metre before the Onkas try line.

Well done Max, your team mates were thrilled at your effort and the crowd rose as one to applaud a great example of what happens when you never give up in this game.

At half time the coaches reinforced the simple stuff and players took it on board because we played really well in that half. Forwards and backs combined well to play some good rugby and we scored first in that half.

Our goal was to win the second half and we were in front for 90% of the time. However Onkas kept coming and we drew the second half. We learnt a lot about how well we can play and where we need to tune up our game.

Under 10s: Old Collegians v Onkaparinga

Team Trophy: Ethan Hickman

The first game for the U10s on a full length pitch. Wow! The opportunity to play on the full length field generated a lot of excitement amongst the players. This provided the added benefit of having the goal post now to aim for and the change to make the conversion after a try.

All the players deserve credit for they showed great maturity considering that this was their first game on a full length field. They maintained the structure that had been demonstrated in the previous two games with the added support of some excellent tackling, superb passing and maintaining ball possession. Another great team effort.

Under 8s: Old Collegians v Onkaparinga

Coach's Award: Noah Wilson

A superb display of rugby from the U8s on Saturday against Onkas. The team executed the things that we have focussed on at training, in particular what we do at the breakdown and sticking our tackles. A number of dashing tries were scored by Lucas Aguiar and Andre Smith (Jackson Denley's side line run was so close to being the try of the day but for a toe on the touch line) after the team had secured the ball in general.

Fearless tackling by Noah Wilson, Andre, Lucas and Tyson Hazzard, amongst others, helped keep the pressure on Onkas during the game and served to limit their scoring.

Overall an encouraging team effort with all the players deserving praise. Whilst we will keep teaching the attacking structures, training over the next few weeks will see some focus on defence.

Under 7s: Old Collegians v Onkaparinga

Best on Ground: Mawson Mos
Coach's Trophy: Alex Punshon

With another great turnout from our under 7's we took to the field ready to take on Onkas on their home turf. Good listening and quick passing had us with a reply to Onka's first score of the day. Throughout the game we had good runs in attack and our best day so far in defence. Scoring was backwards and forwards but a fumble from Onkas in the second half resulted in Colls recovering the ball and running in a try that put us in front which we held to the end.

3rd May

College Cup: Paddy Macklin Best Volunteer: Sarah Monfries

1st XV: Old Collegians 54 v Southern Suburbs 3

Tries: Tim Dawes, Jack Campion, Chris Bartlett, Paddy Macklin, Nat Linder-Patton and Will Sadler (3)
Convs: Will Sadler (4); Pens: Will Sadler (2)
Best Players: Paddy Macklin, Rory Sheppard and Jack Champion

Souths came out fast and started the game strongly, spending the first 10 minutes testing the defence of Old Colls. Eventually Souths put the first points on the board with a penalty but Old Colls hit straight back with a penalty of their own to even the score.

From there Old Colls settled down to build some simple phases and drive into Souths half, culminating in some smooth hands from the backs that put Will Sadler over the tryline in front of the club house. The confidence of the whole team was growing and shortly afterwards Sadler scored another try through some simple but well executed ball movement by the backs.

From the restart the forwards and backs continued to link up well and gain ground, eventually earning a penalty near the Souths line. After a quick tap the ball was shifted wide to Nat to score in the far corner, giving Old Colls a 23 to 3 halftime lead.

The second half saw Old Colls improve their control of the game, with patient play in the forwards that rewarded the pack with tries to Campion and Dawes. Souths struggled to respond positively, incurring three yellow cards in the match. In what was a credit to the Old Colls players maintaining their discipline, the majority of the second half saw Old Colls hold the majority of possession and territory, scoring further tries through the backs to Macklin and Bartlett, with the final say to Sadler who scored his third try in the final play of the game.

Overall it was another strong performance by the whole team and reserves, with noticeable improvements to the structure of attack and defence.

2nd VX: Old Collegians 55 v Adelaide University 7

Tries: Mark Darby (2), James Denley, Stuart Robertson, James Foster, Mitch Sallis, James Hopkinson (2), Andrew Kennett
Convs: Stuart Roberston (5)
Best Players: Peter Cross, Mark Darby, Wayne Power, Hugh Sheppard

This match delivered many excellent performances and a pleasingly strong final score-line. It can be tough retaining structure against scrappy opposition, and we did very well at that for the most part. All of this almost almost disguises the number of opportunities butchered by basic handling errors which stronger opponents would have made us regret.

We can take a lot of confidence from this outing, but we will need to be more ruthless against the much tougher challenge of Onkaparinga next weekend.

3rd XV: Old Collegians 13 v Southern Suburbs 24

Tries: Stephen McCabe, Mike Otty ; Pen: Vinnie Laurendi
Best Players: Alex Eames, Ryan Nielsen, Mike Otty

This was a better performance than last week's against Brighton, but still well short of the mark. Our structure was entirely absent and discipline was poor. Disappointing! It has been years since this grade lost two matches in a row. Looking on the bright side, it shows that the coaches and managers have been doing their job well for the last few years and that the 3rd Grade has been performing well as the crucible and training ground for young players, with a number of talented young 3rd XV players from past years now graduated up a grade this year.

Still, a win would be nice before too many more weeks go past.

Women's XV: Old Collegians 20 v Southern Suburbs 0 (forfeit)

Unfortunately for our women's team, Souths did not have the numbers to field a team this week. Thankfully, four of them showed up at Parkinson for a scratch match and we loaned them five or so to play some friendly nine/ten aside. Notwithstanding the inevitably scrappy play, it was a good chance for our girls to think about their structures, brush off the cobwebs, try a few new tricks they've been working on, and blood their new players in a forgiving environment.

Very credible performances from Captain Lusia Raikiwasa, Nadia Di Girolamo and Mackenzie Sadler, and excellent first runs from Phoebe Linder-Patton and Linda Schoettler.

Under 16s: Old Collegians 20 v Southern Suburbs 10 Tries: Rory Illman, Charles Pickford (2)

Under 14s: Old Collegians 67 v Southern Suburbs 0

Tries: Harrison Cole, James Du Preez (2), Seaton Sigfried, Matthew Green, Magnus Illman (5), Max Monfries, Kees Young
Convs: George Hewitt (6)

The sun shone as once more the valiant warriors took to the field for their second encounter. Souths couldn't field a full front row so uncontested scrums were the order of the day. From the kickoff OC looked keen for the engagement with straight running a noticeable improvement in rucking and loose play with an eagerness to retain the ball like a weasel after its prey.

Tries came quickly but a rush of blood to Max Monfries' head meant his score being disallowed for going over the deadball line. Shame.
However recompense was soon on its way with a stirling effort from Magnus ('I am responsible now I'm Vice Captain') Illman.

Not to be outdone, Harrison Cole sprung forth like a Gazelle sprinting 50m to the tryline. Congratulations also to James du Preez, Edwin Dodd, Kees Young and anyone I have missed. Fine effort from James Rees who continues to grow in stature with his front row partners Tom Copson (Captain) and the Dodd, most feared front row in the comp. No compromise.

What about Seaton's so nearly try, just one more foot!

Great play from Jack Richards, Campbell Robertson, Colin Tilson, Jasper Carter, Marcel Dajean, Brad Killick, Michael Clifton, Oscar, Alfie ('that's my ball') Malcolm, Matt ('Stopper') Green, George ('between the post') Hewitt, James ('actually, that's my ball') Gomersall, Nick ('Bullet pass' [disclaimer: he's my son]) Barry. Next week will be the real test to see if the structure remains as Onkaparinga bring out the big guns.

Under 12s: Old Collegians 36 v Southern Suburbs 5

Tries: Lefatu Egglestone (3), Darcy Rogers, Carl Arnold, Lochie Edwards
Conv: Carl Arnold, Edwards (2)

The U12s defeated Souths in a showcase game of rugby. The whole team contributed to some wonderful passages of play on a beautiful brisk morning. Tackling was the highlight. Three individual try scorers (three tries under our very impressive uprights ) and a number of stellar runs by the backs out wide were notable. We won the bulk of the scrums and the game finished with uncontested scrums as Souths lost a forward after a bone crushing tackle by our forwards.

Souths did score a very nice try at the end of the first half but we closed out the game with a dominant team effort in the second half. No single player is being singled out in this report because it truly was a team effort. The skills and structure showed for the entire game demonstrate that the efforts being put in at training, by the players and the coaches alike , are paying off.

The song was sung loud and strong in front of an appreciative home crowd, a number of whom commented on the quality of the game they had just seen. Well done, College!

Under 10s: Old Collegians v Southern Suburbs Team Trophy:

There were many standout performances, but this week's team trophy went to Dakota Gordon. Another great performance by the U10 squad. Souths provided us with a good opportunity to hone our skill, as they proved a little more structured and disciplined than Brighton last week. This gave a chance for different players to show their skills under the greater intensity that this game offered. We all look forward to the game next week.

Under 8s: Old Collegians v Southern Suburbs Coach's Award:

André Smith who impressed with his straight running lines and carrying the ball up strongly.

Our U8s team started the day with a short scratch-match following our game against Southern Suburbs. It was a tough day for our U8s against a more experienced and structured U8s Southern Suburbs team. We started strong but then lost one of our star players, Lucas Aguiar, early in the game due to injury.

We fielded fourteen players which included 5 U7s. A special welcome to our new players: Samuel Lindow and Tyndelle Bleakley who played their first game of rugby for OC on the weekend. A special thank you to Dougie Pratt and Charlie Pickford for refereeing as well as the OC U8s players who volunteered to play for Southern Suburbs during the game.

Under 7s: Old Collegians v Southern Suburbs Best on Ground: Joseph Menz

Coach's Trophy: Noah Wilson
Saturday morning dawned a beautiful day for rugby. Thirteen of our players arrived ready to play and that allowed us to run an interchange of almost one for one. Good listening and some straight running put us on the board early in the game but by halftime Souths were in the lead by one try. The second half saw some great team play and good passing to bring Collegians up level with Souths and by the end of the game we had a draw. And well done to all of our U7s players.

26th APRIL 2014

1st XV: Old Collegians 30 v Brighton 19

Tries: Chris Bartlett (2), Will Sadler; Convs: Will Sadler (3); Pen: Will Sadler (3)
Best Players: Gary Mann, Will Sadler and the whole forwards' pack

OC started well on the back of a strong pre-season competition, withstanding early pressure from Brighton to post the first points with a penalty. We let ourselves down with poor handling for the following 20 minutes of the first half, gifting Brighton with possession on several occasions, which they ultimately converted into two tries.

OC's set piece, however, developed into the decisive factor of the day, particularly our scrum. We dominated the Brighton pack even when a yellow card reduced us to seven forwards shortly before the break. OC rallied and crossed for a late try just on half time to take a 13 to 12 lead. We continued to frustrate Brighton in the second half, building the phase count and stifling Brighton's ability to respond with our scrum and hard work at the breakdown which saw Brighton frustrated and penalised far more than they were used to. We added two more tries in the second half to secure a hard earned victory.

Whilst both teams each scored three tries, once OC settled into the game we controlled the majority of proceedings in a pleasingly confident response to the disappointment of last year's grand final loss.

2nd XV: Old Collegians 36 v Brighton 0

Tries: Sandy Taylor, Rory Sheppard, James Denley, James Foster (2), Stuart Robertson
Convs: Stuart Robertson (3)
Best Players: George Bretag-Norris, Peter Cross, Mitch Oak, Tim Wonders

All in all, this was a pretty impressive game. OC's performance was polished from the kick off and we held Brighton out early. We were exceptionally strong and dominated across all positions. Special nods to the relentless aggression and momentum from The Pack, to which Brighton had no reply.

3rd XV: Old Collegians 15 v Brighton 16

Tries: Henry Nutt, Chester Armstrong; Conv: Vinnie Laurendi;
Pen: Vinnie Laurendi

Best Players: Ryan Nielsen, Henry Nutt, Mike Otty
This was a sickeningly close game. The good news, and the bad news, is that we were the agents of our own failure; we lost our structure, need to learn to play Ref and can't throw 50/50 ball in our defensive half. To be fair, we had a lot of players out of position, thus positional play was inelegant. We will, and must, improve.

4th XV: Old Collegians 21 v Brighton 11

Tries: Jeshua Graham, Jack Nicholson, Jarrod Mapstone; Convs: Harley Simmonds (3)
Best Players: Stewart Douglas, Jeshua Graham, Jack Nicholson

The first round battle against Brighton was always going to be a tough match and this week proved no different. Our strength in the forwards sucked the opposition players in creating gaps in their backline that we were able to exploit with many linebreaks throughout the first half culminating with an excellent runaway try to Jeshua Graham. Regular infringements at the ruck allowed Brighton to be within a point at halftime through two converted penalties. The second half continued the strong performance for OC and two more converted tries in the second half including a powerful run for Jack Nicholson gave OC a comfortable win. A fantastic win for the boys first up and even though there are things we need to improve on it was strong performance from every single player on the park.


Under 16s: Old Collegians 15 v Brighton 7

Tries: Ciaran Whittaker, Oliver Horne, Rory Illman

After a slow start with their structure our boys fought hard to get it back in the game, scoring a try just before half time. Another try was scored just after the break and gave us some belief to tough out the win. This was a good result first up, but we still have room for improvement in our discipline, set play and running the ball.

Let's all get to training and work on this.

Great effort by the new players to the club: Dougie Pratt, Ben Viljoen, Joel Pepper, & Ciaran Whittaker who scored his first try for OC, and also from Ben Hower for a great first game in the Under 16's.

Under 14s: Old Collegians 74 v Brighton 0

Tries: Edwin Dodd, Harrison Cole (2), James Gomersall, James Du Preez (4), Magnus Illman, Michael Clifton, Bradley Killick, Kees Young Convs: George Hewitt (7)

The score says it all. After an initial strong offensive by Brighton and then stalemate for the first 10 minutes, OC progressively started to dominate in a game that became very one-sided. Our free running forward play continuously breaking through the Brighton forward pack sealed the game early on.

In all, ten tries were scored by forwards and two from backs, with George Hewitt kicking seven conversions. More might have been scored had it not been for strong defensive play by Brighton's scrum half and fly half duo, which to some extent hampered the flow of the ball through the back line.

This was a team result earned by everyone and a great start to the season! We are pleased to welcome the following players and wish them well in the season ahead: Seaton Siegfried, Campbell Robertson, Michael Clifton, James Du Preez, Brad Killick, Alfie Malcolm, Kees Young. Welcome also to our new players from who've graduated up from U12s:Edwin Dodd, Max Monfries, Marcel Dajean, Colin Tilson and Jack Richards.

And of course welcome back to our inspirational U14s captain Tom Copson, to Vice Captains George Hewitt and Magnus Illman, and to senior players, Oscar Armstrong, Nick Barry, Harrison Cole, James Gommersal, Matt Green, Magnus Duckett and Jasper Carter.

Thank you also to George Pepper for his support to both players and coaches throughout.

Under 12s: Old Collegians 20 v Brighton 0 (forfeit)

The Brighton U12s had to forfeit, so we loaned them two players and they called on three U14s to make up 15. The score of the scratch match was 22 - 17 in Brighton's favour, largely due to the very impressive U14 backs.

Our scrum dominated so much so that Captain Luke Howes decided to have non-contested scrums in the second half. Tries were scored by Henri Pardoe and Darcy Rogers, with assists from many players. A good hit out against an old foe and a great start to a promising season. Well done to the coaches for all the good pre season work that they have put in!

Under 10s: Old Collegians v Brighton

Tries: Jayden Hazzard, Slade Hollway, James List, Harry Rogers
What a spectacular opening game for season 2014! All players supported each other, clearing out, passing and taking advantage of opportunities that presented themselves. The skills that have been developed during training were all on show for the many spectators to observe and cheer on. Congratulations to the team for a well executed game. The trophy this week went to Meg Richards for showing great commitment to tackling and team play.

Under 8s: Old Collegians v Brighton

Coach's Award: Lucas Aguiar whose tackling, work-rate & overall play was exceptional

The 2014 season has officially kicked-off and we couldn't have asked for a better start from our U8s team.

The highlight of the game was the significant number of "team tries" scored, for this early in the season. We fielded eleven players, which included three second-year U8s, André Smith, Max Richards and Lucas Aguiar, who all clearly showed the value of second-year playing experience. A special welcome to our three new players to OC: Noah Wilson, Salvatore Costanzo and Torence Egglestone.

Our very enthusiastic U8s team also played a scratch-match following our game against Brighton.

A special thank you to Andrew Howes for refereeing.

We're looking forward to our first home game this coming weekend!

Under 7s: Old Collegians v Brighton

What a start to the U7s 2014 season, with a complement of twelve players and everyone turning up ready and rearing to go. It was great to see all players have a run with the ball throughout the two full games we played. Out of our twelve players, six were running on for their very first game of rugby.

A special mention must go to two of our first time players, Jack Bell and Will Tanner who received this week's Best on Ground Trophy and Coach's Trophy, respectively. Well done and well played to all our U7s!

SA Rugby Bartercard Cup Finals Action
Conor McLeod April 15, 2014

The SA pre-season action culminated in a good day of rugby over the weekend, as two big rivalries squared off in the finals of the Bartercard Cup.

In the Cup final, the big one, it was Burnside and Old Colls going at it, while the plate final consisted of Port vs Woodville. It was a solid day of rugby, with some exciting action leading into the season proper. For those who missed it, we've got all you need right here.



In the Cup Final of the pre-season competition, the two undefeated teams left standing looked to battle it out under lights at Gleneagles reserve for both silverware and bragging rights. In the end it was Old Colls that came away with the victory, in a strong effort that saw them out-structure and out-last a competitive Burnside team

The game started off on an even keel, with Burnside the aggressors early. Led by No8 and Captain Ben Fiers, they fought out a gutsy effort, consistently putting Old Colls on the back foot and causing their defense to scramble.

Despite going into half time relatively even, Burnside couldn't keep up the pace as Old Colls fought back with a disciplined, unrelenting game. A strong attack on Burnside's vulnerable 10-12 channel combined with structured running lines unsettled their defense.

The fact that Burnside at one stage had two players in the sin-bin was a testament to the relentless, accurate drive of Old Collegians game. Despite Burnside actually staying competitive during that period, the physical toll it took on the remaining players was telling, as Collegians were able to dominate the ball towards the end of the game.

The difference here was in the forwards, as shown by tries to both flankers, Gary Mann and Fraser Murison, the No8 Bernie Van Altena and the scrumhalf Robbie Harlow of Old Collegians. Playing a large role in the victory were the set pieces, with the lineout of Collegians being completely dominant. The foundations provided by this, in addition to a consistently solid scrum, afforded Old Colls the opportunity to repeatedly attack the Burnside line. The lack of disturbance to their overall structure was a huge benefit to them.

Despite the forward dominance, Old Colls did show some weakness in the back, as Burnside searched to exploit this with some strong running and clever lines. Tries to the center pairing of Callum Walton and Blair Marshall are testament to this.

So with that one in the bag, both teams will now look to focus on the start of the regular season, as the grind and excitement of the competition begin again. Congratulations to Old Collegians on their early performance. Try Scorers For Old Collegians:

Gary Mann (Flanker) Fraser Murison (Flanker) Bernie Van Altena (No8) Robbie Harlow (Half-back) Chris Bartlett (Full Back) Alexander Taylor (Reserve)

Try Scorers For Burnside:

Dan Hartman (Lock) Callum Walton (Centre) (+2 Conv) Blair Marshall (Centre)

Premier Reserve Cup Final:

Old Collegians 37 def Burnside 7

Much like their first grade counterparts, Burnside and Old Colls fought it out in the premier reserve cup final. Again it was Old Colls coming away with the win, with a well-structured game planning leading to gorgeous execution out wide and a bevy of tries. Despite resilient defence from Burnside, led by No10 Rueben Nation, the precise play and strong forward running of Collegians was too much to overcome. For Old Colls, inside centre Jamie Foster and second-rower Jack Campion provided the impetus with excellent play.


With over 120 kids participating on the day it was a great show by the junior rugby community.

There was a strong showing of Old Collegians in all grades, from U10s all the way to U16s. Well done to all our All Stars!

Thanks also to the six coaches from OCs who volunteered to help on the day.

This included an U10s showdown between the duos of Chips Bartlett & Jack Campion v Ben Suttell & Sandy Taylor. (Reports were mixed)

D'Arcy Sadler coached an Under 12's team and Graham Copson took charge of an Under 14's team.


SEMI FINALS, 5th April 2014

Division 1: OC 29 v Onkaparinga 7
Tries: Fraser Murison, Bernie Van Altena (2), Chris Bartlett & Liam McDonough
Conversions: Mitch Sallis, Tim Atkins

Phantom Tries: Tim Dawes (over-excited, put the ball down at the 5m line)

A convincing win, with OCs scoring two tries in the first half, three in the second. OC controlled the game well from the start and had it over Onkas for the majority of proceedings. We maintained continuity in attack with sensible offloads and quick recycling at the breakdown, patiently building phases to finish off the game strongly. There was one lapse in defence that let Onkas across our line, but otherwise the team performed solidly as a unit to shut down Onkas' options in attack and build on the good work from the previous week.

Division 2: OC 12 v Onkaparinga 10

A trial in every sense of the word! In the end a win is a win. It was a scrappy game and there were so many changes to the line-up in the day before the match that we couldn't have expected anything much more unified. Players can help with this by communicating their availability issues early and clearly with Selectors! Kudos to the excellent play from Hugh Sheppard & Skipper Sandy Taylor.

29th March 2014

Division 1: OC 30 v Southern Suburbs 0
Tries: Fraser Murison, Gary Mann, Chris Bartlett, Delano Leen, Nat Linder-Patton & Mitch Oak

The OC 1st XV in the Bartercard Competition beat Souths convincingly in their first outing of 2014, four tries in the first half, two in the second; a solid performance first up in warm conditions.

The instructions from the coaches not to kick were generally observed by the players, resulting in some consistent phase play that allowed us to pressure Souths in the forwards and stretch them out wide for the first couple of tries. The forwards were strong in the set piece and kept the general play simple but effective. Good defence all round to keep Souths from crossing the line. Crossy probably edged James Daley out to have the worst boots on the field.

Division 2: OC 21 v Burnside 24




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