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The season commenced on February 5th with the team playing and winning the Elizabeth 7s. Phil Crowe should take the credit for preparing the team fitness for this tournament and the 2000 season. Although the team only played 12 games in 6 months we still trained twice a week and sometimes three times, the improvement in fitness kept them in touch for the big gaps in games due to programming and the byes because of State commitments and international games and with the loss of players (approx 8) due to retirements and moving to other teams to end up in 4th position was a fair indication of the season. The season was a learning year for myself and the team, with most players playing in new positions and the 1st season players being moved around to suit game plans and the strengths of other teams. The first season players need to be congratulated for picking up the game so quickly and the more experienced players leading by example. Also, congratulations should go to the 2nd and 3rd year players for taking the extra responsibility and taking that extra step in the game.

I thank Phil Crowe, Kent Hinchcliff , the Physio staff for getting the players on the pitch every week and the extra coaches and supporters during the season.

Congratulations to all State Reps selected this year – Esme Thomas, Bec Manson, Imogen Hume, Zoe Woodstock, Tiana Hume and Naomi Oberscheidt and Belinda Wade who was invited to train with the State squad in her first year of play.

I would especially like to thank BOB LIGHTFOOT from Suzuki in the City for his continued financial and personal support for the team and the club.

Congratulations to all the trophy winners:

Best & Fairest IMOGEN HUME

Willy Wilson Best First Season Player BELINDA WADE

Best Forward IMOGEN HUME


Finally, I would like to thank all the players for their commitment to the game and their support of the Club at committee level and their organisation and support for all social functions.

Yours in Rugby



2th September 2000

Report by Richard Waddicor

Old Colls live on ...

next match Saturday 9th September 3:20 at Bailey Reserve against Southern Suburbs - win and we are in the Grand Final.

Aug 27th first elimination final - 1's got past Woodville fairly comfortably 31 - 17 - didn't see the match but I gather we gained control in the second half, Logan was outstanding.

then beat up Burnside on the 3rd September ( sob sob ) 16 - 8, I'm glad I wasn't out at Kensington Park for a beer Sunday night... :-)

memories -

generally a scrappy match, too many turnovers from both sides but ..

Maccas chip out of the 22 - ugh! but he more than made up for it with chasing down a Burnside intercept,  absolutely crunching the guy and forcing a knock-on, a definite try saver.

Ngarimu's jinks up the middle

Kenny ripping ball in the mauls!!

Marc's chasing and tackling

silky hands from Goughy - yes he's playing 1's now and looking thoroughly at home

hard work by everybody, especially defence in the last 10 minutes when we were down to 13 men - 2 * sin binned for professional fouls?


lost last Saturday's elimination final to University in an entertaining match 10 - 25

they've introduced some six new players and appeared to have enjoyed the year when they managed to get a game!!

lots of talent to work with next year ...

2's went down in the elimination finals to Onkaparinga 8 - 10 - required an Ealesque kick in injury time to level the score and go through - a fair result. Lots of youngsters - numbers fell away in latter half meaning some of the older 3's played above and beyond the call of duty and the potential talent of the backline went largely unused...

3's - it seems like so long ago ...

finished against Southern Suburbs with an honorable draw 12 -12, probably should have won but it didn't affect our overall position - we all ( well some had to reserve for 2's ) enjoyed a slab of beer afterwards. Thanks to all the lads who made the effort on a regular basis and those who were slightly less than regular!

We will need you all next year if they reintroduce the 4th / social grade.

still ended up with a superior win loss ratio if you take out the top two teams - shouldn't be hard to organise a better draw next year!

to some of the youngsters - cut back the grog, smokies and women ( yeah !!), hope to see you for more matches next year!

the memories of '99 live on!!


12th August 2000

Richard Waddicor ...

If the 1's win they finish 3rd on the table

The 2's can finish anywhere between 3rd and 5th - they're in the finals

We miss out - if you take out the 9 matches out of 19 we have played against the top 2 teams ( Brighton 3s and Burnside )  we are 5 - 3 up in the remaining matches ( could be 6 - 3 if we win ) and we will still end up 6th.

The women could end up anywhere between 2nd and 4th - they'll be in the finals

Last week against Brighton 3s
started with 14 - no props turned up ... If you say you are available and then can't make it make an effort to contact someone and let them know - then we at least have a chance to cover the gaps ...

went down 0 - 62 - finished with 12 on the field ( is that why we were thin out wide !! )   Brighton were real gentlemen, they helped us out in the scrums giving that young colt Alex Copelend advice on front row scrummaging ( which meant we didn't have to resort to unopposed scrums ) and they played a clean, organised and friendly game. Enjoyed a few beers afterwards in the bar with them. Forwards and backs worked their arses off tackling, plugging defensive gaps and scrapped the ball back with some success - a mention to Steve especially for his efforts in the line out. Our best play of the day: in the second half - we drove the ball up for 4 or 5 possessions, Sean chipped over the back, if it had bounced his way he was over for a score, it didn't, Brighton picked it up, counter-attacked from their try line to score. Still, we never gave up - thanks to everybody for their efforts. For those who didn't play - if you were working - welcome back this week - to the rest of you - put your hand up this week please - lets have 15 + 5 or 6 reserves!!

On a sad note Jeremy Hearne came off with an injured cheekbone and ended up with having a plate inserted - not a nice way to finish a season... Come down for a beer on Saturday Jeremy.


5th August 2000

Last week against Port

A few of the boys helped out in the 2's - not enough 'cos we went down 12-8 to Port 2's - didn't do any of the pattern work we ran with so enthusiastically on Thursday - also soft in the forwards, letting them steal ball they had no right to get - the ref didn't have the fortitude to control them but then neither did we ...

Injury problems - ended up with non regular scrum half and 5/8 - they did well under the circumstances.

1's wasn't much better - won easily, we should have been running training drills - we got sucked into lairising and being lazy, they were, well, spiteful - the match was thankfully brought to an early close ( by spectators getting too excited ) - not surprisingly not too many OC's stayed for drinks afterwards given the finish to the 1's match ...

Ball went really well - shame there weren't more of you there - good company and dancing then finished up wandering off down Rundle Street and PJ Obriens not sure where everybody else went.

Sunday was a day of relaxation and bex!

Go Wallabies - that was one thing I did Sunday - watch the match - yes!!!

Regards Richard


29th July 2000

From Richard Waddicor:

Saturday's match is at Port Adelaide against Brighton 4's - 12:00 for 14:45 kick off as per usual.

Brighton 4's is always an enjoyable game which we should win ...1's and 2's are playing Port and should win also.
Nice to be win the back to back matches - having defeated Onkaparinga 3's 29 - 7 - pretty solid effort by both backs and forwards.

OC's had a good afternoon 1's won, 2's drew with 14 and the Women won well.
Oh no --- uts thu tust against thu AB's un Suturduy - wull ur Kiwis make ut tu thu game??

I hope so - shame to waste that talent spending Saturday on the sofa...

On the Kiwi side congratulations to Stevie for having a run on with the 1's!!

Good to see the 2's taking in a few 3's, especially the younger ones - Richie, Ben H ( and the not so young ones ) Guy and Ben B etc

Anyway see you at training on Thursday...


15th July 2000

Report from Hugh Kerr-Grant
1st Grade vs. Brighton  15th July

From the kick off Brighton converted pressure into possession and capitilised on a lack of discipline/desire from OCs to run in their first try, converted 7-0. Good Brighton follow up on a clearance from inside the 22 and lack of OC presence at the ball allowed the ball to be toed ahead with the second try a result. 14-0.

OC showed desire for possession and put together several phases, which resulted in a penalty 35 meters out. Converted by Jason 14-3. The Brighton scrum continued to perform with the same dominance as they were showing in open play (OC scrum in reverse), pressuring Ben into a clearing kick. From the line out, 15 metres out, Brighton scored again, 21-3. The opposition continued to dominate at the set scrums, breakdowns and open play. The stable scrum platform and the resulting clean ball resulted in another converted try. 28-3.

With little opposition from OCs, Brighton managed to score twice more before half time and went to the break with the score at 42-3.

The second half start did not look promising with Brighton giving a repeat performance from the kick off, and 20 seconds from resumption the score was 49-3. OCS seemed to be playing in a different game, with loose, scrappy play and handing over possession to the opposition. With no defense against them Brighton continued to embarrass OC on the scoreboard. The procession continued until to the relief of OC supporters the final whistle blew. Score 82-3.

Congratulations to:

Ben Suttell, never stopped trying all day, and cleaned up time and again behind a scrum that went backwards for most of the game.

- Andrew Bolman, performed above his experience at this level against more mature opposition, and took the ball up well in the loose.

- Gus Elliott, endeavored to run the ball hard and straight, one of the few backs to worry Brightons defense.

Report by Richard Waddicor:

Well last week the 3's ( and a couple of 2's ) face up against Brighton 2's and performed more than creditably to go down 50-12.

We lacked organization and fitness but made up with a bit of ticker and resolute defence.

From the forwards perspective out set play held up reasonably well but we lacked speed and variety once we got the ball. Our backs worked hard in both attack ( fashioning 2 well earned tries ) and defense.

The difference in the end was fitness ( not surprising ) and their ability to play to a pattern ( again not one of our strengths ) and string phases together - we would manage 1 - 2 they managed four, five six phases.

Oh to be young, fit and competitive again!

The 1's got trounced - but will bounce back this week.

The Women beat Brighton 20 - 10 ( congratulations ) in a match where they showed what the could do when  they had a 5/8 who provided variety and utilised the abundance of ball that the forwards always produce.


1st July 2000

3rds vs Brighton. Lost 10 v 15

Thanks for Kenny T, Paul Francis, Dalts, Robbie Love and Packy  for coming
on as impact players - unfortunately Elizabeth 2's had forfeited so

Brighton also rolled on some higher grade players - made for an interesting
match... (Richard Waddicor)

One of Brighton's conversions haplessly landed on the back of a passing truck. As required the kicker responsible got in to his car and chased the truck until he retrieved the ball.


11th June 2000

Old Collegians 1s vs Brighton 11/6/00

Both teams were disrupted with players unavailable due to Senior State and U21 duties, but Collegians were looking for a win following a narrow loss to Burnside the previous week.

Collegians started well with the forwards controlling the ball well and taking it forward. The inside backs looked strong with ball in hand during the first 15 minutes. Tries to Edwards and Elliott established an encouraging lead into the half time break.

We started strongly again in the second half but signs of tiredness were showing as the ball was turned over at the breakdowns and dropped passes allowed Brighton back into the match.

Brighton's aggression and hunger to win saw a strong comeback by them as we missed first tackles and were often penalised for being offside at the ruck & maul situation. Brighton tries followed after poor kicking and passing options by Collegians. Our position deteriorated following several injuries requiring replacement but we were hanging onto a 1 point lead with the last seconds ticking away. We again were penalised for offside at a ruck but Brighton missed the kick. A further simiar penalty right in front sealed our fate at 27-25 to Brighton.

Overall a disappointing result after showing so much promise in the first half, but credit to a depleted Brighton who showed they know how to win.


27th May 2000

Old Collegians 1s vs Southern Suburbs 27/05/00

in very cold conditions Southern Suburbs started in an impressive fashion with their forwards driving hard and winning good ball. Collegians were not tackling well early in the game and were giving too much room to the 5/8 and inside centre. Their first try came from this early pressure and a break by the 5/8. Coll s pack was under pressure but won significant rucks on their own tryline to prevent Souths adding to their score. Having survived the early period Colls started to win good ball particularly from the lineout to set the backs in motion. Three excellent tries resulted, the first from Andrew inserting himself into the back-line after quick line out ball. The second resulted in Gus going over after Adrian and Dion mounted a counter attack from a poor Souths clearing kick. Finally Tom pounced on a loose Souths lineout ball to set up the backs for a try imn the corner. No conversions but Logan kicked a penalty to make the half time score 18-5.

Colls drove a maul off a lineout near Souths line for Ben to dart over. The whole team was playing with gree confidence. Andrew scored another and a couple just went missing for want of the final pass. We looked like we were going to run away with it but to Souths credit they came back and put us under considerable pressure. We conceded 8 penalties to 2 in the 2nd half. Colls defence was generally good but 2 poor decisions to run the ball from our own line when under pressure resulted in Souths scoring 2 tries ( the result of dropped passes ) We must learn when and how to clear our line when under pressure!

The final score 28-15 our way dint reflect our dominance for much of the game. Our Lineout and loose play was good but our scrum was under pressure for the whole game. The backs played very well and whenever we move the ball wide to use the speed on the wings and full back we looked capable of scoring every time.

Old Collegians 3s vs Southern Suburbs 27/05/00

Cold, wet, windy. It was that sort of day - the start was delayed because a Brighton Onkas match had been moved from Murray Bridge? back to Bailey pitch 2. We turn up - a problem - only 1 set of post protectors so we waited a while. I think both matches ended up being 30 minute halves and we nicked the pads for the last 10 minutes of their game. The humour continued: Souths provided the crowd with a flame haired Kiwi joker who alternated between wanting to go 3 rounds and displaying his pubic hairs to all and sundry. He was finally politely asked to leave the ground sometime in the second half - Souths inadvertently then proceeding to replace him - I havent seen a good "player count" since that Queensland Turtles RL mob were dudded their points for having x+1 players.

A match of 2 halves again - we are terribly slow to get some control of a game - Will Denny shone out in the loose forwards - Hamish ( welcome back ) was totally stuffed by the end - unfortunately Jamie discovered Section 41c Subsection 3 Paragraph 14 Phrase 26z Notation 6 ( only 7 substitutes can take the field during the term of the match) he had been cunningly rotating his players all year - used up his 7 - so Hamish had to soldier on. The leftovers went looking for a match with the 2s.

New 5/8 in Sean - looks like he can handle a ball linked well with Peter H and Mike "puff puff" Reglar.

Final result 4 tries to 2 to us 20 - 10.

Good session in the Souths club afterwards but Colls went down in the Boat Race.

Old Collegians Women vs Burnside 27/05/00

Saturday 12:15 Esme rings "Im on my way" 12.25 Fiona rings "Im getting changed at the club and will be there soon". Kick off 1.20 - or so we thought.

Burnside and Brighton 3rds ( Men ) decide to move their game from Onkas to Burnside.

The womens match will now be played at 2.00. 1.45 things arent looking good … 2 withdrawn with the flu, 1 doesnt bother turning up, 1 has to work, 3 injured - 10 to play.

Our 5 forwards & 5 backs took to the field and played with great pride and commitment beyond their years and experience.

The club should be proud of all our women players and should support and encourage them throughout the year.

( I gather the pack of 5 still managed to take 2 tight heads off their opponents )

Result Lost 0 - 57



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