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To Sandy & Sarah Nina Taylor, William, born early on the 1st January 2013
To Lusia Raikiwasa & Doug, Serevi, January 2013

Marriages & Pre-Marriages:
Trish Abbott & Nick Rudzki - impending marriage announced on the 18th January 2013






Births: Kate Reynolds and Mark Reeve welcomed the perfect Patrick into the world in January 2012, shown here with his father (who is inexplicably getting him to flash gang signs; let's hope his mother has the running of his upbringing).
Henry Peter Reynolds Pauly and Sarah Reynolds added to our cr op of 2020 Under 8s team by "recruiting" young Henry on 31 January 2012
Boston to Bak Thumwong and Jad);

Marriages & Pre-Marriages:
Katherine 'Gatesy' & Tom: On the 25th of February Katherine 'Gatesy' Gates and Tom Temple married in a small wedding in Renmark. Despite being now officially named Mrs. Temple, Katherine will not escape her nickname around the rugby club, and will continue to be called 'Gatesy', because 'Temple' just doesn't quite have the same ring to it.
Tim & Sarah: In March, Tim Austin married Sarah in the beautiful Yarra Valley. Timmy played in various grades for Collegians in the early 2000s, notably in the Premiership winning Crocs.
Ben & Cat: 15th June 2012; Ben Hamer & Cat married at the University of Glasgow with a number of Collegians' making the trip over. With Rob Porteous, Joel Fudali, Miranda Fetter, Stewart Douglas, Cat Hamer, Ben Hamer, Kim Evans, Tara Naige and David Watson

Luke Callaghan: Members of Old Collegians who were friends of Luke Callaghan attended his memorial service held on 5pm Tuesday 13th November, at Pembroke School chapel (342 The Parade, Kensington Park).

Luke's page
Alby Kerr-Grant

Doug Firstbrook:
Those of you who knew Doug Firstbrook, or his son Giles, will be sorry to hear that he died on the morning of 31st December 2011. Doug was involved with Old Collegians for many years as a player and referee. In 1969 he captained the 3rds and still played occasionally in the 80's. He travelled with the Crippled Crows to Dublin in 1993 and was rated one of the best judges to sit on the bench.He was an honorary member of the Treorchy Male Choir. He had a great sense of humour and the stories about him are legion.

Bill McDonald:
Our consolations go to the Suttell family upon the loss of William "Bill" McDonald on 2nd June 2010 at age 91 in New Zealand. Bill played rugby for North Adelaide, West Torrens and Old Collegians both before and after World War II and also for South Australia. He was most commonly found on the flank. Bill was Judith Suttell's father, Edward's father-in-law, Jonathon, Emma and Ben's grandfather, and great grandfather to Will, Tom, Amelia, Oliver and Jemima. With Will and Tom playing in our Under 8s squad in 2010, at the time of his passing Bill was the proud patriarch of four generations Old Collegians players in the McDonald/ Suttell family. Not many of Bill's peers remain, but he was well known to David Rogers, the late Len Perkins and John Porteous. We understand that at some time in the future Bill's State Blazer Badge will find its way into the club's collection of memorabilia. Rest in peace, Bill.

Bruce Anthony McDougall:
The South Australian rugby community will be saddened to learn of the death of Bruce Anthony McDougall, who passed away peacefully on December 7th, 2011. Bruce McDougall was the beloved husband of Susan; the father of Andrew, Sally and Tom; and the father-in-law of Neroli. He was a rugby enthusiast. He played rugby in the Reserve Grade of the University of Queensland Club in what has been described as a golden age of rugby at Qld Uni. In Adelaide, he could often be seen, with friends, watching various club matches. He was a graduate in accountancy of the University of Queensland and, in 1971, he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship for his work, as an accountant, in the wine industry.Dawn Wilson

Dawn Wilson, stalwart of the club, died on the 20th January 2012 after a long fight with cancer.
The funeral was on Wednesday 25th January 2pm at Woodside Uniting Church.
Dawn & Don Wilson have presented the Paul (Willy) Wilson Award for Best First Year Player, in honour of their son, since 1994.
Paul Wilson was also the brother of ex-Frocs player, Michelle.





To Imogen Hume & Ben Suttell, Anna, on 17th(?) December 2010
To Lusia Raikiwasa, Saturday 4th June 2011, a daughter
June 2011: To Maxine & Greg Moran & big brother Callum, a son, Ewan.
November 2011: Congratulations to Zoe Woodstock and Richard Czeglik who recently welcomed Zander Henry to the world, 10 days early on 2nd November at 6:15am. Weighing 8lbs 8ozs and 53cm long. Zander arrived on his Pop's 60th Bday, a little brother for Azalie and Zack.

Marriages & Pre-Marriages
Imogen Hume & Ben Suttell get engaged - December 2010
Joyce Spry gets married 19th October 2011 to Max Koehne
Ben Hamer & Cat Dunnett get engaged - 11th May 2011 - Ben & Cat are living in Croydon near London
Andrew McDougall & Neroli - were married in Neroli's native NZ (New Plymouth) on 16 April.
In March, Tim Austin married Sarah in the Yarra Valley.
Tom Farrah, son of club legend Tim Farrah, married Sarah Gardner in 2011 (during a World Cup semi-final, for shame)

Comings & Goings
June 2011 - Living in England - Ben Hamer, Andre Brummer, Charlie Shepperd

Bill McDonald - June 2010
Bruce McDougall - December 2011
Doug Firstbrook - December 2011
Dawn Wilson - January 2012





15th September 2009: To Tony Bird and Sarah - born 4:44 pm on 15 September 2009. Daniel Oliver (Bird-Martin)
24th July 2009: Sarah Allport, sister to Simon and daughter to Jeremy "Mad Dog', had a girl.
20th February 2009: Oscar Jameson Lynch arrived at 8.30 am 20/02/09. Oscar is the second son of Tony and Nicole Lynch
and has inherited the obvious Rugby talents of his Grandpo, David (Quodling)
24th December 2008: Jemima Grace Collins - born 24/12/2008
Comings & Goings: Will Sadler is playing for a T'gooi in Amsterdam, and going well.
Tom Horne graduates from RMC Duntroon 23rd June 2009.






Candice & Tedgie married on the 10th of November with a honeymoon in Hawaii
Azalie Hannah Czeglik
Jon and Emma Collins who are happily expecting their second Collins-Suttell hybrid bundle of joy.
Congratulations also to Richie and Esme Jasko and to Belinda Wade and husband Michael Lindo who are also likewise in the family way

Ben Hamer & Cat bolting to Lewes Rugby Club in Sussex on the 4th of September.
And Rory Sheppeard has bolted off to England as well.
Saturday 5th July: Farewells for Philippa "Pip" Shell & James Hayden
Nacho & Angel. The 17th of May also saw the farewell of Nacho & Angel, our two Spanish boys from Seville
Tom Horne has been offered a place at the RMC Duntroon and started in January 2008.
Tara Naige is heading off to Tonga to work as an Australian Youth Ambassador






Simon and Rachel Young married on 28 April 2007.
Andrew Sheppeard and Crystal recently married. February 2007

To Matt and Michelle Carr (nee Wilson, ex-OC women's player and daughter of Dawn and Don Wilson) on the arrival of Alicia on 16 March at 2.59am.
To Jim Denley and his wife Kylie on the birth of their son (a grandson to John and Kate Denley) born on Saturday 24th March.
To Belinda Wade and Michael Lindow on the birth of their son Samuel.
To Jon and Emma on the birth of young Oliver Collins.
To Damien and Sarah Keating (nee Lasscock, an ex-OC women's player) on the recent arrival of Joseph Patrick.

Departures & Returns:
Tom Horne returned to the game playing in the 4ths on the 14th of April.
The Reverend Simon Bailey is returning to the pitch.
Rebecca Derbyshire-Lloyd came back from New Zealand.
Jeremy Thewlis is in Colorado USA spending his time skiing.






Weddings: Congrats to Ray Butler and Dianne; to newlyweds Jon Collins and Emma Suttell; to James Denley and Kylie

Births: Congrats to the Boyd family on the birth of Lucy Ruth Boyd; to Christian Tedge and Candice Daniel on the birth of Charlotte Maggie
Tedge; on latest Suttell, Amelia Kate Suttell; to Stewart Frew & Karen on the birth of their son Ethan in September; to Ben & Fiona Brady on the birth of their son Samuel to Peter Cross & Amelia on the birth of son Maxwell on 31 December; to Richie & Esme Jasko on the birth of their daughter Mikayla in January; to Nicole & Tony Lynch on the birth of Alexander

Farewell: to First XV Prop Jason Limpus & to Rebecca Derbyshire-Lloyd



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