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Golden Oldies - Wellington 29th October to 5th November 2006

29 October - 5 November 2006

Wellington NZ will host the 16th Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival in 2006.
The tournament is the biggest rugby festival in the world, with over 200 rugby teams and 5,000 people from over 20 countries. The festival takes place over 7days and includes a street parade, opening ceremony, parties and rugby games in venues all over Wellington.

The University Old Blacks are looking to combine with a team from Old Collegians. Stephen Boyd will be your host in his old hometown and partner in crime Richard Wells will be manager and player for the trip.

An exclusive Adelaide Clubhouse in the heart of the entertainment precinct has been secured. Approximate cost for airfares, accommodation and festival package is NZD$2000 for the week.
Please contact Stephen Boyd M: 0432 767 424 or E:sboyd@castlepoint.com.au

Golden Oldies Festival - Brisbane 17 - 24 May 2003

Response from Old Collegians Oldies has been limited to a proposed tour to the Brisbane Golden Oldies Festival has been a little lacklustre - certainly insufficient to nominate a team in our own name. So, Mickey Finn is throwing down the gauntlet. Unless he hears from more Old Colls members by Monday 22 April 2002 he will be recommending to those who have already signified their interest that we link with the University Old Blacks on the basis that the joint trip with them to Toulouse in 2001 was very successful. Anyone interested should contact Mickey as soon as possible on 8261 4632.

On a vaguely related note, Gordon Hazzard wishes it to be known that if the Silverbacks are not forming a team this year (since we have two third grade teams) and if there is anyone who would like a run on a Sunday, the Crippled Crows would be glad of new players. Gordon can be contacted on 0413 442 344

Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival
Toulouse 19-26th May 2001

In 2001 SA was represented by four teams - SA Crippled Crows, Woodville Weary Wasps, Port Adelaide Pirates (POP's) and Adelaide Uni Old Blacks. The OC Silverbacks had insufficient numbers to travel in their own right and threw in their lot with the Old Blacks.

Those Collegians off to Toulouse (population 650,000) were Andrew & Helen Secker, Janet Penhall, Richard Wells (University), Mick & Barbara Finn and David Martin (currently based in England).

Crippled Crows

September 1993
Crippled Crows off to Ireland
Photo courtesy of Adelaide Advertiser

From the left:  Micky Finn (62), Tony Nelson (46), Bob Millar (73), Roy Crawford(46), Jeremy Allport (40), Russell Schmarr (46)

22nd July 1991
Photos courtesy of Adelaide Advertiser

"In our games, you need to have a pot belly, be over 40 and make sure every game is drawn" said Crippled Crows' Secretary Hugo Klynsmith

Photo of Dennis Peake (43), Steve Ellis (35), Jon Sowter (53), Hugo Klynsmith (54)

Photo of "Cyril Campion, 71 years young", 22 July 1991




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