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OCRFC's first home-ground was in the centre of Victoria Park race course; the club then moved to the dairy cow grazed pastures of the south parklands - many a tackle had an excremental bow wave! - and then to its current location at Tregenza Oval in 1953. The oval had in excess of six metres slope from end to end and, after levelling with it's poor drainage, it seems that other Clubs consider that we have reverted back to excremental bow waves in wet years. The Club also used the back oval of Prince Alfred College for training and an odd match during the 1940s.

A number of sites were considered before the oval at Linden Park became OCs' home ground in 1957. The development at Tregenza epitomised the great effort that many players, supporters and their partners put into the Club. The small, green galvanised iron changing shed during the 1950's and 1960's was well known for it's lack of reliable hot showers and robust air-conditioning all year round. This forced show of player machoism was softened by the offer of a cuppa tea and scones as the players left the field on Saturday afternoons. The sale of tea and scones to spectators by Dot Rogers, Lillian Holditch and others from a small canvas tent regardless of the weather, provided a financial start for the current clubhouse.

In 1970 the site was levelled and re-grassed & the Club returned to Linden Park oval the following year (the cutting is represented by the slope down from the car-park side of the oval), which was then re-named Tregenza Oval (in honour of an alderman of Burnside Council). Unfortunately, 1971 saw 11 inches of rain turn the new oval into a bog ("thick, smelly, oozy mud"), which was how it remained for the rest of the year. New goal posts were erected.   The clubhouse was being built - financed by fundraising and donations, most notably from Sir Norman & Lady Jude, Leigh Garner and others from interstate.

In 1974 the Club was looking to buy a number of telephone boxes from the PMG (Telstra) to provide shelter for the club's gatekeepers provided to the Club by the Salvation Army Men's home opposite the clubrooms.

The Club house, minus change rooms, was opened on 11 November 1972 (by Sir Norman Jude); the change rooms were completed in 1977. The clubhouse culminates the movement of OC from the Green Dragon Hotel, to the Botanic Hotel to the Feathers Hotel for after match/practice capers.

In 1996 the club secured a second ground at Urrbrae Agricultural High School on their main oval on Cross Road with a full size rugby pitch and the intention of putting in training floodlights in place for the beginning of the season. At some point soon this the second pitch concept was dropped.

In 199? the concrete balcony to the right of the club was built & in 200?, partly in response to providing a sheltered but external place for smokers, the verandah was covered over courtesy of an OC player and long-standing supporter & sponsor, Mark Pickard.
Mark also replaced the showers, finally with some barrier between the men's & women's, and removed the large communal bath built in the 1970s from club donations but impractical in the 1990s. And in 2009, Mark also replaced the kitchen.




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